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  1. I was going through my old photos from 2006 and came across the ones I took from 2006 when I went to see the Rovers play at Reading. I remembered that game well as Reading should've knocked the stuffing out of us with the chances they had. Instead David Bentley ran into the area with options left and right... and decided to crack one in himself. Winner! Ah the good old days...
  2. Deja vu. He WILL be gone this summer and probably with one week to go before transfer deadline day. Hughes did manage to replace our star striker once. A second time will be a challenge.
  3. Knee ligament damage isn't easily healed. Even after considerable time away from strenous exercise like football or even jogging, the ligaments don't heal to the same state as they were in before the injury. Rehab of course does help to strengthen the muscle and REDUCE not ELIMINATE the chance of the same injury happening again. Don't understand what you are implying by the jealousy comment though.
  4. I appear to be the only one who hopes he does NOT sign for us. The most he will do now is give our medical staff something to work with this season as his knee goes again on his "debut". Stay away pie boy.
  5. Just got back from the Majestic Stadium and while the celebrtion chicken is in the oven, I'll give my thoughts. Firstly it wasn't us who were booing Neill. It was the Reading fans after an early foul (or perhaps they know about Neill's situation and were told to boo him!) Secondly to all those lovely Reading fans who mocked our celebrations three times after the linesman's antics, wipe that pie off your faces! The most beautiful and poetic sight I had seen that day was the very same Reading fans legging it to the exit with their tails well and truly between their legs. The first half wa
  6. I bought a ticket for this game on Monday. It is now Thursday and they still haven't arrived... :ph34r: Reading 0 Rovers 2 A shockingly bad performance from Rovers but a dodgy penalty after a plongee from Gamst gives Rovers the lead (not sure who'd take it...Neill?) and a second from Peter. Can I just add that not once have any of my predictions EVER come true...
  7. If Nonda and Pedersen play like they did on Tuesday: Blackburn 0 Newcastle 3 with a very beaming Glen Roeder. If Nonda and Pedersen get kidnapped the day before by some die-hard Rovers fans: Blackburn 1 Newcastle 1 Rovers doing their best to lower their attendances by giving heart attacks to the older fans.
  8. Just got back from the match. Charlton 1 Rovers 0 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! We're going down!! Watch us slip slowly into the relegation zone, and get rooted to the bottom. I'm off to splash some cash on those sh1ts in blue and white relegating us. Mark Hughes will leave for Man U, all our "players" will leave for brighter futures and with attendances like 16,900 Blackburn Rovers WILL NEVER RECOVER.
  9. We already have a fairground on the pitch near the goal. Ooijer the clown and his buddies Micky mouse and the crazy georgian have kept Rovers fans entertained this season with their comical defending.
  10. We beat them under Graeme Souness. We can do it again under Mark Hughes.
  11. Well, compare it to the situation at Hearts: Man called Vladimir Romanov comes in to take over. Then a coach named Valdas Ivanauskas was appointed. Their new sporting director is called Alex Koslovski Valdas Ivanauskas's replacement is called Eduord Malofeev. Malofeev is rumoured to be leaving to complete a coaching course and his replacement is lined up as one Mr Eugenijus Riabovas. They also have a number of players whose nationality just happens to match that of the chairman: Saulius Mikoliunas and Nerijus Barasa. (Ok so Mark Hughes signed Savage and Bellamy but that's beside
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