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  1. High quality spin bowling that we just have not been able to cope with.
  2. I don't support India, I am Pakistani heritage and even then England is always my first love. Hopefully we can put a big score on the board in the first innings, the pitch looks very dry for day 1 and it could be a mistake just going in with 1 spinner, although with the pink ball and the lights it could possibly swing late in the day. Have to be careful in the first hour as the pink tends to swing much more in the first 10-15 overs.
  3. Well done everyone, some really good and very informative posts in this thread, particularly for those of us who have some very limited understanding on this particular issue.
  4. They also have Greg Vignal, who is at Marseille as a first team coach, he has quite high rated.
  5. They still have advisors (not employed by the club) who they listen too, previousy this was likes of Kentaro, Zahavi etc, no idea who the current flavour of the month is. Therein is the problem, if they sack TM which I don;t think they will, it will be those advisors that they will listen too when appointing a replacement, hence in the past we have ended up with duds like Coyle, often the people advising them are more about self interest rather than what is good for the future of the club,
  6. Contacting anyone at the club will be a waste of time, even Waggott doesn't have the power to recommend sacking Mowbray or even suggesting it. It will be Venky's who make that decision and as has been proven time and again, they are very loyal to people that they trust and they trust TM. The only way that TM will leave before the end of the season is if he decides to walkaway.
  7. Stuart is right. This is like what happened with Bolton, we are not in debt to any financial institution but we are in debt to Venky's and if they decide to recall that debt then we will be in big trouble (not that there is any suggestion that they will do this at the moment). There are different scenarios where they could sell the club and write off debt etc. I don't feel like that they are some sort of heros for continuing to put money into the club, they created this mess and I give them some credit for not walking away but all of this is their fault, they did not listen to peopl
  8. With the state of the pitch, the heavy rain overnight and if the forecast is right the very heavy rain throughout the day, this game surely has to be in danger of being postponed?
  9. It will be the lattar Josh. I wrote last month that Mowbray will have the total support of the owners, they do not sack people that they they have strong relationships and trust. He has got them out of trouble in the last 3 years and stabalised the football club, they also look at the likes of Dack and Armstrong, players who were purchased for a relatively modest amount and are now worth £15 million plus each, this is the kind of model they want to operate. I cannot see any circumstance (other than us falling seriously into a relegation battle that they decide to sack him). I have a hu
  10. Congratulations Mike, what wonderful news. This will change your life for the better and bring happiness/joy to you all.
  11. This is a really good read: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/25/world/europe/brexit-britain-european-union.html?referringSource=articleShare
  12. To me it looks like now we are desperate to get a deal done, mainly because that US trade deal is now dependent on us having a deal that protects the good friday agreement, hence Boris saying that this was a priority. Now the EU are playing hard ball and asking for a lot more because they now hold all of the cards. It is a another thing that this shambles of a government have lost control off.
  13. There haven't been "some" problems Chaddy, there have been "signficant" problems. While it is true that people do get results within 24-36 hours, there are a lot of people who end up waiting 72 hours plus, in addition to the lack of available tests in some parts of the country, that is the test part of the system being broken. Then we come to the track and trace part of the system, well the so called "world" beating system is failing to track or trace effectively (it hovers between 60-65%) which isn't good enough. It is broken. Instead of relying on local public health bodies whose
  14. No idea but that is what I was told a few years ago.
  15. They have been approached in the past and have decilined, mainly because their father is religous and will not let them invest in any business that has any links to gambling.
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