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  1. Very early thread - although proper match threads are no longer a thing - but with Prince Philip’s funeral now arranged, oddly, next Saturday at 3pm I’m wondering if the kick off time will change.
  2. ...as Rovers are presently on the Skids...should anyone want to post anything about the game...here’s the thread...
  3. The "Journey" continues on Friday away at Wycombe 3PM KO. Will TM's player tombolo throw up one or two surprises? Kaminski 25/1 to start Centre Forward on skybet C'mon TM charge that Sat Nav up and put some directions in towards the end of the journey avoiding roundabouts. COYB
  4. I suppose we should start talking about this one now... Something about Roger Jones, John Bond, Ted MacDougall, Phil Boyer #OnesForTheTeenagers
  5. Hey guys if you havent seen this its a must, very interesting podcast with Chris Brown as well, Ben talks about his life and why he quit professional football, quite a bit about his time at rovers, Mentions Bowyer being very paranoid and Coyle as absolutely useless but a nice guy, its on you tube. two other guys doing the interviewing no idea who they are, seems the Legion (Ben and Co) were on the piss quite a lot during his/their time at rovers, makes me wonder why we never got to the playoffs with that team, anyway make your own mind up and leave comments. Its also quite funny. You get to know the characters Pearson and Pulis etc.
  6. Has this been postponed due to lack of interest? If it is going ahead, are we red button/ifollow, not sure I want to pay another tenner. Nothing to play for, sad BD news, still TM in situ, but in brighter news one game closer to season end. I'd quite like a morale boosting win, but not at the expense of the tombola and his dodgy mates going sometime soon. I think we might get panned on Saturday.
  7. Rovers gave me a win on my 59th birthday Vs Lions, and a point vs high-flying Swans, mid-week. This ol’ Texan will take a stab at predicting the 11... Same as the last two outings. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Arte et Labore, c’mon, you Blues! 2-1.
  8. what would people team been? my team would be Kaminski JRC Lenihan Harwood-Bellis Douglas Buckley Trybull Dack Dolan Gallagher Brereton
  9. 5th v 15th. Didn't realise we were on Sky till today, so a tenner saved. god only knows what the lotto will bring up. Having watched all of the previous six games, one point, and a significant amount spent on ifollow, and drink, my expectations are at rock bottom. I suppose that's where we are. Anything at the moment is a bonus. We really are in freefall under the Coventry cabal, no passion, folk out of position, talks bollocks, and we could be in danger of a relegation battle. All to play for....but will we under this clown?
  10. Apologies if someone else was lined up to start this thread. So,let's start with: March 24th 2012 - Bolton 2 v 1 Rovers April 2nd 2012 - Rovers 0 - 2 Man Utd April 7th 2012 - WBA 3 - 0 Rovers April 10th 2012 - Rovers 2 - 3 Liverpool April 14th 2012 - Swansea 3 - 0 Rovers The last time we lost 5 on the bounce, according to the lancs live. Mowbray now has to mastermind a win or draw against 3rd placed Watford in order to avoid joining the same club as Steve K**n in going 5 losses in a row. Confidence must be at an all time low and I can't see anything other than a comfortable defeat. Gallagher and Nyambe will be missing, not sure about Lenihan. Formation and lineup is changed probably daily by Mowbray, so who knows who will start or in what formation. I'm thinking we might even get done 0-3. Anyone feeling more positive?
  11. So, silence speaks volumes. 1320 on a Friday & no match thread. Will anyone be watching? Think I might, in some sort of sick perverted, self torture kind of way. Expect the same crap as the last few matches. Mowbray Out
  12. Enthusiasm, excitement... hope? It’s telling when I am needed to start the match thread! With settled teams often the most successful, TM will be reaching for his selection lottery machine. Heaven knows what the starting XI will be. Tea-lady might be in with a shout for right back, if they haven’t been furloughed. We tend to nick a result when it’s all doom and gloom, but I can’t see past a draw which TM will be brimming with pride over, despite the calamitous late equaliser. My one hope is that Dolan gets a run, our young ‘stars’ need game time to kick on. Presume the match will be on the red button, though iFollow gets the nod on quality.
