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  1. Might as well start a thread as Kinder has now the U'21's into the cup final (anyone know where & when it is BTW?) U'18's won at Newcastle http://www.nufc.co.uk/page/Match/Report/AcademyReport/0,,10278~4547946,00.html
  2. Welcome aboard Jon https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2022/june/14/velkommen-jon-/ He’s also brought in an assistant manager and performance director
  3. Hi all I'm a rovers fan living in bristol. Got a ticket for the game. Can't wait! Anyone want to meet up for a beer before the game? Cheers Neil
  4. Well it's been a while since we had a "cup run", we'll know shortly who we face next. Threadbare squad, please avoid a biggy, Liverpool away is not what we need! Nice home draw please?
  5. In a move driven largely by nostalgia & fuelled by a desire to educate younger generations as to the “classic” Rovers kit (some would argue..!) BRFCS has investigated the possibility of producing a small run of retro Rovers shirts in the style of the kit worn from 1964 to 1971. We are delighted to confirm that we have identified a reputable supplier (with a history of supplying Rovers kits..!) and so we are now ready to gauge interest from the Rovers-supporting public! FULL DETAILS HERE We are always looking for new & innovative ways to fund the site & this is just one more avenue that we’re exploring. If it’s successful we’ll look to try other lines…nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say..! Quite possibly the ideal Christmas present for your Rovers-supporting friend or family member…😉👍🏻🔵⚪️ ORDER YOURS NOW
  6. Very low key build up this time around in general. Not much fanfare or ads on telly for it. A winter world cup. Meh
  7. 4,000 Holes will return in 2021/22 with five new issues planned. Since the landmark 100th edition in February 2020, lockdown has prevented any new fanzines to be produced due to the loss of usual sales at the ground. Issue 101 will be released in August on the opening day of the new season when Rovers face Swansea City at Ewood. Subscriptions are available for just £10 which covers Issues 101 to 105 and includes all postage (for UK customers). Previous subscribers who are still due the delayed Issue 101 are able to get a reduction so that they are not paying double for that issue. Please use the following link to order: https://roversfanzine.bigcartel.com/product/4-000-holes-subscriptions-2021-22
  8. As valued users of the site, we want to keep you appraised of some planned enhancements at BRFCS and share with you all the context and rationale for what is proposed… Subscribe Now: https://www.brfcs.com/subscriptions/ New Development... BRFCS Ad Free Throughout 2022 we have sought to optimise our advertising revenue to provide greater confidence that our income will continue to cover our running costs. BRFCS handicaps itself to a degree however, because we refuse to accept advertising for gambling, adult, alcohol and tobacco. The challenge we face therefore, is to earn as much as we can from what remains. This has meant that ad positioning and frequency are elements over which we have diminished direct control. Following these changes, we have had a reasonable amount of feedback from some users, who have commented that the ads are becoming increasingly intrusive and that this is impacting adversely upon the user experience - especially on mobile devices. With that in mind therefore we have introduced an *option* to subscribe to an ad-free* experience. *It's important to clarify that the sponsor mentions on the magazine and forum threads will remain; as noted above, sponsorship income is a vital component of our overall revenue streams. All other non-sponsor ads are removed as part of this package. What does that mean for current users ? It can mean absolutely nothing. If you are not interested in an ad-free experience, just carry on using the site as you were - nothing will change for you. However, if you wish to benefit from an ad-free experience*, then by subscribing, you will remove the (non-sponsor) advertising from the site on whatever device you use - please note, you have to be logged in to remove the ads. How much is this going to cost ? In our own tribute to Steve Waggott, we will offer an early-bird discount to allow users the opportunity to trial the option at a discounted rate. The initial subscription plan will therefore cost £1.99 for one trial month, reverting to £3.99 per month thereafter. Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at any point should circumstances change for whatever reason. Platinum membership of £39.99 for a full year will also be offered. This can also be cancelled before the ANNUAL renewal date. As an aside - if you are canny enough to take the £1.99 initial offer; cancel after one payment, then renew for 12 months - this brings the effective monthly charge down to £3.23 for a period of 13 months #NorthernThrift 😉 In a spirit of transparency, we have no idea how many people will be attracted by this offer and equally, we can only guess at the impact it will have on our overall revenue, but clearly, if the subscription revenue received proves to be consistently less than the advertising revenue lost, we will have to put our thinking caps on and come up with another plan. What if all this is a raging success…presumably the site owners be able to continue to operate BRFCS albeit now as tax exiles based in Monaco ? Well quite…the spirit of BRFCS always has been "by the fans, for the fans" - it has never been operated as a hard-nosed, capitalist venture. This philosophy will not change. The free option (served with advertisements) will remain. This is simply our attempt to offer a service that many have indicated they would welcome but without threatening overall viability of the site. How does BRFCS incur running costs? The site has overheads, principally these relate to IT costs; although as we add new features, these are increasingly including additional subscription fees for services, as many more providers are moving towards that kind of a pricing model. For instance, even Google is now charging for its basic business suite of email addresses and shared storage. As the site is owned and operated via a limited company, there are also fees associated with running a company, including statutory Companies House returns, accountant's fees, bank/payments charges and so on. How is BRFCS funded? Historically, the site was funded purely from Google ad revenue, but the returns were a bit thin and somewhat unpredictable. Consequently, different options have been pursued to provide a more stable income and eliminate over-reliance on Google. These include sponsorship of different aspects of the site - it was this type of funding that enabled the site revamp last year for instance, when BRFCS evolved from being purely a forum, into the comprehensive package of features you see today; including the magazine elements, the 4000 Holes archive, podcast hosting and of course the excellent Match Centre feature. Anything else you wish to share with us? Well...just to summarise - the purpose of sharing this background is to provide the context as to why/how we aim to address legitimate concerns raised by users; the purpose of sharing the rationale of our approach with you all, is to be transparent as to our thinking. Essentially, the owners and contributors provide (considerable amounts of) their time & expertise for free because they enjoy doing it. When the pleasure is no longer there, then we will no doubt look to pass on the mantle. For the avoidance of doubt...we are ALL currently enjoying it ! Many thanks for your time and for visiting BRFCS.com...the best Rovers site out there, since 1996 [citation needed] 😉 The BRFCS Team More Info: https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/premium
  9. Due to Kanye West being Kanye West, clubs are cutting ties with him, and Rovers will no longer be playing "All Of The Lights" as they walk out at home games. The song was chosen by Travis, and there'll now be a new one chosen. What would you go for and why?
  10. BREAKING NEWS! Our friends and sponsors, The Terrace, are now selling exclusive licensed Rovers merch. Visit https://terracelife.co/blackburnrovers to shop the range Click here to read the full story and see more of the range.
  11. Pete O'Rourke(reliable source) is reported that they has been a bust up with JDT and Dack https://www.footballinsider247.com/blackburn-rovers-to-listen-to-dack-offers-after-bust-up-exclusive/
