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  1. Time will tell if this thead continues, but on Sunday there could be just 3 teams separating us in the league. In 2017-18 we finished 2nd league 1 , while they were 7th in Premier league ( 38 teams separating) I honestly couldn't see us getting back and we were in a right state, but just maybe the rightful order will be restored with a promotion and there relegation. That's my new year wish anyway , together with covid doing one .
  2. I'd like to discuss fans opinion of Steve Waggot and how he runs the club. 1) Concourse/catering etc 2) ST prices 3) Matchday prices 4) Away fans at Ewood 5) Brockhall Academy More I'm sure. What are your thoughts?
  3. Thought he deserved his own thread. Based on the rave reviews he's getting seems like this guy is the most promising youth player to come through since Phil Jones. I can't think of anyone there has been such universal praise for. Got a bit of game time end of last season, and has played a lot in pre season. LET suggested he may go on loan, but I guess he may actually make the season squad given the quality he's show. In our preferred 4231 he seems most comfortable across the attacking 3 mids, but there might be a significant role for him to play in the deeper 2 mids if we want someone in off the bench to improve our passing game when we're chasing a match. We havent had that since Cairney left. Excited to see him, Davenport, Nyambe, Chapman and maybe even Hart and Rankin-Costello play a significant role next year. Plus Travis, Armstrong, Lenihan, Dack, Gallagher and Rothwell who are all established but still young and improving. Also I'm not a Brereton fan at all, but have to admit he's moved on a bit from an abject start to his Rovers career. I think how well we do is largely going to be determined by how these young players step up as while a bit of experience from Johnson and Downing will maybe help shore things up they are unlikely to substantially move the needle from last season. Would love to see a midfield of Buckley, Travis, Rothwell, Dack powering us up the table!
  4. Last season saw SW abolish the sales of our matchday magazine at Ewood. Imo another matchday experience was taken away. Are they coming back, does anyone have any information regards this. BTW, if non league outfits can provide these why can't we?
  5. So Wayne Rooney has told Derby he wants to leave. And after that silly video of him rallying the fans that they'd work hard to come back up! Must have something lined up.
  6. With this seemingly imminent, what are thoughts on who or what's happening? Pearce has been mooted as has Steve Walsh (who seems a sensible appointment to me).
  7. What is in store for the next season? It's going to be interesting especially given the early start and winter break to allow for the most corrupt world cup in history to take place. It'll be long that's for sure. As of this moment in time we still don't have a manager although supposedly the list has been whittled down to three candidates. I am fully expecting the announcement of the new top man to be a total anticlimax. As for transfers, I think Diaz will be sold but not for anything close to some of the massive fees that have been banded about around here. As for players in, I can't imagine the new man to be given much to spend so it'll be loans and frees as per usual. So where qill we finish then? My prediction, 12th.
  8. With Jon Dahl Tomasson will we be in contention for promotion or will it be a transition period or worse relegation dogfight?
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2022/jun/13/kick-ins-throw-ins-football-concussion-substitutes-ifab So it's been announced that they will start trialling 'kick ins' instead of throw ins which is absolutely ludicrous and hope it dies a death. However it got me thinking - what new rules / general changes to the game would you like to see in football? One for me is that I would mic the refs up and also be able to hear the VAR discussions. Second one isn't a new one but an old rule I would like to see enforced. The rule that goalkeepers can only hold onto the ball for 6 seconds I would love to see enforced, it would speed the game up massively IMO and would cut out the 'catch and fall to the ground' tactic that eats up 30 seconds each time.
  10. Billy Davies Nigel Pearson Steve Bruce Brian McDermott Steve Cotterill Garry Monk Gary Rowett Ian Holloway Chris Hughton Ray Harford Nigel Adkins Dave Bassett
  11. Players return to training in one week. Where are you hanging your hat on this question ?
  12. Chorley match yesterday was the only one in national league north to be played others postponed due to weather and clubs refusing to play. The season resumed whilst the vote on whether to continue or finish remains outstanding with clubs having a 28 day period to vote. Why restart when you may stop again in two weeks. National league threaten clubs who refuse to play with fines and point awarded to opponent. Bradford pa have voted to stop on the grounds they didn't agree for the second tranche of money to be a loan earlier in the season. Their opponents Farsley Celtic have also voted to stop so national league can't award points to opponents in this case. Bradford say why restart season and spend thousands they don't have when result in a few weeks of the vote may see season ended. Makes sense. National league have got themselves in a right mess if clubs can't afford to play the game how do they expect them to pay a fine. It is also possible for the individual national leagues to vote with a different outcome it appears. Would they not be better having a lengthy pause and restarting again say in May and playing during the summer when covid rates are lower and there is a possibility of fans getting back in the grounds to some degree and generate some income to maintain the clubs. Some out of the box thinking is required rather than just giving up
  13. Wisdom of the crowds type thing…what do we predict for the following…? 1. Will Steve Waggott still be at Rovers on 1/7/22 ? If no, date of departure. 2. Will Tony Mowbray still be manager on 1/2/22 ? If no, date of departure. 3. Rovers Player of the Season 21/22 ? 4. Where will Rovers finish the season ? 5. Who will be championship winners ? Reply to this with your predictions & we’ll assess the consensus…👍🏻
  14. I didn't see a thread on this so I started a new one. Watched the full Brentford vs Liverpool game yesterday after I got home from Ewood Park. Brentford were very impressive and gave Liverpool a proper good test defensive. Frank has impress me this season with his overall approach. Well done to Villa and Dean Smith for beating Utd yesterday. They got their tactical approach right and he has change his formation this season to allow him to play Ings and Watkins up front.
