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  1. Too true. A half decent manager would make us genuine contenders. What's happening with Rothwell is criminal. Liked him from day one but feel Mogadon has held him back. If he goes to Rangers, he will rip up the SPL.
  2. Wouldn't bet against Blackpool at home against any team outside the top 8 - Critchley doing an amazing job there. Just keeping fingers crossed for both Rovers and Reading to net once each in remainder of game. 3-1 at 16/1 would be a nice earner on top of Rovers' win bet.
  3. Oh ye of little faith! Even Rovers can't blow another 2 nil lead at home!
  4. A home banker today and a licence to print money. Mowbray dare not lose today and it is a strongish Rovers' team. Lumped on Rovers and also gone for a 3-1 score.
  5. Issue needs clearing up now. V's need to either sh1t or get off the pot. Should either be fired immediately or get a new contract - can't be allowed to drift aimlessly. Still think he'll be gone sooner than many of us dare hope!
  6. Would have sacked Mowbray on the weakness of that interview alone. IMO, conforms what a turgid and uninspirational bloke he is. Three games a week he said - another misleading statement I think. Playing on a Tuesday or Wednesday followed by Saturday is two games a week unless my abacus isn't working!
  7. Tony has a plan for moving forward: https://www.lancs.live/sport/football/football-news/qpr-blackburn-rovers-mowbray-reaction-21899915 'We have the reaction of Tony Mowbray on the defeat and the plan for Rovers moving forward'. I think our local journalists are a total embarrassment.
  8. Feckin hell Chaddy, that's another rapid change of heart! Keep cool.
  9. 'Let's see where we are at Christmas' the happy clappers will retort. FFS, now opening my second red of the night, this is so feckin depressing.
  10. Dream on - three defeats and a single draw giving us a solitary point.
  11. Total dross. As bad, if not worse, than anything served up under Kean or Coyle. No surprise though.
  12. I'd rather watch the grass grow than some of the turgid stuff I think Mowbray has served up in the Championship. Think it's fair to say Rovers have lost approx. half their fan base (including season tickets) over the years and that tells you all you need to know about your 'enjoyable Championship' and the performances and attainment levels delivered by Mowbray. Fact - players will sign for a decent manager who they see fired with ambition and purpose. I think likes of Nyambe, Lenihan, Rothwell, Brereton etc can see through Mowbray's journey and find it underwhelming. So you think Mowbray was excellent for his first three years - for God's sake we were relegated under the man when, by his own admission to fans at Blues' Bar some two years ago, he was appointed to keep us up. Failure - full stop. I don't think Warnock would think he'd done an excellent job if he was appointed to keep a club up and ended up getting them relegated! I've told you so many times Alex Neill would not be my choice! However, I think the chances of him being Rovers' manager at Christmas are higher than Mowbray's and if there was a market for this then I would be putting a big bet on it - read into that what you want. Just remember this point and when I said it!
  13. FFS Chaddy, the majority of fans do not support the club expecting a 9th to 14/15th finish in the p1ss pot Championship. How bereft of ambition we've become. IMO, five years of Mowbray's mismanagement have put us in this position. His squad, his player trading, his inability to sell the club to those players stalling on new contracts - the buck stoops with him, full stop, no excuses. Mowbray has been with us almost 5 years and I think he's a totally sh1t manager, specialising in verbal diarrhea which, unfortunately, many fans swallow sheep like. My first wish for Christmas is to see turkeys on the supermarket shelves and my second wish is to see the back of, IMO, this dinosaur of a manager and I don't think I'll be disappointed!
