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  1. Hard to get enthused after a diabolical second half against Rotherham.... humiliation so complete I think there may be quite a few changes come Saturday - I imagine Dolan will come in, Vale dropped, can actually see Morton being benched if we are allowed to... and after really struggling to get up the pitch all game at the New York stadium I could see Ayala being rested so we can play higher up. All assuming Hyam is fit and BBD available to come back in. Kaminski JRC Hyam S Wharton Pickering Buckley A Wharton Dolan Dack BBD Gallagher No idea the score.
  2. Blackburn Rovers fans at Bristol City this weekend https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/tfe/1/16/1f44f.pnghttps://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/tfe/1/16/1f44f.pnghttps://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/tfe/1/16/1f44f.png See all this weekends away days pictures and videos https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/t4f/1/16/1f447.pnghttps://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/t4f/1/16/1f447.pnghttps://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/t4f/1/16/1f447.png https://footballawaydays.net/?p=1766
  3. We never win at Rotherham do we ? They're on a terrible run...what could possibly go wrong ? https://www.football365.com/news/rotherham-united-mid-season-rebuild-another-championship-relegation-warne-taylor
  4. Good evening, I am just after some advice as never been to a Rovers away game before. We’re flying to Bristol from Jersey for the weekend on the 20th, the main reason for the trip is to attend the away game against Bristol City. I have noticed on the website that tickets are only available for season ticket holders or 1875 members, this is even the case for next weekends game away to Rotherham. Will tickets go on sale to the general public? I’m not a season ticket holder obviously as live in Jersey, however do have a Rovers account on the website and attended a home game last season, funnily enough also against Bristol City. I can’t see it selling out due to the travel distance and time of the year, if all else fails though will have to get tickets in the home end!
  5. Another away trip to Norwich in short order. Another Sunday game. Another changed kick off time. Another reshuffled cup line up ? Will it being another away victory that is the question..? Let’s be ‘avin you with your thoughts… “WHERE ARE YOU?”
  6. The last football of 2022 will see Boro travel to Ewood and will of course include Darragh Lenihan in their ranks. The current form table doesn’t make for pretty reading and places Boro as favourites. Will Rovers have any fit strikers ? Will we have any actual shots ? Another gripping Live On Sky evening in prospect…
  7. As Vera Lynn once nearly said, there'll be Bluebirds over the Blue 'n' White shirts of Rovers.... We desperately need a win or we are officially in a Mowbray death spiral territory. Cardiff have drawn their last 4 and haven't won in 6. Rovers 2 Cardiff 0 COYB'sssssssssssssss
  8. Which Rovers will turn up…Jekyll or Hyde ? Another Sky game but perhaps that jinx has been laid low after Norwich City ? Will Tony show Dack & Buckley round the home dressing room ?
  9. massive respect to anyone travelling all the way down there,stupid kick off time,spending their hard earned money close to christmas to watch most likely another weak capitulation in an away match against a v good side my prediction,f******g pain,more walking football against arguably the best side in the division who are getting real momentum
  10. Well after England's inevitable early exit from the World Cup and that totally disgraceful display at t' turd, the only way is up! I'm going to be optimistic about this one. Our winter break will have done us the world of good and JDT has the team running like a well oiled machine. 3-0 to the Rovers.
  11. In peace as ever .... After our bruising loss as Bramhall Lane, followed by an afternoon at Blackburn Rugby Club, with old friends, supping Hen Harrier and watching them battle out a 26-13 win over Rossendale, here is my preview ... Sunday sees the 103rd renewal of one of the oldest " derbies " in World professional football, when Blackburn Rovers travel to Turf Moor to take on Burnley. The first meeting, 134 years ago ago, ended in a 1-7 away win for t'Rovers, a repeat of which would suit most of those reading my scribbling just fine ! Both Clubs have illustrious histories. Blackburn who dominated the early years of the FA Cup and have had their more recent success, under the " Jack Walker " regime, winning the Premier League and a League Cup. Burnley won both the FA Cup & League Championship either side of the " Great War ", and another League title in 1959-60. The " Head to Head " is virtually tied, with Burnley having 42 wins, Blackburn 41 wins with 19 draws. With all that said this game is about the present. I suspect both sets of fans will be pleasantly surprised by their current League standings, with Burnley atop the table with Blackburn two points behind. Rovers have tended to be either feast or famine with 12 wins & 8 defeats, whereas Burnley have picked up 8 draws to add to their 10 wins and only two reversals. I can't help but think that Rovers will have learnt from the frailties exposed by Sheffield United. Burnley's two full backs lack height at set-pieces, and frankly, Dracula reacts better to crosses than Muric ! His place must be in question now, with Northern Irish goalkeeper, Bailey Peacock-Farrell waiting in the wings. Those of a Claret persuasion will hope that Josh Brownhill, Jack Cork and local boy, Jay Rodrigues will return for Sunday. From our point of view, the enigma that is Bradley Dack is one to be feared, as is Brereton Diaz. Young Bradley will be remembered on the Clarets' forum for one of the better thread titles, after his court appearance some time ago, " Dick Dack in Dock ! " 😎 Whatever happens, one set of fans will have a rather cheerier World Cup break than the other, as this is the last game until fixtures restart on 10th December ... unless or course, it's a draw, which I think would be the Chief Constable of Lancashire's favoured outcome. Hope you've enjoyed this, and enjoy/endure the game, wherever you may be watching !!
