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  1. With the state of the pitch, the heavy rain overnight and if the forecast is right the very heavy rain throughout the day, this game surely has to be in danger of being postponed?
  2. It will be the lattar Josh. I wrote last month that Mowbray will have the total support of the owners, they do not sack people that they they have strong relationships and trust. He has got them out of trouble in the last 3 years and stabalised the football club, they also look at the likes of Dack and Armstrong, players who were purchased for a relatively modest amount and are now worth £15 million plus each, this is the kind of model they want to operate. I cannot see any circumstance (other than us falling seriously into a relegation battle that they decide to sack him). I have a hu
  3. Congratulations Mike, what wonderful news. This will change your life for the better and bring happiness/joy to you all.
  4. This is a really good read: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/25/world/europe/brexit-britain-european-union.html?referringSource=articleShare
  5. To me it looks like now we are desperate to get a deal done, mainly because that US trade deal is now dependent on us having a deal that protects the good friday agreement, hence Boris saying that this was a priority. Now the EU are playing hard ball and asking for a lot more because they now hold all of the cards. It is a another thing that this shambles of a government have lost control off.
  6. There haven't been "some" problems Chaddy, there have been "signficant" problems. While it is true that people do get results within 24-36 hours, there are a lot of people who end up waiting 72 hours plus, in addition to the lack of available tests in some parts of the country, that is the test part of the system being broken. Then we come to the track and trace part of the system, well the so called "world" beating system is failing to track or trace effectively (it hovers between 60-65%) which isn't good enough. It is broken. Instead of relying on local public health bodies whose
  7. No idea but that is what I was told a few years ago.
  8. They have been approached in the past and have decilined, mainly because their father is religous and will not let them invest in any business that has any links to gambling.
  9. The Westwood link fits with what I have heard that there is little money to spend, his transfer fee would be free/nominal and Rovers will be enquirying as to how much of the wages Sheff Weds would be willing to pay, if it is a reasonable amount then that would be considered a "value for money" signing and would likely be authorised, there have been signficant savings made on wages given the players we have released/not renewed. The positive of this situation is that it will give some of the academy players a chance, this current crop of players in the under 18's/under 21's is one of the b
  10. There is very little money to spend. I have heard that Venky's will continue to fund the club (to meet current liabilities) but they want to reduce overheads as much as they can with money spent on transfers being one of the key cost reduction areas, even if we sell players, some of that money will be used to reduce overheads. This has been coming for a few years, there had to come a time when the Venky's made the decision to reduce spending, the hope is that they can transition to this new model of working in a controlled way but I very much doubt that will happen as I have little or
  11. It is going to be a summer of balancing the books. With our biggest asset (Dack) not being sellable because of his injury, it will probably mean one or two off Lenihan, Travis or Arma having to be sold to help balance the books. After that we are looking at freebies, loans and signing up and coming players from lower leagues. We don't have the money for a major facelift for the squad.
  12. Totally agree. About 6 hours in and it is awesome, love the stroyline and the gameplay.also graphically it looks beautiful,
  13. Before the Bundesliga matches this week only 21% of home matches (from the 56 games played) had been won by the home side (the normal average is 43%), that is a big drop off.
  14. To watch my othe footballing love Inter I try to visit a couple of time a season, it is a wonderful stadium with so many fabulous memories. However, it is starting to shows it's age and the facilities are quite poor for fans and it is very rarely full. they looked at redeveloping the existing stadium but it would have been an expensive and lengthy process with a limited scope as to what they could so I can understand the decision to demolish and rebuild.
  15. We will see, the inspector leading the investigation has already said that the evidence suggests that she was not the intended target and was an innocent bystander: "“There is no evidence to suggest Aya was the intended target of this attack and every indication is that she was an innocent passer-by, making this all the more tragic. We are determined to find who did this to Aya, particularly for her family, who are understandably devastated at their loss. Our thoughts remain with them."
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