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  1. We have being linked with Blackpool striker Yates. Replacement for Armstrong? Anyone know alot about Yates? It's from a good source
  2. Couldn't find a thread where we could speculate / discuss who would / could take over from Tony. Goes without saying we have to upgrade and thats dependant on who we could get.. The obvious candidate is Bilic but I would also seriously consider Pearson. Actually Pearson would probably be my preferred candidate.
  3. No lessons learned. No possession football. No plan B. No Joe Rothwell. No defence. No defenders signed. No method. No Ryan Nyambe. No positivity. No progress. No idea. You're a nice bloke, you've done a good job but this is as far you will take us. Don't ruin your legacy, do the right thing and step aside. Charlton are relegation fodder so what does that make us? Go.
  4. Who do we think we will get on loan for next season
  5. 15: P 46 W 15 D 12 L1 9 F 65 A 54 GD 11 PTS 57 20pts from Bournemouth in sixth. 34pts from automatic promotion (Watford). 14pts above relegation. D- from me. Expectation from the man himself after four years of building, was pushing top six. Nowhere near. Second highest goal scorer in the league doesn't paper over defensive cracks, and tactical nonsense we have seen and had to put up with. Bright start, and BD back, before BD out and the disaster that was 2021. We all know he should have gone with 10 games to go, bring in new blood, let the new manager get a feel for
  6. Please welcome your new Fans Forum representative, @K-Hod, who will be representing BRFCS.com, the BRFCS podcast and its members at the upcoming fans forum meetings. K-Hod will be canvassing opinion on this thread, reporting back to the Club and then updating this thread too. The next meeting is Monday 8th.
  7. 2 home games left, 2 more opportunities to let our voices be heard. Is it worth it? Does anyone care anymore? Will people turn up? Will Mowbray/Waggot listen and do the right thing? Personally, I can't justify buying a season ticket with Mowbray in charge next season. A change is needed, every man and his dog can see a change is needed so why the feck isn't it happening? 2 days before the next home game might be a bit tight to get the word out but Birmingham at home on the 8th May is achievable. I fear that may be too late though as Mowbray can go and enjoy a
  8. It’s that time of year again. But this time with the added twist of (for a second time in our history) feeling as though the manager is not held to the same account as the rest of football and that results, performance and even fans do not matter. The online opinions of fans (without any real visible protests), and subsequent media back lash can stop a multi-billion pound soccer league from forming. But fans are an irrelevance - and inconvenience even - at Rovers. BCD football is very welcome at Ewood. But I digress. Back to the poll, anonymous so as to avoid peer pressure...
  9. Well the time has finally come to sell my collection of Blackburn Rovers and England programmes I've put a link to my Flickr album below which has most of what I've got for sale I'll also be posting this elsewhere however nothing will be going on eBay. https://www.flickr.com/photos/ajn74/albums
  10. A few years ago we had a manager called Gary Bowyer. He had a few decent players and a goal machine in Jordan Rhodes. In his last full season he had peaked, finishing 9th, and the side was regressing after Venkys turned off the taps. Rhodes’ goals kept us up but things didn’t look good and a rebuild was required. We now have Mowbray having gone through the same phase and has totally relied on feeding Armstrong to paper over the massive cracks that have been showing; cracks in some cases created by him trying to hammer square pegs into round holes. When Rhodes left in January 2016 the
  11. So as the dust settles on what can only be described as a disappointing season, I thought it would be interesting to see how bad people actually thought the season was. Whilst most (all?) on here don't think it was good enough, I suspect many of the fanbase outside of here are disappointed but not to the extent of seeing TM leave. There's been plenty of excuses offered and a number of signs of encouragement that some point to as well. However, there has also undeniably been a lot of poor results and worrying signs. So how bad was it really? Firstly the positives. Gally and Bereton b
  12. Two rounds of the league format already completed. I had expected the English contingent to struggle but the quartet top their groups and would have had a 100% record but for Chelsea's draw with Sevilla. Mancs' win in Paris and demolition of RB Leipzig the most unexpected- I had them as sure to be knocked out. They are 16th currently in the EPL. Real Madrid rock bottom of their group currently will surely stir themselves while troubled Barca are going very well with that win away at Juve.
