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Found 6 results

  1. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/16908899.tony-mowbray-feels-a-warmth-from-fans-to-rovers-players/?ref=mac Felt sorry for Mowbray here and thought was a worthy topic for some open and frank discussion. As many of you are aware, I was a big advocate of the NAPM movement and numerous other protests, particularly when the club was on its arse under Ke*n and Coyle. In these situations, as the saying goes... Desperate times called for desperate measures and if in some way our actions helped to get us in the position we're in now then I don't regret it... If we're being honest though, it was Kean and Coyle's downright ineptitude that cost them their jobs. These days things are much more positive, (on the footballing side at least) yet the aftermath of the damage done by numerous poor managerial appointments, poor management by V*nkys is having a major effect on attendences at home. It's to be expected of course, some people lost faith, lost trust, lost the habit, lost the enjoyment, there are many variables I suppose. I lost most of those things but I always believed this club could find its way back somehow, that's why I still cared and fought for its future. Like many others, under Tony Mowbray I've found something to believe in again, I feel as if he's trustworthy, honest, decent, commited, all the things that I can't say about hardly anyone at Rovers since they took over. Because of this, I feel as I can find some identity with the club again, I look at the way he conducts himself and how the players perform and personally can't help but feel they deserve my support. I can see how other fans of this club and of others would see this as fickle or such like, fair enough, that's their opinion but it's as simple as giving the fans something to believe in, which TM has done both off and on the pitch. Yes Venkys are still the owners and yes they are ignorant but it works both ways and 2 can play that game, I'll ignore their existence as much as they ignore ours but as long as they support TM I couldn't care less. I'm not so short sighted and naive to think that this couldn't all fall apart in the drop of a hat and I doubt many reading this are either, the debt is still there and they still own the club... Whilst V*nkys are in charge anything is possible as we all know. That aside I feel this is a great opportunity to get back to supporting the club whilst there is something/someone worth while to support and make the most of this opportunity... Which bings me on to my main point... The club also needs to do something to seize this opportunity, look at the Oxford game, it doesn't take a scientist to work out why there were so many fans. Empty seats are no good to anyone so why not just do something absolutely radical like season tickets for £150 or a tenner a game? Yet prices increased, I just don't get it. There was an opportunity to really capitalise on that Oxford game that was obviously completely overlooked, perhaps its the decision makers being out of touch with the previous years and general damage that has been done but to use the phrase again... Desperate times call for desperate measures. The club need to try something new, look at the Bundesliga prices, try something like all tickets from Christmas onwards are £10 and fill the ground as much as we can, it could be pivotal to keeping us up or pushing us up the table. I hope people at the club are reading this and if you are... Be radical, talk to the fans, give everyone of every income the opportunity to support their local team, be pioneers against pricing poople out of football. Don't look to other clubs as measurement for value for money, set a new standard. We are fighting an ever more losing battle against ifollow and the red button and we have nothing to lose! TMBWA.
  2. Hot on the heels of increased season ticket prices (marketed as a price freeze), the club have now increased has begun marketing the match day entry use of the Blues Bar at £2.60 [per game] - and that’s the member rate. This is marketed as being good value - maybe even better value if we go far in the cups and if you attend friendlies. A quid was too much. https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2018/june/blues-matchday-memberships-now-available/ Waggot really seems to be going after the coin of the loyal following.
  3. Anyone got this garish 90s classic kicking around in a loft somewhere that they would be happy to part with? One from the youth I’ve always wanted for the collection. good condition, M upwards ideally. Happy to discuss price via PM ?
  4. Been suggested to me by J*B that this is the best place for this. i picked this up on eBay as I haven’t had a rovers bench jacket since uhlsport days, but sadly after arriving today, large means large, and it’s too big. I’m marathon training and have lost weight, so unfortunately it’s unwearable for me. It seems to have at one point belonged to Chris Neville, head of fitness or the like. Remember him? No, me neither. It is in excellent condition with no obvious flaws. Before I stick it back on eBay, I thought I’d see if it was of any interest to anyone on here. Just looking to recoup what I paid which was £40 inc. p&p. paypal would be best if anyone wants it. Please PM me if so. Thanks
  5. It seems to me, from events over the past few months, that the two sets of consultants did more than was generally thought. Rather than send in a few bean counters to use red highlighters on the P&L, I think they were proper consultants who laid down a long- term financial strategy, which I think might look like follows: Previous thinking: Q) How do you stop losing shitloads of money every year? A) Get promoted to the PL New thinking: A) Transfer price inflation over time has beaten pretty much any other investment. The latest obscene TV deal will accelerate it further. Brexit will accelerate it even further for British players. Therefore the Academy, even if it got no more effective, will produce increasingly high transfer fees for the good ones who get in our team. Luckily, money was never taken away from the academy even when the first team was being gutted. The effectiveness can be increased by focusing less on finding our own 8-year olds and more on the cast-offs from the now vast top 6’s academies, because they only have one first 11, just like us, but theirs is 100x harder to get into. 99% of their youth players won’t be good enough to play for them, but a fair few will be good enough to play for us. Plus, it’s an imperfect science, some of them will prove their old employers wrong and become really valuable. Then it’s a win-win: we get more young British players capable of getting in our team . Our team gets better and, if we fail to go up, we sell the good ones for massive returns on investment. Rinse and repeat till we do go up. Transfers: buy British no matter where you are in the league. One Ben Brereton may be a bust; ten Ben Breretons will make money between them. BUT, if you are getting close to promotion, buy the best you can get no matter the nationality. £10m spent today on a top striker gets a payback of £100m if you go up. £200m if you stay up another year. Of course this approach requires very deep pockets to get it going and cover the ups and downs, but that’s the one thing our owners have. And we will still be selling our best players at peak value, say one every two years. But that’s not any different to the last 55 years ever since Vernon and Pickering went.
  6. https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2018/december/ticket-news-leeds-united-a/ £39 at Leeds. We've been allocated 2,500
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