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Found 23 results

  1. He has just signed a new two and a half year deal. I think this is good news. When fit he is a good championship midfielder. I would even bet as players in the squad improve, he will keep his place. If he left, how much would it cost to replace him? He would have ended up at a top championship club A bit pedestrian from my liking at times, but he is good at what he does.
  2. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/02/15/upshot/british-irish-dialect-quiz.html Despite leaving Darwen in 1974 and living in Hull, Leeds then in and around London and now subject to Menglish, the quiz pinned me to an area between Darwen in the south and Lancaster in the north.
  3. Armstrong signed - Rich Sharpe‏ @richsharpe89 2m2 minutes ago Rich Sharpe Retweeted Blackburn Rovers He's back for good. Rich Sharpe added,
  4. Signed apparently https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2018/june/rothwell-is-a-rover/
  5. Signs on a four year deal from Man City for an undisclosed fee. Welcome.
  6. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11655143/football-rules-how-will-new-ifab-laws-affect-the-game Just heard an ex-ref talking on Talksport (didn't catch his name) and he discussed law changes coming into affect next season at all levels of the game. Three of them took my attention. One isn't mentioned in the article I have linked. The most bonkers one is that ALL penalties will be as if it's a penalty shootout out. In that once the penalty is missed the ball is dead. No rebounds, no 2nd chances. Why??? Because the law makers are on cocaine, that's why The next big one is attacking players have to be 1 metre away from the wall at free kicks. No attackers standing in the wall. Why??? Because the law makers are on cocaine, that's why. The law change not mentioned is that the ball will now be active from a goal kick as soon as it is touched. Players will still have to be outside the 18 yard box but once it is kicked the ball is fair game.
  7. This is without doubt going to divde opinions.. I personaly hope that the dressing room is as good as DG says it is and TM faith and trust in him pays off..
  8. Hi there, In case anyone is interested, I have a signed shirt as above on EBay. All the proceeds of the sale go to Kidney Research UK. Blackburn Rovers 2018/19 Signed Home Adult Shirt should lead you to the item. Many thanks.
  9. Hi my fellow Rover. I've just joined BRFCs and looking forward to some constructive discussions. Cheers all Jimmy Jazz
  10. Good evening everyone. I am posting on here to see if there is anybody kind enough to donate a signed Rovers shirt to the charity that I am doing a 230 mile walk for. https://www.gofundme.com/chris-and-andy-head-to-cardiff https://m.facebook.com/ChrisandAndyHeadtoCardiff/?ref=bookmarks We are desperately trying to raise £250,000 and every little will help. If any of you have a shirt that you wouldn't mind donating then please get in touch, via this site or our Facebook page. We have managed to get a Cardiff City shirt signed as well as an England one too. Being a Rovers fan I would love to be able to auction off one of our signed shirts too. Even if you can't help then please like our page and if you are touched by the story please please donate to our cause. Thanks a lot everyone.