  13. Looks like we will have a few more options for the weekend. Would go like this: Kaminski Nyambe Lenihan Branthwaite Douglas Travis Davenport Elliott Dack Dolan Armstrong Subs: Pears, Harwood-Bellis, Trybull, Rothwell, Holtby, Gallagher, Brereton, Downing, Bennett Back 4 and keeper pick themselves. Dack must play in his best position, Armstrong is obvious as is Elliott, and Travis again despite his rustiness picks himself. As ever, the main dilemmas come in CM and on the left. 50/50 between Holtby who looked decent last week and the less gifted but more industrious Davenport next to Travis. And wide left its between 3, Dolan is more suited to being an impact sub perhaps with his pace against tiring defenders, with his end product and decision making questionable, but id be tempted to go with him for the start with Brereton poor in recent weeks and Rothwell never consistently impressing, although I'd be happy to see the latter start too.
  14. So here we are again. Not quite on "the cusp" of the play offs just yet, but not far off it. Luton have been a bit of a bogeyteam for us of late, but surely this is a game where we stamp our credentials and go on a run that brings us deep into the play off places 🙂 I can feel it 😉 I would go with the following Kaminski Nyambe Lenihan Brantwhaite Douglas Travis Rothwell Elliott Dack Brereton Armstrong If 4-3-3 Kaminski Nyambe Lenihan Brantwhaite Douglas Dack Travis Rothwell Elliott Armstrong Brereton
  15. We usually lose games which I start match threads for so I guess this is a free hit. The only game I have seen this season where we were unambiguously the worse side/not at the races/ totally out classed and out played was Swansea away so there is little reason to believe Tuesday night will be any different (checked- it is Tuesday night but watch the kick off time of 7pm in the UK, 8pm for me). Venue is a ploughed field near Lower Darwen or a remote in your living room. Weather outside cold but that's academic because none of you are allowed out anyway. Yes we were particularly badly hit by injuries at the Liberty then but so were they. I guess we might be surprised to discover our returned walking wounded are better than their's so hope springs eternal but then snubbed out by their boss blossoming in the meantime while our's has wilted to a shrivelled gurning presence somewhere near the tunnel. As for selection, I would much prefer Davenport alongside Travis than Johnson but I guess we might get Buckley who probably would be an upgrade on Johnson on current form. And if it is essential to have somebody hugging the touchline in the Mowbray world of playing as though we actually have wingers in the squad then I'd opt for Brereton over Rothwell who has to have the option of space either side of him to really express himself. Probabilities for this one: 80% defeat and Swansea to put automatic promotion a mere 16 points out of our grasp (this will be only game 25 of this anticlimactic underwhelming season) 19% draw 1% the moon is made of blue and white halved cheese.
  16. Locked in and snowed in here in Huddersfield so thought I may as well start a match topic for this weekend’s game against Stoke. Weather not looking too promising for Ewood on Saturday, with heavy rain forecast which of course will guarantee the pitch to be even worse than it has been in recent matches. As for Stoke we know exactly what they are about having played them just before Xmas since when they have added a few players to their squad, the latest being Jack Clarke from Spurs, a promising wide player originally at Leeds. Lets hope we have a full back capable of handling him. Will Nyambe be available? Who knows? Hopefully Rovers bring in the lad from Everton to shore up the defence but its all a bit last minute with Rovers transfer dealings so don’t be surprised if we wait until January 31st! EDIT Seems the deal is now done and he will play on Saturday! As for the rest of the team, its likely to revert to the usual midfield but depending if Johnson is required in defence. Up front will be the usual suspects, Brereton, Armstrong and Elliott.
  17. Our FA Cup adventure begins... Will we take it seriously? Will fringe players get a run out, whilst key players are rested? Pre-season and in the League Cup were dealt with lower league teams fairly easily, can that continue? For me, I’d hope we take it seriously. A cup run generates interest, builds confidence and gives an opportunity for a few players to get some game time. Starting places for Dolan, Davenport, Buckley and Carter - I suspect he will also start Dack and Downing. I’d rest Armstrong, Johnson, Travis and Gallagher - on the bench. Pike, Lyons etc also on the bench. I believe the game is shown via the FA website.
  18. Well where do we even start? Birmingham took a thumping midweek off Derby and they are midst a poor run with precious few goals. Surely even our defence will not crumble again? Starting XI - I’d bring in Dolan, at least to mix it up on the right and swap Davenport for Johnson to give him a rest (looked off the pace against Huddersfield). Both managers under real pressure.
  19. When I saw the next two fixtures when the list came out, I just knew we would lose them both. Both are Mowbray designer banana skins he will unfailingly fall over, I thought.. Well here we are: - let's be honest we have a far better squad than any of us dared hope when the fixtures were published BUT - we have to win these two to keep our league season alive. I have no idea how we are going to do it. I guess together with Tony Mowbray, that makes two of us...
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