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  1. People in and around football say things all the time. Some insightful, some nonsense, some downright funny. What are your favourites? I'll start with a classic from Cloughie: 'I wouldn't say I'm the best manager, but I'd say I'm in the top one.'
  2. Some seriously big clubs at imminent risk of getting knocked out at the third qualifying round stage this evening. ... and Celtic of course
  3. First time I have seen this since its original airing!
  4. It seemed appropriate to remind ourselves of this today...
  5. Well that is not something you see every day!
  6. Going through my parents pictures and found this of my dad (front 2nd from left). He has dementia now - and I wonder how many of the others do looking at that ball - so can’t tell me anything about it. He did at one time play for Mill Hill St Peters so I was wondering if this was them. Anybody know? I wouldn’t have fancied being up against the guy with the ball!
  7. The Premier and Football Leagues to be suspended until at least 4th April (Situation to be reviewed on 4th April). Given that the government are estimating the peak of this virus is 12-14 weeks away then there is the real possibility that the entire season could be voided. Has huge implications for the football league, particularly those clubs that are already in financial strife.
  8. @rovers_ES has anyone else noticed these Colombian pals on Twitter ?
  9. The Brentford match thread has included a lot of chatter about the potential renovation of the Riverside Stand at Ewood Park. The club have expressed a will to “do something” about the stand in recent past according to Steve Waggott and seemingly there are many different visions among the supporter base about what should and could happen. Some are suggesting a reduction in capacity for supporters, lowering from 4,000 seats in TRS currently, to as low as 1,000 by some fans estimations. Others look at Millwall’s and Brentford’s plans and see a necessity for an increase in capacity instead. Most seem to agree on the idea of a hotel, and an improvement to disabled supporters facilities on a game day. Currently, disabled facilities at Ewood are significantly behind other clubs at our level. We have no viewing platforms like at the DW Stadium, and wheelchair users end up sat at the front of TRS in the pouring rain, watching from a horrid (lower than the pitch itself) angle. So let’s use this thread to share some ideas amongst ourselves, discuss the possibilities and the practicalities of any potential upcoming renovations to the stand, and see if we can come up with a consensus between ourselves and see what we all agree and don’t agree on! TRS = The Riverside Stand
  10. Apologies if the wrong section, but this is driving me mad!... My first match watching Rovers was when Rovers beat WBA at the Hawthorns 1-0. It was either 21 March 1987 (86/87 season) or 12 December 1987 (87/88 season). I know Alan Ainscow scored the winner and Simon Barker missed a penalty. I can’t find a line up online for either game. Anyone able to help?!
  11. Barnsley fan here. Hello to you all. I archive and collect video footage of my club and wondered if there is any footage you might have between our clubs. The kind of stuff I'm looking for is old club videos, stuff taped off telly and even home movies. If you are willing to share your stuff I'd be more than happy to convert it to dvd for the loan of any tapes you might have. Thanks for looking and stay safe in these strange times.
  12. I’m a University student and currently studying the effects that Coronavirus (COVID-19) will have on football clubs. Blackburn Rovers is one of these clubs however our survey results so far show that Blackburn Rovers fans are unrepresented compared to other clubs. If you could fill out this survey that will help the club transition out of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, I would appreciate it massively. https://interceptum.com/s/en/GamePlanFanSurvey
  13. For anyone that is not aware, Sky are allowing people to "pause" their sports packages with no penalties. It's difficult to get through on the phones but they are hopeful you will be able to pause it online by the weekend. https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/2020/03/sky-sports-to-let-customers--pause--their-accounts-amid-coronavi/
  14. Just to let people know, the official Rovers YouTube channel is showing our pre-season win against Barca in 2001. It's airing 7pm tomorrow evening (Wednesday 10th June).
  15. https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/11998654/at-home-with-blackburn
  16. Hello One & All, I hope everyone is keeping safe & well. For those who don't venture into the world of the ICBINF pages, I would be grateful if you would take time out to visit my post over on that forum: Many Thanks Karl
  17. The day after Rovers won the league title at Anfield, BBC North West broadcast this documentary...it contains some fascinating coverage of Rovers in the early 20th century, the 1960 cup final, interviews with Jack Walker & much more...enjoy ! Jackpot! Part 1
  18. Not mentioned like Ossie and Archibald, but Stapleton was another high profile coup for the club at the end of the 80s. I recall being disappointed by him, and am surprised he made as many as 80 appearances, but as a kid I would have been too young to appreciate his all round game. I just wanted to see him hit the back of the net. What are other people's opinions on his Rovers spell?
  19. If anyone is interested, I'm selling this 1998/00 Blackburn Rovers shirt in immaculate condition, signed by Dwight Yorke. ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254596503091
  20. I know which was the best goal I ever saw scored by a Rovers Player. I'm taken back to it every Easter Saturday. It was the goal the one and only Bryan Douglas scored against West Brom on Easter Saturday April the 13th 1963. Here's what Alf Thornton had to say about it in the " Last Sports " - " At 80 minutes DOUGLAS brought the house down with a wonder goal such as only he of present day footballers can score. He picked the ball up on his wing at the half way line, shrugged off attempted tackles by Clark and Bannister, went inside at speed and beat Williams, Jones and Fairfax with beautiful body swerves as though they did not exist, before crashing in a terrific drive ". " The Rovers players dashed to congratulate him and the crowd gave him a standing ovation ". This is from Ian Holman in the " Daily Express " - It's headed - " A Moment Of Magic From Douglas ". - The ball was snuggling gently at the talented feet of tiny Bryan Douglas just about the spot where the the centre circle curve ends. A player lunged twice, missed twice, and finally landed in the mud as Douglas switched feet and swept by. Another crimson shirted challenger zoomed into a fierce tackle but still Douglas wended his way towards the penalty area. Inside the box two more men tried to stop him but failed just as miserably as the rest. So now Douglas was poised for the kill. His right boot flashed and the beautifully placed shot whipped into the roof of the net. This was one of footballs magic moments- an unforgettable goal to round off a match that Douglas had already made his own " I was there that day in a really meagre crowd of 11,451 and I can tell you those reports don't really do it justice. I was stood behind and to the left of the goal at the Darwen End and I had a great view of the goal as it developed and of the finish. There can't be that many of us left now that witnessed the little fella in his prime but take it from me - he was the greatest Rover in my time. For trivia fans the day before we'd played really well to beat Sheff Wed at Ewood 3-0 in front of 14,361. Maybe the expense of two games in two days was too much for some fans. Two points from that game. There was a minutes silence before the game for the crew of the USS Thresher which had just been declared lost with all hands. Rovers got a penalty late on in the match. Fred Pickering strode up to take it. Sheff Wed had the current England goalkeeper in goal and he had a strategy for facing penalties were he didn't stand in the centre of the goal. He deliberately stood a yard to the left of centre. I've never seen any other goalkeeper adopt it. Obviously it dared the taker to go for the bigger gap but that was Springett's strongest side. Anyway Fred went for the biggest side and Springett got across and saved the shot.
  21. Thought some might be interested in seeing this. Howard was and is a Rovers legend. This is the story of the Everton team he built after leaving Ewood for Goodison. https://www.evertonfc.com/news/1665132/how-to-watch-howards-way Enjoy
  22. Not sure how many of you on the board know @pk1875 (Paul to his friends) but he’s currently in hospital suffering quite badly due to Coronavirus. If you get a minute to say a prayer or send positive vibes he could really do with them right now.
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