  12. Huge shame this wasn't advertised further in advance. Tickets available to fans however. https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2022/november/29/ticket-news--rovers-v-ajax/ Return flights are around £99. It's about 3 hours to Malaga.
  13. Let's face it, this is just a warm up game before we play the proper claret and blue scum in the biggest derby game in the world. Optimistically going for a 3-0 win for a second strength Rovers side to cruise to the next round.
  14. Pun-tastic weekend match reports incoming as Rovers take on the Terriers at Ewood… ”Up in smoke”, “Bonfire of the vanities”, “a display (un)worthy of Bonfire Night”, “There were rockets at half-time as well as…”, “fireworks in the penalty area”, “xxx is the Guy”….you get the idea…😉 https://www.essexlive.news/whats-on/15-fire-cracking-bonfire-night-711295
  15. Hey guys if you havent seen this its a must, very interesting podcast with Chris Brown as well, Ben talks about his life and why he quit professional football, quite a bit about his time at rovers, Mentions Bowyer being very paranoid and Coyle as absolutely useless but a nice guy, its on you tube. two other guys doing the interviewing no idea who they are, seems the Legion (Ben and Co) were on the piss quite a lot during his/their time at rovers, makes me wonder why we never got to the playoffs with that team, anyway make your own mind up and leave comments. Its also quite funny. You get to know the characters Pearson and Pulis etc.
  16. Apologies if this had been posted before Match might not go ahead or could be played at a different venue While Saturday's match will proceed as planned, other options are being considered for the Sky Blues' next home game against Blackburn on Tuesday. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/63427703?fbclid=IwAR2tepz27s4EaStrbICXtZ6EP8xF2ihN0D2dQHvIBPU6oFKxyFeMPvJRQXQ
  17. Next up for Rovers is a trip down the length of the M62 to what ever the KC is called now...perhaps it's Boothferry Park ? Who knows ? As long as Hull don't call it off at 2:55pm then we should be in for an interesting afternoon in the home of Mick Ronson, Maureen Lipman Tom Courtenay and Lucy Beaumont. A chance for some quality fish & chips and hopefully wrapped in three points. Over to you folks...
  18. Will it happen or won't it? One thing is for sure, there will be absolutely zero consideration given towards the fans of either club. Optimistically I will go for a 5-0 win for the Rovers. We're going to win the league! Also get on the prediction centre. https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/football/predictor
  19. The return of Tony Mowbray!! What sort of reception will he get and what sort of reception will you give him? Adoration? Proposals of marriage? A mild applause? Boos? Whistles? Attempts on his life? Or just a mere shrug of the shoulders? I'm going to be optimistic and say we'll break our win-loss cycle with an emphatic 4-0 victory. And c'mon JDT, let's see Dack in the first 11. He's first rate and you know it.
  20. Well we managed to break the cycle in a positive way and get one over a former manager. Birmingham up next after a good result against the dingles. Optimistic prediction for this week is a 3-0 win for the majestic Rovers.
  21. I have searched the site, and cannot find a thread and surely they deserve one? (Sorry if I have missed it.) Having won the triple last year, and cruelly overlooked to go into the PL, I note they are now storming the league. Six wins out of six, for 30, against 1! Do any members go, where do they play, and do the horrors from Pune support them? I just think it would be good if there was some publicity whilst there is a lull in the first team fixtures? Any information as to why they were rejected from the PL, despite an appeal, and the obvious that as soon as Man Ure raise a team, they are fast tracked?
  22. Read our reporter's review of the game, and add your own thoughts in the thread below. https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/articles/500-words-on-birmingham/309
  23. Manager-less Middlesbrough look to appoint a new boss before our game to get the mandatory new manager bounce…will we break our WLWLWL streak ? Quite possibly….though not as we would have liked… *waves to Darragh* 👋🏻
  24. The second Lancashire derby game for us this season, this time away to the pie eaters. I'm confident that we can get the three points from this one. If I was being optimistic I would go for a 1-4 to Rovers. The person who can explain why wigginers are referred to as pie eaters will also win 10 points. (Hint, it's not the reason you'd think)
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