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  1. wrong wrong wrong, we had two academy players from other teams as our MAIN centre halves, thats a disgrage, mowbray has had many many transfer windows to sort our defence out, he hasnt thats a disgrace in itself. He is well past his sell by date.
  2. Whoa there my friend I have NEVER and NEVER will run down my club who i have suppoerted some 55years. I was refering to a previous post and what could happen if the Venkys pulled the plug.
  3. Regarding agreements, well they were broke almost immediatley, and i agree with you in that probably the Venkys havent been told of this yet, Waggott out, Mowbray out.
  4. Keep calm Joe, some posters just want to have their opinion like me, take replies with a pinch of salt no matter how infuriation or deemed personel, be a better day tomorrow.
  5. So would you be happy if Local owners want to do the same, and i suspect if Venkys ever sold there would be much more assets stripped than you could imagine.
  6. Well i agree, the walker family in my mind are the main culprits in all this mess since Venkys took over, once Jack had passed all they wanted was his money, had thay waited until the end of that season they would have been cash rich with the new PL deal that happend the season after.
  7. I really dont understand some of the logic on here, the Venkys have made our academy CAT 1 and put money in to keep it that way, name me local sides in our area in our division that do the same, if alalgamation of both centres in new state of the art buildings providing permission is granted then why is that not a good thing. We all know what jack built and are forever grateful, but time moves on, Would people on here have the same attitude if local owners had the same thought process.
  8. To do what totally destroy players, because thats whats happening right now.
  9. Well they whinged about Allerdyce but he DID GET RESULTS, now we have similar hoofball but get NO RESULTS (yet)
  10. I imagine had we had Rhodes and Gestede they wouls also be playing on the wing, then subsituted to make way foe some youngster from the PL.
  11. Train on the pitch, damage it, makes a good excuse for not playing the one touch football bollocks, we only do on occasions (when it dosent matter)
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