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  1. Yes you can, but i got one for the season just gone so i expect a very very low price, as we were promised £10 for every match we did not attend. I hope you do go and give him pelters.
  2. Even 4000 can make a noise. Right now hes been so lucky we have not been able to attend, his luck WILL run out.
  3. Ha Ha what was that bloke on phoenix nights called, the one that told porkies all the time.
  4. Listen to my mind I will still buy a season ticket and if its Mowbray in charge he will soon find out that he's not wanted along with Waggott, one thing rovers fans can do when in the ground is make their opinion known loud and clear, much better than not in the ground, Mowbray out
  5. As an aside to recent comments on team performance, I thought Ayala was really good when he came on, composed and assured, passed to his teammates and covered when required, hope he keeps fit for next season.
  6. Super Super team, thats what we are missing now, genuine team spirit, souness made that happen, Mowbray no bloody chance.
  7. Those of us that bought season tickets for this season, where we not being offered £10 for every match we could not attend off the price of next seasons ticket price, or was that a dream.
  8. I think you will find when fans are back in the ground, which they should be, it won't take long for Mowbray realise hes not wanted.
  9. Mowbray will go when we fans are allowed back into the stadium and WE make our feelings known.he'd be gone now if we were allowed back.
  10. Of course yes your are right they need new positions like playing as a centre fckin forward.
  11. Is mowbrays contract up at the end of the season, if so I HOPE, maybe venkys are saving a payoff and already looking at a new manager, okay i know you can live in hope, after all we are Rovers fans, full of optimisum - sometimes
  12. I said that weeks ago, if we were in the ground he probably wouldn't be here now.
  13. Warren lucy i think thats his name commentates on irovers, said that was 44mins of midfield dross but said please tune in second half as we cant be worse 😂
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