  13. As usual towards the end of the season (as well as at the half way point) I often start a thread evaluating how well, or badly, we have done in the transfer market. This is my thoughts on this year's incomings. Kaminski - 9 The chap has a huge advantage in following Walton, on whom a traffic cone would have been an upgrade. Even when dialling back the enthusiasm for having a keeper who doesn't drop a clanger per match as per the previous incumbent, he's been pretty good. There's been a few errors and erratic moments of late, which isn't great, but when you factor in his fee (
  14. Hello Blackburn Rovers Fans, Since 2014, we—the students and professors of the Know Rivalry Project—have been studying rivalry for sports in North America with the help of message board members. Now we are expanding our research to the EFL Championship. We also want to start the rivalry conversation Please help us ensure that the Blackburn Rovers are included by taking 9 minutes to complete our updated survey: https://umassamherst.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_3FdJ8eN2EgFCfCB?mbsrc=krdir&grpID=1422 Our previous results in the US have been featured in numerous sports media ou
  15. Probably worth a poll as it seems to be a point of debate. It's easy to say you won't buy one in a middle of one of the worst runs in the club's history, but after a summer of reflection, the promise of returning to Ewood and the chance to see new players, will you still fell the same in August if Mowbray is still here? Like everyone else I imagine, I always feel renewed hope (I know, I know!) at the beginning of the season after a few months of no football, and the promise of new players and a fresh start. But I suspect this summer might be different. I'm used to not going now, I do
  16. Hello everyone, I'm Blxckwater from Texas. I've been a longtime lurker on this website and finally decided to make an account to share my thoughts/opinions with everyone on here! Not very many supporters of Blackburn over here in the states, but I became a fan of the Rovers by doing some travel and have come across a few fans in my endeavors and they were very friendly and felt like family. Coupled with catching a few games on the tv (not very many are shown here) and doing my research on the club, I became a lifelong fan! On top of the fact that everyone here in the states supports
  17. Lost in all the pain of losing a game we should have won, Harvey Elliott had an unremarked but impressive League game debut. This Kid is one class footballer. Midfield needs to adjust its eyelines to spot the runs he makes because apart from Holtby they were missing them last night. I know that Dack is a player you build a side around but I think Harvey will come into that category before too long. Certainly Watford were treating him with the greatest respect if you looked at the lack of space he was given to work in. Even so, look at this:
  18. Hello, I have seen a good few usernames that imply Scottish rovers, we may be a rare breed but I know there is a few. Just like to check in who is and where shouts from. im originally from Glasgow but moved to aviemore last few years. Like to get to at least a couple of games a season. When I do I usually travel down early morning and stay in one of the local hotels, either travelodge or the fernhurst usually. They are fine, not luxury but fine. Then travel home on the Sunday. Interested to see others that make similar journeys would be open for a Scottish whatsapp group or other ch
  19. One way or another, will he be gone by the beginning of the new season?
  20. What has happened to the general maintenance of Ewood of Park..does anyone at the Club care anymore?. We were gifted the new Ewood Park from Jack Walker,a legacy dear to all Blackburn Rovers fans and the People of Blackburn in general. 'We will respect the Jack Walker legacy' fawned Madame Desai...yeah right! The current state of the Stadium is not acceptable,I urge fellow Board Members,Fans Forum and even visiting Telegraph Reporters to get involved on this thread and issue. Further photos will follow as hopefully it will shame someone at the Club into taking action,It's s
  21. So I spent sometime this past weekend going down memory lane and I decided to make a video of the best foreign players that have pulled on the famous blue and white shirt. What are your thoughts on the best foreign imports Rovers have had?
  22. I’m no planning expert, so if anyone that is wants to put my mind at rest to what’s currently lodged with Ribble Valley Council. https://www.ribblevalley.gov.uk/site/scripts/planx_details.php?appNumber=3%2F2021%2F0175
  23. This might be an over reaction but we were so abysmal today it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility we’ll end up in a relegation fight. I was shocked how bad we were. It’s been said many times but the defence is so soft it makes blancmange look like a lump of concrete. Bennett Williams Bell and yes lenighan looked what they are which is league one defenders QPR are very average but we gifted them all 4 goals with defending straight out of Sunday league football. Their supporters who were expecting another defeat - they haven’t beaten us in any competition for 20 years - were actu
  24. Genuine question. If you were offered a scenario where we got relegated this season with TM leaving the club vs staying up this season but having to endure TM for another full season what would you prefer? For me no doubt I would take league one with no TM. He, along with Waggot, have genuinely nearly made me lose all interest in the club. I can’t remember the last time I had any true faith in the club. It’s heartbreaking.
  25. Not sure if anyone saw Stan Collymores tweet the other day. Firstly, what do people think of the sudden clutch of random new terminology that seems to have made its way into football, unnecessary hipster nonsense, or is Stan Collymore the one stuck in the past? Also, is there any other football termonology that raises eyebrows everytime you hear it?
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