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  1. Am I right in thinking Umbro's deal ends this season? If so would explain the buy one get one half price deal expertly sold by Dacky and Breo in the latest video. With Recoverite also being an initial one year deal the Commercial dept best get a move on
  2. In this thread, please feel free to post any TV, YouTube clips of Rovers in days gone by...if anyone has any old VHS tapes but doesn't know how to convert them to digital...DM me, I might be able to assist...
  3. I've always been a fan of wall charts for things like the Euros and World Cup which lead me to a lockdown project to design some... not wanting to break any house rules but if people wanted to take a look then they can at http://wallcharts360.square.site I'm a type who enjoys planning and keeping track of things so I guess its logical to like wall charts, but then there's also something exciting about filling in the scores in little boxes and figuring out the paths to the finals. For me a tournament needs a wall chart as part of the experience - if I'm allowed to put one up that is!
  4. Or Euro 2021... Looking forward to it because it's three years since the last tournament. Added bonus is that it shortens the wait until the next tournament from 2.5 years to 1.5 years. Added added bonus is that there should only be a 1.5 year wait after that until the next tournament. Tournaments! Hurrah! Sadly, no Rovers players in any of the announced squads. Kaminski is on the standby list, but that's all she wrote. If only Gibraltar had qualified... What are your predictions? Winner: France. Surprise package: Denmark. England?: Out in the Round of 16.
  5. Greetings all! I am trying to improve my Rovers DVD/highlights collection does anyone know where I can find previous highlight/goals dvds/vhs? I have some of the most recent seasons, but looking to start from the initial Premier League season all the way to the present day. 1st hand/2nd hand I am not fussed with condition. Could even be digital/online versions. Any help would be graciously received. Dirk Copland
  6. Cool YouTube video with John Buckley here. Last clip is the best one! But fun all the same for anyone bored.
  7. Does anyone have a link to that particular clip? Funniest thing I've seen on telly in years, I nearly choked on my vodka and coke.
  8. Is there anywhere you can legally watch the Chile game tonight?
  9. Of the famous 1970's side of 4 wingers, Bailey, Hird, Wagstaffe & Taylor, Kevin Hird was sold for a club record fee of £300k to Leeds. I believe Kevin is still knocking around. Time he was recognised by the club.
  10. http://mobile.rovers.co.uk//news/article/2016-17/live-streaming-platform-ifollow-unveiled-for-global-efl-fans-3703945.aspx This looks like a decent idea, and I'm sure us domestic fans will be able to take advantage one way or another
  11. The recent talk of the ESL and the changes made to the Champions League format got me thinking back to our Champions League campaign in the 1995/96 season. I was a kid at the time and remember watching all of our European games on ITV that season. Of course, with the way things are looking there is little chance of Rovers playing in that competition again. I've always wondered what the atmosphere was like at Ewood for those games in 1995. We had Spartak Moscow, Legia Warsaw and Rosenborg visit Ewood. My questions for those who attended the games are: Did any of those teams bring
  12. From the FT.... a good read Barnsley’s dream team give football club sporting chance https://www.ft.com/content/a2724840-9851-4900-b331-e4be9247f7ed After the tragicomedy of the European Super League comes a feel-good tale to restore the romance of football. Lowly Barnsley FC have a shot at the big time. The club rooted in northern England’s defunct coalfields, with a tiny budget, has reached the playoffs for the lucrative Premier League — a season after the team escaped relegation by drawing the final game. Valérien Ismaël, head coach, is no fan of the Super League
  13. For the first time EVER I did not watch or listen to any of our last 5 games as I had already lost the will to live. I am pleased beyond believe that the nightmare is over for a little while at least. Was this the most boring end to a season ever? Yes or No? If No, which year's end of season was more mind numbingly boring and why?
  14. On the back of yet another season of having our heads held under the bog water by the various nepharious forces controlling the set up at Ewood, I was thinking about the £20 million or so per annum it seems to cost to keep going. This got me wondering, are there any clubs that are set up to make a profit, at this level? Is it even possible to contemplate such a thing whilst still maintaining any kind of competitive pedigree on the pitch? If it is possible to be profitable and competitive, what does the model look like, and how far away are we from being able to deploy it? Any ideas?
  15. Blackburn Rovers proudly present a collection of the most average goals you're likely to see. The days of a Tugay, MGP, Bellamy, Bentley etc. cracker are well and truly over.
  16. The next Rovers Supporters Consultation with the club is on Thursday next week at Ewood Park at 6pm. As always BRFCS gets five tickets to these, we have four left, so if you would like to attend and hear from Senior Staff at Rovers, plus have the opportunity to ask questions directly to them, please leave your names below.
  17. never heard of him but he is a comedian from blackburn, just been on granada news. he said he is a rovers supporter and had his rovers top on well done that man
  18. https://footballleagueworld.co.uk/everton-monitoring-20-goal-efl-ace-ahead-of-potential-multi-million-pound-summer-move/ I got a pathetic 11/19 😂 Some fan I am lol.
  19. Last season, some time around December 2019 I think (though I can't find it), I posted the data showing that when we had the bigger share of the possession, we actually came away with less points. I suggested this showed our real potency was as a counter-attacking side and that when we tried to control games it didn't work. Since then, we have actively transitioned to base our whole game around keeping possession. The manager has actively talked about this, and recently has talked about how all the best teams and those which go up are possession teams. With this in mind, I thought it was
  20. I have a likely stupid question. When a manager "resigns" before his contract expires, is he actually in breach of contract and therefore due to pay compensation to the club that he's contracted to? Or potentially face legal action by the club, perhaps? When I see the term "resign", I mostly think of packing in a full-time job, e.g. "I'm sick of dealing with my idiot boss, I quit!". But is that how it works with managerial (or player) contracts? For example, if Mowbray said "I've had enough of myself! I quit!", but let's say Venkys were outraged because they felt he was the long
  21. I'm in a number of whatsapp groups with friends who support other clubs. There are many funny Ole and Klopp memes and video's that do the rounds, to be wheeled out at certain opportunities. What funny Rovers ones are there? What comes to my mind are the one with Danny Graham on the phone asking if you want goals. Then there is the Mowbray groundhog day meme. What others have people come across? Please share here. I could do with a laugh.
  22. Any collectors know any information about this blackburn rovers teddy bear? I believe the kit was from 1994/1995 when blackburn rovers won the premiership title. I cant find any info on the internet or one like it.
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