  14. Dack is now trailing in Brereton's slipstream. Brereton is 5 to 6 years younger, free from serious injury (historic or current), is cutting it at international level and getting global recognition. Additionally, I think he has far more growth potential than Dack. Could Brereton cut it in the PL - think he's far more likely to than Dack and also Armstrong who seemingly has found the step up more than a bit of a stretch! Two points in my mind and the first point leads to my second point. Firstly, his initial call up to the Chilean international team did wonders for his confidence and, IMO, was the catalyst for this season's startling progression. This begs the question, just wtf have Mowbray and co been doing to this lad for the previous three seasons?!?! Secondly, I don't think the point will be lost on either Brereton or his agent that his huge step forward seems to have been triggered outside his normal environment (Rovers, Mowbray, Venus, Lowe etc). Unless we see a change to our football coaching team (with Mowbray, Venus and Lowe all heading through the exit door) then if I was the lad's agent, I would be seeking a move to an ambitious and progressive club in order to accelerate Brereton's development and to see just how far the lad could go. On Mowbray's journey, I think he's destined to continue playing for a team where Championship mediocrity would be the zenith of achievement. Brereton and his agent hold all the aces. As his agent, I would be immediately be seeking a huge pay rise to make him the highest paid player at the club with a reasonable release close that would not put off PL and foreign suitors. IMO, Rovers have no choice but to act with haste in order to protect their now most valuable asset.
  15. Sadly, I think it's highly likely Rothwell will leave Rovers. Have always liked the lad from day one - a potential game changer, exciting and posing a real threat. IMO, he hasn't been managed well by Mowbray and co and his progress has been held back. Rothwell needed consistent opportunity, encouragement and patience with focus on what he can do ever so well. Think he will simply fly at his next club.
  16. Great post. Kenny also fell into the 'quiet ones' but my God, what an aura.
  17. Neill - I think he has some support within the Rovers' hierarchy and also I think he WANTS the job. My choice - don't follow football the same and therefore lost touch a bit. There is untapped talent out there (eg Blackpool 'found' Critchley) and there are good appointments to be made (eg think Forest have made an inspired choice in Cooper). If Venky's want to employ me as a consultant, I'll guarantee finding someone who would be a vast improvement on Mowbray. Mowbray contract extension - think you've misunderstood me Chaddy. I've said I think there has been too much noise for Mowbray to be given an extension - IMO, he was 'a dead man walking' for quite some time during April/May and I think it showed in his demeanour. I would not give Mowbray any extension - IMO, the sooner he is 'out the building' the better for Rovers!!!
  18. I think there has been speculation about Mowbray's position since at least, if not earlier, the Bournemouth home game back in early April. Within an hour of that game finishing, I was given to understand Mowbray would be gone within 72 hours - others on here, including @oldjamfan1also had that understanding. Obviously, didn't happen and perhaps indicative of what I said in an earlier post today - I think decisions made at Rovers change like the wind. IMO, Mowbray's body language in subsequent games suggested something was amiss. As for Neill, I am 90%+ certain what Gav was told was wrong. Given time, I think it will emerge Neill was close to becoming Rovers' manager (you will recall what Warnock has said in interviews about his time when he was in the running for Rovers' job). I still would not write Neill off - he would not be my choice though. As far your final point, I certainly have not been hinting for 6 months that Mowbray would get an extended contract. If I had to call it, I would say it's 90%+ certain he wont.
  19. For a start, you only need to read on here what other folk have posted!
  20. Totally agree. IMO, Lowe is the most uninspiring coach I've seen with Rovers - a man lost in his own world I think.
  21. IF Mowbray goes to India then, IMO, it is bad news for those of us desperate for a change in manager. If he goes out there then I think it's pretty certain he will come back with an extended contract. I think we are a very dysfunctional club as evidenced by the range of views / gossip doing the rounds - the wind seems to change direction on almost a daily basis. To me, there's been too much 'noise' since early April for Mowbray to be given an extended contract.
  22. IMO, no agent worth his salt would look to tie a talented player to a club going nowhere under a dinosaurial manager.
  23. It's simple - think Mowbray has got a way with murder in empty stadiums. Now the fans are back, IMO, he can't handle the stick coming his and the team's way.
  24. Rovers win today in a high scoring thriller. Think Dick Keogh always has been an accident waiting to happen - a sandwich short of a picnic! At almost 2/1, a great chance to get the Christmas fund going.
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