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  1. By now it should be apparent what we need and where. Thoughts, links, sarcastic jibes etc....
  2. Tomorrow night. One of my favourite football events of the year. What are people hoping for? Glamour tie at Ewood and see Waggott in a tailspin trying to accommodate 30,000? Home draw against lower league opposition? I fancy going to a new ground so would love an away tie at any of: Wimbledon, Orient, Swindon, St Albans I've been before but would be great if we could get Kidderminster, Boreham Wood, Salford or Halifax I wouldn't complain with West Ham, Spurs or Brentford away (new grounds) Hope we avoid the monotony of a Derby, Bournemouth, Reading, Stoke, Birmingham. Really anyone but Championship would be a nice change.
  3. Time will tell if this thead continues, but on Sunday there could be just 3 teams separating us in the league. In 2017-18 we finished 2nd league 1 , while they were 7th in Premier league ( 38 teams separating) I honestly couldn't see us getting back and we were in a right state, but just maybe the rightful order will be restored with a promotion and there relegation. That's my new year wish anyway , together with covid doing one .
  4. Chorley match yesterday was the only one in national league north to be played others postponed due to weather and clubs refusing to play. The season resumed whilst the vote on whether to continue or finish remains outstanding with clubs having a 28 day period to vote. Why restart when you may stop again in two weeks. National league threaten clubs who refuse to play with fines and point awarded to opponent. Bradford pa have voted to stop on the grounds they didn't agree for the second tranche of money to be a loan earlier in the season. Their opponents Farsley Celtic have also voted to stop so national league can't award points to opponents in this case. Bradford say why restart season and spend thousands they don't have when result in a few weeks of the vote may see season ended. Makes sense. National league have got themselves in a right mess if clubs can't afford to play the game how do they expect them to pay a fine. It is also possible for the individual national leagues to vote with a different outcome it appears. Would they not be better having a lengthy pause and restarting again say in May and playing during the summer when covid rates are lower and there is a possibility of fans getting back in the grounds to some degree and generate some income to maintain the clubs. Some out of the box thinking is required rather than just giving up
  5. I wasn’t going to make a thread on this as I didn’t think it warranted it but just wondered if anyone has had the same and conquered it? Does anyone else just feel utterly fed up, maybe not even that maybe it’s just absolute apathy. I read the transfer thread to try and get a bit of a spark of interest but there’s not much to get hyped about. I don’t know if it’s just me but for the first time I recall I haven’t got a season ticket, despite being able to afford and being a 30 minute stroll away, I’ve been to two games all season (West Brom and Brum home so very enjoyable occasions) and watched 10 or so on TV but even then it’s hard to really take much interest as you just know as soon as we concede it’s game over. I don’t blame the manager (solely) for this as the rot had set in for me already but after a lifetime of going to Ewood, and over a decade moderating on here I just don’t know if it’s passing me by now! Anyone had a similar rut and come out the other side?
  6. Just to further cement " Longsiders " and my apparent reputations for being fair minded, here's a familiar Rovers figure for you ... To set the scene, it's 6th March 1993, a certain Ewood " Hall of famer " is playing for West Brom in the 3rd Tier and the Clarets come to the Hawthorns. He warmed up in front of the travelling Clarets, and received a " predictable " reception, upon which I turned to my friend and said " No good can come of this " .... 3 minutes in, bang !! Then made the 2nd for Bob Taylor .... 30 years ago in a few short weeks ... how time flies !! 🙄
  7. Delicate one this (I have a feeling mods might be busy). Having been along to Ewood with this and seen the faces of kids at their first match, I'm absolutely on board with it. However, the trip to Watford is heavily subsidised (food, excursions) and appears to have been organised without regard for the announced stages of sale. It doesn't quite sit right that 1975/ST holders are again sidelined to an extent. Having said that, 2000 to Watford seems unlikely so that argument isn't the be all and end all. Moreover, the unspoken idea that it was to get more of the Asian community (specifically Muslim) to attend has been totally embraced, but this also means excluding those of a different faith or none. Adults are invited as well as kids but central to the tailored experience are trips to local mosques. Surely all those disadvantaged or who feel unable to go to the games in BwD should be enticed onto such an excursion? Having said that, the aim is clearly to boost our fanbase and that is obviously going to heavily focus on certain communities. Are people reading too much into it or is it a little too exclusive? Mods: Feel free to shut this down if it all gets a bit political/dodgy.