  15. I've tried to just keep it simple, the poll only allows 24 names, The names i've added are mostly in no particular order and have just been taken from betting odds sites, but i'll try and remove the dead wood names and replace them with new candidates as they come up and sorry in advance if I've missed any obvious ones. Cheers p.s. votes are anonymous (even to me!)
  16. Anybody else think this would be a cracking new shirt
  17. Kaminski Brown Ayala (C) Wharton Pickering Travis Dack Buckley Hedges Gally Dolan Predicting a core 15 man squad next season. A settled side. Squad made up by the U23s. Vale, Mcbride, etc to be in and around the team. 2 incomings. 1x midfielder. 1 x centre half. No loans in or out.
  18. Assuming we don't go up, which only the biggest of optimist would expect now, how would people judge Mowbray's tenure as a whole if he left in the summer and how many out of 10 would you mark his reign. There has been a lot of hyperbole often at the most emotive of times eg during/after a loss, silly comparisons, lots of analysis of stupid little things and conspiracy theories but I am wondering how people would reflect overall a few days after a game amidst an international break when things are calmer. I would give it a 6, its been ok. The club as a whole are definitely in a better position now, and we have never been at all close to going down during the last 4 years since we comfortably got promoted. His transfer record is fairly good, he has spent between 15m-20m, we got not far off that for Armstrong and a Brereton sale will go well past that, Gallagher is his worst signing for value. I think I would hold no ill will towards him and if he ever came back he would deserve applause rather than any ill will. What about everyone else?
  19. I hear we have arranged a friendly against Hartlepool in the Summer. With no disrespect to Hartlepool it's not much of a test for Blackburn Rovers. We need to be playing Premier league clubs to put us to the maximum test. If we lose, we can examine our weaknesses and strengths and put things right before next season. Rumour has it we might be playing Celtic in a friendly, thats the kind of test we need in friendlies.
  20. Can we even achieve mid table Premier League status? I hate the way modern football has meant only big clubs can dream of success. The hope of winning trophies seem like something from a different stratosphere now.
  21. It would appear that Tony Mowbray is going to leave us this summer. Whilst most (me included) would question his team selections, tactics, substitutions etc during his 5 year tenure, what cannot be questioned is his devotion to the club. The club we now see is far removed from the one that was 5 years ago, Tony should take great credit for that transition, albeit we are not the finished article. I feel that it is despicable that nobody at the club has had the good grace to sit down with Mowbray, discuss what went well, what went badly and more importantly on a personal level, say thanks, no thanks, we wish you well...or whatever. It's just shit! So, with dignity, We're Blackburn Rovers Tony, Thanks, Good luck and you left us in a much better place than when you found us. Hopefully, onwards and upwards!......
  22. Supporting Rovers is a roller coaster ride to say the least. There have been some unbelievable times in the history of our proud and prestigious club. What are your best and worst experiences as a die hard Rovers fan? The highs - Winning the League Cup when everybody had written us off and acted as though playing the final was a mere formality before presenting Tottenham with the trophy. Also the years that followed with our many many qualifications for Europe. Supporting the biggest and most successful small town club in the world. The lows - Venkys The Sublime - Winning the Premier League. Although I was too young to really grasp the gravity of this accomplishment at the time I can still remember it now. There does exist a photo somewhere of me with the trophy when they brought it around to our school. Every year it looks more and more impressive that a small town club from the north west was crowned Champions of England.
  23. Which ticket are you going to get ? For me it's got to be the play-offs
  24. We are clearly losing our supporter base and fast.A new low under the dreaded tenure of Venkys happened tonight I believe....we experienced our lowest league gate at Ewood since it was rebuilt some 28 years ago.Apathy within the Town is clearly at an all time high since the dark days of the mid 80's. Blackpool(with all due respect) had some two thousand more on Bloomfield tonight,let that sink in. A decade of owner negligence,lack of supporter/owner interaction coupled with a CEO who appears to have little connection nor understanding of the local demographics of the Town and then you throw in a Manager well past his welcome and you have a recipe for disaster...you reap what you sow. To see Ewood so empty is a heartbreaker,this is not what JW wanted.A radical change of direction is needed within the corridors of Power at Ewood before It's too late. Genuinely worried and saddened at events unfolding.
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