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  1. in league 1, Good wins for Sunderland against Wigan and Wycombe against Stanley. Morecambe got a good point at Ipswich. Look like it will be good competitive league. I think Sunderland, Wigan, Wycombe and Ipswich will be changing for the top 2 spots in the league. In League 2, Gary Bowyer's Salford got a point with Orient yesterday. I think they should win the league this season.
  2. Looks like they're struggling to sell tickets for Wolves away tomorrow night. https://www.expressandstar.com/sport/football/wolverhampton-wanderers-fc/2021/11/29/wolves-to-have-largest-home-support-of-the-season-against-burnley/
  3. Anyone know how many tickets PNE have sold. Hope BR out more staff on the concourse, especially JW upper tier
  4. It’s just been brought to my attention that one time Rovers striker Louis Bimpson died last week. He was one of the members of the 1960 Cup Final team. He was 92, possibly the oldest surviving Rovers player. Thanks for the memories Louis.
  5. In this thread, please feel free to post any TV, YouTube clips of Rovers in days gone by...if anyone has any old VHS tapes but doesn't know how to convert them to digital...DM me, I might be able to assist...
  6. Very scrappy game tonight. Rice and Phillips in the same midfield = dull football. Mount not in the game, Sterling trying hard but no end product. No shots on target so far.
  7. I'm late with my annual Champions League thread. We all know that the usual suspects will be there at the end but I do enjoy watching it. Here are the groups; Group A Man City, PSG, RB Leipzig, Bruges Group B Atletico Madrid, Liverpool, Porto, AC Milan Group C Sporting Lisbon, Borussia Dortmund, Ajax, Besiktas Group D Inter, Real Madrid, Shakhtar Donetsk, FC Sheriff Group E Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Benfica, Dynamo Kyiv Group F Villarreal, Man United, Atalanta, Young Boys Group G Lille, Seville, Salzburg, Wolfsburg Group H Chelsea, Juventus, Zenit, Malmo
  8. https://www.football365.com/news/burley-sean-dyche-signing-up-miserable-survival
  9. Mr Blackburn Rovers - Tony Parkes Art Print A5 £5 + postage https://turnstilesmagazine.bigcartel.com/ As many Blackburn Rovers supporters will know, Tony Parkes was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2020. This has meant Tony has had to move into a care home at considerable cost to his family. At Turnstiles we have an article about Tony’s career in the upcoming Issue 3. This fantastic illustration by the wonderful Gareth Giles features. With permission from Gareth and Tony’s daughter Natalie, we thought we’d try to raise some money for Tony and his family by selling this excellent art print. ALL MONEY RAISED FROM SALES WILL GO DIRECTLY TO THE PARKES FAMILY Let’s show Tony and his family how much he means to everyone connected with Blackburn Rovers. This Print will look great in your office or as a Christmas gift to any Blackburn Rovers fan. Please spread this far and wide so that we can raise as much money as possible for the Parkes family All the best Chris - Editor Turnstiles Magazine
  10. Is anyone travelling tomorrow with a spare ticket or two? I'll be in Blackpool anyway so would love to get hold of a ticket if possible...
  11. Hi all ,I have just been to 3 of my localish fuel stations and I can't believe I can't fill up,I have aprox 30 miles in my tank so I need to keep that as a emergency also can't risk driving around ,anyway is there anyone going to the match tomorrow and obviously returning that may pass this postcode OL12 8JB just thought it was worth a ask ,if I wasn't a season ticket holder I may have passed but as said its worth a ask ..Thanks
  12. Has anyone managed to get their signed cardboard cutout back from Rovers yet?
  13. Am I right in thinking Umbro's deal ends this season? If so would explain the buy one get one half price deal expertly sold by Dacky and Breo in the latest video. With Recoverite also being an initial one year deal the Commercial dept best get a move on
  14. Getting a bit bored of transfer non-entities so I thought, having just discovered that Bobby Svarc’s move from Colchester to Rovers is referenced in the Half Man Half Biscuit song, ‘Feel my Wraith (I read the news today, oh boy Svarc rejects new Layer terms)… Have any other Rovers players ever featured in song lyrics???
  15. This is one of my favorite things about watching old games. Players are in their 20s and look 50. I’d love it if others joined the game. David Mail, 24 years old.
  16. After seeing a successful exhibition of Stockport County shirts recently at Edgeley Park (link below), I was wondering if there would be any potential to me to attempt to run a Rovers one. Wether that be in a gallery/exhibition space or one of the suites at Ewood (if available) do you think there be any demand to see these shirts in person or would it be better as a one off zine/maybe even a feature within 4000 holes? https://youtu.be/VVN-5JJmIwk
  17. I love what Ajax are doing. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58281752 Who should our tribute shirt be dedicated to? Perhaps the Beatles, with 4000 holes all over it?
  18. Anyone have a copy of this for sale would love to buy it for my dad.
  19. I'm not one for commenting much these days but I'm always about.I'm on holiday in Jersey right now. I took the family to visit Uncle Jacks resting place. It's a very modest plot at St Brelades. Brought tears to my eyes though. It's a very large graveyard. If anyone ever needs direction then ping me a message.
  20. Great to hear Souness talking about his time managing Rovers. Also a stark reminder of how far we have fallen as a club, both in terms of how we are run but also the level of players we used to have. Nice to take a stroll down memory lane: Souness on his time at Rovers
  21. Thought you’d all like this about ex-Dr Who actor and Rovers fan Matt Smith. From Noel Gallagher’s interview in the NME. “Matt Smith can hold his own. He does tend to boot furniture over, he turns at about 3am or 4am in the morning,” said Noel. “He does. He’s been round my house a couple of times, and he supports Blackburn Rovers, right? And a couple of times, he’s kind of just does that thing where he’ll drift off and then go “ROVERS!” and like kick a chair or summat. I was about to have a word with him a couple of times, like ‘Mate, kick the chair again, and you know, we’re gonna have to work this out’.” “Oh he’s turned furniture over in my house. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, not in a violent way, but kind of, you know, a bit of comedy,” he added. https://www.nme.com/news/music/noel-gallagher-says-liam-exaggerated-his-hell-raiser-status-hes-a-bit-of-a-charlatan-3014463?fbclid=IwAR2-QcVad4-bBxJD8yI8H7e5oKoNthgHGsGEyjV2n5inTWlm4OiX8EahL2Y
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