  8. What's fans opinions on him? Was disappointed when Kenny sold him that time although Gallacher was a great buy. Always thought Wegele had a bit of class and had great feet.
  9. Should he stay or should he go? There are rumours today that Bradley Dack has fallen out with JDT and could be sold in January. Bad news or good business?
  10. Does anyone know when the next Zoom chat or whatever will occur for the Fans Forum? I'd love to know when the current commercial deal ends and if there are plans to change it. Are they aware how generic their offering is and how much more money they could take in if anything looked different to the stuff they sell in Matalan (unfair on Matalan; they do decent shirts)? The last time I had to spend my club cash it took me half an hour to find anything on their site even slightly appealing (in the end, I went for several bags of jelly babies, some cola bottles and a scarf which I got rid of without ever wearing). Every single t shirt was beige or navy dreariness with a crest attached. Why are blue and white halves such a rarity on our merchandise?! The pictures below illustrate the point. I'm partial so obviously picked out stuff to back my view but it is hard to find something genuinely attractive. I know that I could e-mail them myself but I also know that I would get a generic response: "We at Blackburn Rovers remain committed to providing our supporters with an attractive range of items" You can hear the person yawning as they type it...
  11. I'd like to discuss fans opinion of Steve Waggot and how he runs the club. 1) Concourse/catering etc 2) ST prices 3) Matchday prices 4) Away fans at Ewood 5) Brockhall Academy More I'm sure. What are your thoughts?
  12. Below are our next 13 fixtures, up until the month long winter break for the World Cup. Based on what you've seen so far, what position do you think we'll be after the Burnley away game? Options: 1st -6th 7th - 13th 14th - 20th 21st - 24th I'm genuinely concerned. I'm predicting 14th-20th, not far above the relegation zone. Why? We've got an inexperienced manager who may or may not be any good. We've also got a young team who if we continue losing will lose confidence.
  13. I've seen a few threads with poster's thoughts/opinions on SS. So as to not bung up those threads and to give a consise place to discuss our highest xfer fee purchase during the window I thought I'd start a new thread. I know it is really early days and I don't want to judge a player too early. However I must say that I'm underwhelmed thus far. It appears we have a over paid for a relatively limited player. And I'm still not quite sure what he is supposed to offer that Dack couldn't?
  14. Here's a random BRFCS list of red card moments of madness from Rovers' history. Are there any missing which you think should be up there? https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/articles/top-10-stupid-red-cards/330
  15. Haha, utter drivel. You have no idea who's asked for him on loan.
  16. https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/articles/500-words-on-the-season-so-far.../331
  17. Assuming we don't go up, which only the biggest of optimist would expect now, how would people judge Mowbray's tenure as a whole if he left in the summer and how many out of 10 would you mark his reign. There has been a lot of hyperbole often at the most emotive of times eg during/after a loss, silly comparisons, lots of analysis of stupid little things and conspiracy theories but I am wondering how people would reflect overall a few days after a game amidst an international break when things are calmer. I would give it a 6, its been ok. The club as a whole are definitely in a better position now, and we have never been at all close to going down during the last 4 years since we comfortably got promoted. His transfer record is fairly good, he has spent between 15m-20m, we got not far off that for Armstrong and a Brereton sale will go well past that, Gallagher is his worst signing for value. I think I would hold no ill will towards him and if he ever came back he would deserve applause rather than any ill will. What about everyone else?