  12. Petition to rename The Riverside Can the post be pinned? Thanks.
  13. I am staying overnight in Ipswich on Saturday. Any suggestions for good drinking spots?
  14. I know there is at least one Trust thread already, but with the recent election complete and a board shake up underway, I think it`s fair to start fresh. Please try and stay on topic. From the Rovers Trust Website. The elected members of the new Rovers Trust Board (Steven Bradley, Michael Doherty, Ozz Jones and John Murray) met for the first time on Saturday 15 April. We would like to thank members for their votes and the faith placed in us to take things forward and build on the work of the previous Board. We agreed that John Murray would become the next Chair of the Trust, with Ozz Jones as Vice-Chair. Michael Doherty will lead on legal and policy issues and on liaison with external bodies. Steven Bradley will lead on communications and social media. We feel that this reflects the balance between change and continuity that the election results communicated. Strengthening the Board with people with the right expertise and enthusiasm is an immediate priority and steps are underway to co-opt further Board members. Whatever happens in these final games of the season, our club is in dire straits and the Trust has a lot of work to do. We need more members and more active involvement from existing members. We know there is an appetite for this from members and we are seeking ways to involve you more in both formal and informal ways. We have every confidence that you will respond actively and creatively! We are meeting again in less than two weeks and are working with the previous Board on an effective transition. If you have any immediate questions or offers of help then please contact us on enquiries@roverstrust.co.uk http://mailchi.mp/roverstrust/a-message-from-the-new-board
  15. Obviously it is difficult to comment on the training that goes on behind closed doors but I think it is abundantly clear from the lack of progress and failure to learn from our mistakes that the coaching at Ewood Park is not up to scratch. I do believe Mowbray is a good man manager but really worry that we aren't going to progress with the current coaching setup. From my understanding Ben Benson is the GK coach and he was promoted from the u18s along with David Lowe who became first team coach? Last year it seemed to be our quality of players at that level that pushed us over the line and never did we have a particular style of play. This year whereby we don't have the best squad in the division and need the coaching and development of a style of play it appears our coaching isn't up to scratch. Just wondering if I am talking rubbish or if people agree that our current backroom staff department is severely under par?
  16. 7 years to the day since the imposter left, as we continue to endure his rotten legacy. Well done and thanks to the “1%” who never gave up fighting and maintained the conditions which ultimately forced him out. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/19736471 https://amp.theguardian.com/football/2012/sep/28/steve-kean-resign-blackburn-rovers We won’t be rid of his stench until we are back in the PL but having worried that he would never go, the relief on 29th September 2012 was palpable. Never forgive, never forget.
  17. Steve Waggot mention a few weeks back that the Riverside Stand is to be modernised! Any one got any updates regards this?
  18. I am delighted by Jon Dahl Tomasson to appointed Lewis Travis has our new Captain for the season. Excellent choice
  19. Great to see Rovers trying new food and finally different type food from just Chips, Burgers and hot dog.
  20. At this point in the transfer window, the main thread (https://www.brfcs.com/forums/topic/35339-transfer-window-man-the-lifeboats/) becomes very busy and often posters struggle to keep up with the latest news. Please help others and use this thread to post and consolidate the latest links (Twitter, Articles, Official Posts) so everyone can keep up to date easily. Please, no discussion in here, use the main thread. I'll start...
  21. Just heard that Lenny as passed away, met him loads of times such a lovely man... Sad day ....
  22. https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2020/august/welkom-thomas/ Rovers are delighted to announce the signing of KAA Gent goalkeeper Thomas Kaminski for an undisclosed fee. The 27-year-old, who becomes the first Belgian footballer in the club’s history, has signed a two-year deal, with the option of a further 12 months. Kaminski, who has almost 300 career appearances and Champions League experience under his belt, started out at Beerschot AC in his homeland, making his professional debut in the Belgian top flight at the age of just 16. out.stream powered by ADITION Signed by Anderlecht in 2012, he won two Belgian league titles and three Belgian Super Cups, before having loan spells with Αnorthosis Famagusta in Cyprus and FC Copenhagen in Denmark, where he won both the Danish Superliga and Danish Cup in 2015-16. After a successful spell back in Belgium with KV Kortrijk, the talented shot-stopper joined Gent in January 2019 and started all 29 of their top-flight fixtures last season, keeping 10 clean sheets, before the campaign was cut short due to COVID-19. The Belgian Under-21 international also played all 14 Europa League games for Gent last term, helping them reach the knockout stage. Kaminski, who will wear the number one shirt at Ewood Park, must now undergo a period of quarantine, before joining up with his new Rovers team-mates for training early next month. Welkom Thomas! Oh, and he kicked his teammate in the groin so hard just a few weeks ago, that stitches were required at pitch side... https://sportlife.news/2020/soccer/gent-star-igor-plastun-left-needing-stitches-in-his-penis-after-horror-injury-as-his-own-team-mate-knees-him-in-groin/
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