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  1. Surely a little job can have been found on match days for the people who have lost this benefit.
  2. Whilst appreciating what Mowbray did in turning Rovers round, he should have gone when he gave up on coming from league 1 as champions. He would have gone at that time as a decent manager, but he has tainted his legacy with most of his decisions, I think we all know what they are without repeating them.
  3. Bye, bye Tony only about 3 years to late, cue Moody Blues.
  4. I don’t care what they do with him just get on with it and let us get on with more important matters, like 3 points.
  5. After all this time still no plan A and certainly no plan B either, just go.
  6. Personally I don’t think TM has a plan A, never mind a plan B, utterly clueless.
  7. I suspect we have got a few more keys to the lock moving forward, no fears in that respect.
  8. Another one to car share down from the North East.
  9. I would have thought Fleetwood, doesn’t he live in Wrea Green, no need to uproot his family.
  10. Strange the investment for defenders when you consider the transfer fee for Phil Jones.
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