  11. Hi all, I know it's been a while, I was hoping someone could advise me I'm looking for an audio or video link to an evening with Colin Hendry unfortunately on the I came down with a severe stomach bug & I missed it if anyone has any info that would be great & Is the evening with Tony Mowbray at Ewood available on Ifollow Rovers? Thanks for all help Savio
  12. For any Rovers season ticket holders not attending Brentford away ,here's a special offer for you this Saturday 3pm Chorley FC (Top) v (Bottom) Nuneaton borough 25% Discount for Rovers season ticket holders ,meaning adult 18-60 only pays 8£!!! 2£ a pint 12-2pm Kids 12 or under FREE! If your looking for a match Saturday look no further ,you will love it and your support is very much apreciated
  13. For anyone who is looking for excellent value for money,end to end attacking football ,top of the league stuff,old school standing up and swapping ends with away fans at half time and tremendous family friendly atmosphere then look no further than this... CHORLEY FC (1st) v (6th) ALTRINCHAM 3pm kick off Victory Park,Chorley Kids 12 and under FREE! Armed services and emergency services only 7£ Bar offers 12 - 2pm Carlsberg,Tetley's,thirsty magpie lager and Somersby Cider only 2£ a PINT! If your not going to Millwall away why not sample a local football match and you never know you might just love it Crowds up 45% this season now 1600 average ,only 4 games lost and things looking great on and off the pitch.Your support would be really appreciated and you'd be made very welcome down CFC
  14. Thought I'd start a new thread away from the mayhem of the other one for people to judge the overall success or failure of the transfer window, and to give a rating out of 10. The first priority was to keep all of our main players, we did that so fair play. Another key bit of business was the permanent deal of Armstrong, very pleased by that. Kasey Palmer is a clever loan, a good use of a loan, albeit his best position is the same as Dack. And as Joe Rothwell, a signing that I am a little underwhelmed with, albeit it is a low risk project. Davenport again not a first teamer, more of a project, at the moment, meh. Now to what we havent done. Needed a target man, proved when Nuttall came on for Graham when he tired. Not got one. Needed a pacy winger, if not 2. Not got that. Need a centre back, and were told we had moved on to other targets on this supposed list. Nowhere to be seen. Also potentially need a better central midfielder and a keeper. The worst aspect of it has been the blatant lack of a strategy for me, a plan, and the way we have conducted ourselves. Mowbray constantly bleated on about A, B, C and D lists and having money and it all seemed to be following a strategy. Waiting for better quality. Sadly, ending with nothing despite 2 massive bids within the last 24 hours that were never more than either token gestures or panic buys, does not suggest a plan was in place. People can bang on about the loan market, even loan with obligation to buys are ones that could have been done properly before today if we had any sort of plan. Not convinced that money was there with the token bids at the end but thats a seperate issue. I think we need a target man, a winger and a centre back in on loan, that would leave us with 4 loans which contrasts with Mowbrays comments that you cant build a club on loans, 1 or 2 for a bit of extra quality yes, if they are obligations to buy, then they are just deals that could have been done earlier without missing games with a bit of organisation. For all the respect that I have for him, Mowbray has not had a good transfer window at all. 3 out of 10. (and please, saying stop being negative is not a valid argument, if people are happy then fine but please add constructive debate)
  15. Looking into this one - Evans out - Surely this means Reed in the middle with Smallwood. Rothwell or Palmer out on the wings, if not both (replacing armstrong). Brereton replacing Graham and i think we will should have a comfortable win.
  16. https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2018/october/ticket-news-swansea-city-a/ On sale from today, just £30 each for adults. 5 hour+ each way trip on a Tuesday night, on the red button. Do they want any travelling fans to bother or would they just prefer home season ticket holders and the tv cash?
  17. One for the development squad (who need it).
  18. Sorry I didn't no where to put this. Feel free to move it . I'm selling some of my rovers memorabilia if anyone's intrested. Nearly all items come with a certificate of authenticity. Signed and framed Alan shearer shirt. Black and red 94/95 £350 Signed and framed Tim Sherwood shirt. Blue and white 94/95 £350 Signed and framed Tim flowers shirt. Green 94/95 £350 Signed and in one frame goalie gloves. Paul Robinson, Tim flowers, Brad friedel and Shay given. £ 300 Signed and in one frame boots. Robbie Fowler, Phil jones, Tim Sherwood and Steven nzonzi £350 Individual signed shearer boot in perspex box £150 Individual signed Sutton boot in perspex box £ 100 Signed and in one frame captains armbands Tim Sherwood, grant Hanley, Danny Murphy, Jordan Rhodes, Scott Dann and Henning Berg. £250 Signed by shearer and Sutton framed photo of them both lifting the premier league trophy £200 Framed ticket stub, programme signed by the team and picture of the celebrations signed by Craig hignett. £80 93/94 mitre Delta signed ball £40 94/95 signed Blackburn ball £50 Match worn Danny Graham shirt from pre season friendly with Sparta Prague £50 Salzburger pennant signed by last seasons squad. £20 The three home champions league programmes, the play off final against Leicester programme. If your interested pm me and if you explain how I will send photos.
  19. At Darwen fc Saturday 3 pm 5er entrance Under 12 s free
  20. Sensational News! https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2018/july/new-deal-for-darragh/
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