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  1. all we do is get the ball and either pass it square or mainly back then a big boot to the wing, lose the ball, get it back and do the same again. Midfield is a joke.
  2. No need to sign any of them, just need a manager with a modicum of football knowledge in the 21st century and we would piss this league
  3. Seeing that goal again is just appalling from Pears, better goalkeepers at Blacksnape/Corporation Park
  4. And four players stand back to let them score total rubbish again, and is that a goalkeeper ahh NO
  5. Travis not put one pass together nowhere near fit now gets booked, seems to stand around a lot so far
  6. Some really strange comments on here today, some saying what a load of crap and some like Philip with some praise, how fickle fans are and how they see games in a different perspective, however i still think Mr Mowbray needs a kick up the backside.
  7. Looks like its getting to the stage of we want to lose so Mowbray goes, Just like Fckwit Kean, it never happened but we still kept losing. Surely someone at the club needs to have a word.
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