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  1. No lessons learned. No possession football. No plan B. No Joe Rothwell. No defence. No defenders signed. No method. No Ryan Nyambe. No positivity. No progress. No idea. You're a nice bloke, you've done a good job but this is as far you will take us. Don't ruin your legacy, do the right thing and step aside. Charlton are relegation fodder so what does that make us? Go.
  2. I didn't see a thread on this so I started a new one. Watched the full Brentford vs Liverpool game yesterday after I got home from Ewood Park. Brentford were very impressive and gave Liverpool a proper good test defensive. Frank has impress me this season with his overall approach. Well done to Villa and Dean Smith for beating Utd yesterday. They got their tactical approach right and he has change his formation this season to allow him to play Ings and Watkins up front.
  3. Hi Everyone, in a change to our regular scheduled programming, I’ve decided for one thread and one thread only, politics can be discussed on the football thread! I figured that with the Saudi Arabia takeover, things would be incredibly intertwined, so fill your boots in here!
  4. Not sure if anyone saw Stan Collymores tweet the other day. Firstly, what do people think of the sudden clutch of random new terminology that seems to have made its way into football, unnecessary hipster nonsense, or is Stan Collymore the one stuck in the past? Also, is there any other football termonology that raises eyebrows everytime you hear it?
  5. Not rovers related but the deal to save bury fc seems to be close would be brilliant to see this Lancashire club saved, their trust have released the following.
  6. We have being linked with Blackpool striker Yates. Replacement for Armstrong? Anyone know alot about Yates? It's from a good source
  7. Where do people expect us to finish this season for the season to be considered par for the course or even a success? And are people flexible enough in their views to have a target to which Mowbray (who sadly seems to be here for the near future) could even earn a new deal? I think firstly that it is important to acknowledge the lack of backing this summer, there wasn't a competitive budget of even a fraction of the Armstrong money and the considerable wage budget savings to replace not only Armstrong but a multitude of experienced players. We are left with an average first 11 including 4 academy graduates and a player signed last season for the under 23s, and beyond that, pitiful depth padded out by the cheapest of kids on loan deals. Perhaps it could be argued that any improvement on last seasons finish of 15th place is progression but for me, last season was so poor that it should be based upon the previous finish of 11th. If we finish in the top 10, whilst I have always felt that anything slightly under the play offs has to be deemed a disappointment in that the top 6 is so close, I would consider that to be a good season personally. That being said, a top 10 finish would not warrant a contract extension for me. It would be 4 full seasons in which Mowbray would have been somewhat a safe pair of hands, never at threat of serious relegation, but in which time he has never come close to a top 6 finish, and I suspect would be unlikely to any time soon. I am unsure if we have ever truly had a top 6 squad under him, we definitely don't this season and I would potentially suggest that we have the worst squad out of the last 4 years, similar to the first season up. A top 6 season would be an overachievement specific to this season but that is ultimately we will need at some point in order to get into the play offs, and to get some hope back which Venkys have long since extinguished. I expect a similar finish to last season however, quite possibly even slightly lower.
  8. I’m no planning expert, so if anyone that is wants to put my mind at rest to what’s currently lodged with Ribble Valley Council. https://www.ribblevalley.gov.uk/site/scripts/planx_details.php?appNumber=3%2F2021%2F0175
  9. We are clearly losing our supporter base and fast.A new low under the dreaded tenure of Venkys happened tonight I believe....we experienced our lowest league gate at Ewood since it was rebuilt some 28 years ago.Apathy within the Town is clearly at an all time high since the dark days of the mid 80's. Blackpool(with all due respect) had some two thousand more on Bloomfield tonight,let that sink in. A decade of owner negligence,lack of supporter/owner interaction coupled with a CEO who appears to have little connection nor understanding of the local demographics of the Town and then you throw in a Manager well past his welcome and you have a recipe for disaster...you reap what you sow. To see Ewood so empty is a heartbreaker,this is not what JW wanted.A radical change of direction is needed within the corridors of Power at Ewood before It's too late. Genuinely worried and saddened at events unfolding.
  10. https://shrinke.me/QPJFqw Check the goals of the decade! Up the rovers
  11. Haha, utter drivel. You have no idea who's asked for him on loan.
  12. Chorley match yesterday was the only one in national league north to be played others postponed due to weather and clubs refusing to play. The season resumed whilst the vote on whether to continue or finish remains outstanding with clubs having a 28 day period to vote. Why restart when you may stop again in two weeks. National league threaten clubs who refuse to play with fines and point awarded to opponent. Bradford pa have voted to stop on the grounds they didn't agree for the second tranche of money to be a loan earlier in the season. Their opponents Farsley Celtic have also voted to stop so national league can't award points to opponents in this case. Bradford say why restart season and spend thousands they don't have when result in a few weeks of the vote may see season ended. Makes sense. National league have got themselves in a right mess if clubs can't afford to play the game how do they expect them to pay a fine. It is also possible for the individual national leagues to vote with a different outcome it appears. Would they not be better having a lengthy pause and restarting again say in May and playing during the summer when covid rates are lower and there is a possibility of fans getting back in the grounds to some degree and generate some income to maintain the clubs. Some out of the box thinking is required rather than just giving up
  13. long way to go but the govt is lifting the ban on standing at football grounds,everyone in favour?? the riverside would be an ideal place for it imo,be great😊
  14. Clubs in the Premier League and Championship are to be allowed to trial 'Safe Standing' areas from January. As someone who grew up standing in the (ahem) massed ranks on the Riverside and Blackburn End, I can remember the feeling of being in a real crowd very well, and although the proposals for so called 'safe standing' are likely to be a watered down version of what used to happen on the terraces, I wondered what people's thoughts might be about bringing back standing at Ewood Park. My view is that it is kind of meh - there will never be a return to the crowd scenes of yesteryear, or the immediacy of being in a heaving swell of bodies going mental when we score, or the rush of folks to the wall to bait the opposition fans and players if they scored instead. So for me, no thanks. Mind you, if they bring it back at Blackpool, I'm not going, as all I recollect from standing in the rain at Bloomfield Road, as was, was some bloke pissing on the backs of my legs as the queue for the horrible bogs was too long.
