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  1. Well do we have 12-18 months for Buckley to show his light years progression.
  2. Crikey, this season has just started, What the players need is top class coaching which Mowbray and his cronies have no idea how to go about it, and if it's true Mowbray dosent do much on the training pitch just sack the pratt for that. Proper coaching with proper coaches would see big improvements in all our players, oh how i wish.
  3. Re Travis and his performances, not been anywhere near the same player since his injury last season, You would think he would have by now regained some sort of consistency --- well he has consistently poor. He's looking more like the Jason Lowe player of yesteryear i'm afraid to say.
  4. Luton go 3 at the back, half the team on yellow cards and what does Mowbray do, takes off our most creative midfielder, brings on Margorie and plays 5 AT THE BACK, open for Luton to bomb balls into the box, some management that is, and i dont get the Travis and Buckley crap, they're both average at best, equaliser on 98 mins i think when there was officially 5 mins of extra time. Mowbray is a Dinosaur of a manager cant close a match out, If we lose Tuesday the man of integrity (i say with a smile) should walk. But hey he has no integrity has he.
  5. I think there was meant to be frivolity in the post, though it was funny, and lighten what is an uninspiring deadline day ---- so far.
  6. Was Mowbray actually after him, he said last week he hadn't spoken to the player, so utter BS again from Mowbray, agree a deal two weeks ago and dont speak to the player when a transfer is agreed, the guy is getting worse than the liar Kean, and that takes some doing.
  7. I didn't change seats but got sent the new card, but just in case i'm taking last seasons card as well on Saturday.
  8. New season ticket arrived this morning's post (Darwen) however the new one does not have the gold chip or the contactless payment sign, i rang the ticket office and they said that the new ones dont have the gold chip although contactless will still work ?? , anyhow i'll take both cards on saturday just in case.
  9. Mmm how many of Travis, Buckley, Davenport, Dolan, or actually any of our current team get anywhere near playing for Liverpool, this lad has played in the 1st team and in European champions cup match, but hey he must be no better than what we have. But in reality he is probably much better than what we have, I for one will look forward to seeing him in a Rovers shirt.
  10. Great to listen and see, Souey really did have Rovers to heart.
  11. Yes but no fans in the ground, much different now, we can voice our displeasure. F off back to Boro
  12. Yes i was, also my six year old son, hes always a rovers supporter.
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