  18. 1) " I never comment on a Referee's performance, Brian, and I'm not breaking my rule for that incompetent Pratt " ( Ron Atkinson ) 2) " Of course there are better Centre-halves than you, Jack, but you possess the qualities I need in the system I wish to employ " ( Alf Ramsey to Jack Charlton 1966 ) 3) Italian Journalist to Bob Paisley, pre-match before the 1977 European Cup Final, " Have you been to Rome before, Mr Paisley ? ", " Aye, just the once ", " A scouting mission ? " .... " No, 1944, on the back of a Sherman tank ! " 4) Post match interviewer, " Can I have a quick word ? ", Manager " Velocity ! " ( Martin Buchan/Gordon Strachan ) 5) " I wouldn't say I'm the best manager in the Country, but I'm definitely in the top 1 " ( Brian Clough ) 6) " I'm sorry Gentlemen, It's my day off " ( Alf Ramsey to the assembled Press, at his home the day after England's world Cup win ) 7) " Kevin Keegan's a great player, but I wouldn't fancy his chances knee deep in dust ! " ( Bill Shankly, on hearing of a proposal to allow fans to have their ashes scattered on the Anfield pitch ) 😎 " Tom Finney on the right wing, but I'd have to think about the rest " ( Tommy Doherty, on being asked to name an all-time British XI ) 9) " We try to equalise before the opposition score ! " ( Danny Blanchflower to a bemused European Press, asking about Northern Ireland's tactics at the 1958 World Cup ) Some old chestnuts here, can anyone suggest some additions ?
  19. If you could ask Tomasson one question what would it be? I would like to ask him why he persists with a way of playing that the players just aren't suited to. I'm guessing there will be a common theme here.
  20. Name your Premier League all-time X1 of players that never got the plaudits/rewards they truly deserved and would never make your average PL all-time X1, but you admired them. Any formation allowed with at least 1 GK. Non-Rovers encouraged (although Rovers are ofc allowed), as I'd love to start seen PL players named that I've long forgotten about. The more random/obscure, the better! To get the ball rolling, I'm picking no ex-Rovers: Here's mine, 433: Schwarzer Hibbert Radebe Southgate Riise Palacios Barry Krancjar Valencia Saha Malbranque
  21. Not sure if anyone saw Stan Collymores tweet the other day. Firstly, what do people think of the sudden clutch of random new terminology that seems to have made its way into football, unnecessary hipster nonsense, or is Stan Collymore the one stuck in the past? Also, is there any other football termonology that raises eyebrows everytime you hear it?
  22. I can't find the post, but I said when we flogged him for a pittance he would go on to play for Spain and here we are.. I don't want to go over old ground, but whilst he had a few weaknesses his positive attributes far outweighed those. The guy was class and produced saves he had no right to make. Sold one of our own for a pittance to a rival. Some of the worst business I've ever seen. It's not like he'd never played a game for us and was somewhat of an unknown quantity. Raya had exhibited massive amounts of potential. Absolutely sickening. That we have a downgrade in Kaminski that's fairly steady no makes it no less bitter of a pill to swallow. Shocking piece of business!
  23. Memories of Roy Hodgson's time in charge. Started off well and then went tits up. Any inside scoops on what went wrong?
  24. Football is rife with examples of owners buying football clubs without doing sufficient due diligence *Harry Hill sideways look to camera*…but let’s have some fun with a thought experiment…what if Elon Musk had decided to buy Rovers & run it like he has started to run Twitter..? Here’s my starter for ten… 1. Sacks all the existing board members…installs himself as CEO/Team Manager/Coach/Academy Head 2. Sacks all the marketing staff…issues threats to season ticket holders that monthly subscriptions to the 1875 club will be mandatory & will cost $8 per month 3. Trash Tweets about Vincent Kompany on a daily basis 4. Employs Tesla engineers to devise new training programme for the first team 5. Borrows $44bn somehow secured against a mortgage on Ben Brereton-Diaz (even though many wise commentators advise that a mortgage over a human being isn’t actually a thing..)
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