  15. Given that we always seem to be a Steve Waggot priced half time pie & a pint away from breaching the FFP rules, do you think a mass return to Ewood by fans would help, increasing gate receipts would ease some of the pressure?
  16. Does anyone know when the next Zoom chat or whatever will occur for the Fans Forum? I'd love to know when the current commercial deal ends and if there are plans to change it. Are they aware how generic their offering is and how much more money they could take in if anything looked different to the stuff they sell in Matalan (unfair on Matalan; they do decent shirts)? The last time I had to spend my club cash it took me half an hour to find anything on their site even slightly appealing (in the end, I went for several bags of jelly babies, some cola bottles and a scarf which I got rid of without ever wearing). Every single t shirt was beige or navy dreariness with a crest attached. Why are blue and white halves such a rarity on our merchandise?! The pictures below illustrate the point. I'm partial so obviously picked out stuff to back my view but it is hard to find something genuinely attractive. I know that I could e-mail them myself but I also know that I would get a generic response: "We at Blackburn Rovers remain committed to providing our supporters with an attractive range of items" You can hear the person yawning as they type it...
  17. I genuinely think we need to start holding Waggott, Mowbray, Venus and Park to account. We need to put together a well thought out statement and put pressure on, after an absolute shambolic transfer window not replacing 28 goals. There was zero plan, blocking youth development by signing loans and then not loaning them out. How do we start putting pressure on the awful management we have seen this past year. 2 wins in 17 last year and not one bit of pressure on Mowbray. How do we get traction with statements etc etc? @glen9mullan @RevidgeBlue@RoversTrust
  18. Lost in all the pain of losing a game we should have won, Harvey Elliott had an unremarked but impressive League game debut. This Kid is one class footballer. Midfield needs to adjust its eyelines to spot the runs he makes because apart from Holtby they were missing them last night. I know that Dack is a player you build a side around but I think Harvey will come into that category before too long. Certainly Watford were treating him with the greatest respect if you looked at the lack of space he was given to work in. Even so, look at this:
  19. Hi all forgive me if this is a topic that’s been covered. I was wondered which kits have been our worst over the years. I think these are particularly horrible myself
  20. What has happened to the general maintenance of Ewood of Park..does anyone at the Club care anymore?. We were gifted the new Ewood Park from Jack Walker,a legacy dear to all Blackburn Rovers fans and the People of Blackburn in general. 'We will respect the Jack Walker legacy' fawned Madame Desai...yeah right! The current state of the Stadium is not acceptable,I urge fellow Board Members,Fans Forum and even visiting Telegraph Reporters to get involved on this thread and issue. Further photos will follow as hopefully it will shame someone at the Club into taking action,It's shameful and embarrassing for a Club of our Stature...PLEASE VOICE YOUR CONCERN.
  21. I'd like to discuss fans opinion of Steve Waggot and how he runs the club. 1) Concourse/catering etc 2) ST prices 3) Matchday prices 4) Away fans at Ewood 5) Brockhall Academy More I'm sure. What are your thoughts?
  22. Hello everyone, I'm Blxckwater from Texas. I've been a longtime lurker on this website and finally decided to make an account to share my thoughts/opinions with everyone on here! Not very many supporters of Blackburn over here in the states, but I became a fan of the Rovers by doing some travel and have come across a few fans in my endeavors and they were very friendly and felt like family. Coupled with catching a few games on the tv (not very many are shown here) and doing my research on the club, I became a lifelong fan! On top of the fact that everyone here in the states supports all the major "big" clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, ManU, Liverpool, Chelsea, etc. I didn't want to hop on the bandwagon of all those clubs, and felt more of a family with Blackburn. Hope to get to know you guys while sharing my thoughts and maybe one day I can catch a game live at Ewood Park! Thanks! -Blxckwater0
  23. It’s that time of year again. But this time with the added twist of (for a second time in our history) feeling as though the manager is not held to the same account as the rest of football and that results, performance and even fans do not matter. The online opinions of fans (without any real visible protests), and subsequent media back lash can stop a multi-billion pound soccer league from forming. But fans are an irrelevance - and inconvenience even - at Rovers. BCD football is very welcome at Ewood. But I digress. Back to the poll, anonymous so as to avoid peer pressure...
  24. Originally I was a fan from like 2009-14 or so. I picked the club because they have a great history, the city’s history is working class industrial, and about the same size as my home city (Buffalo). But when the Rovers dropped to lower divisions, it was pretty impossible to follow from the United States at that time, so I just left the sport for a bit. I came back last season and I’m here for good. Just got a Rovers tattoo this week, and my goal is to visit Ewood for the final home made of the season. I’ve only once in my life seen someone in a Blackburn kit, and would love to not be the only one. Oh, and I now collect Rovers VHS, but I’ve bought all the ones on eBay.
  25. Fantastic to see Brentford tonight. What a collective spirit (club and fans). Well done Raya - excellent and assured throughout. We need a manager like Frank who can communicate and relate to the fans. Oozes positivity and confidence. Hope Pasha, Venky's were watching and realise just what could be.
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