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  1. More of a question then anything. I know BRFCS [ir]regularly produce their own wonderful podcast series, but are there any other Rovers related ones that are regularly produced? After much trawling on Spotify and the wider interweb I can't seem to come across any so any pointers in the right direction would be wonderful! Cheers!
  2. The podcast crew pay tribute to BBC FiveLive's Fighting Talk with their Rovers/Christmas themed, lovingly crafted..er rip-off...let's hope the lawyers love it…! The panel; Josh Boswell, Matt Grimshaw, Stuart Grimshaw, Ryan Hildred consider Christmas/Rovers-related questions uncovering revelations about present-giving, Boxing Days of yore, the World Cup and a quite glorious “AOB” round..! Ian Herbert poses the questions and edits the episode to try & make him appear as close to a competent host as possible… Merry Christmas to all our listeners - hope you enjoy this and that 2023 brings you health & happiness. Apple : https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-brfcs-podcast/id1282664472?i=1000590431988 Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/episode/6Wea2rHxxa564niMXUb52D?si=a35dea1a782f4dcf Overcast (iOS) : https://overcast.fm/+J_KVB665k Browser : https://brfcs-podcast.brfcs.com/index.php?name=2022-12-16-Ep152_BRFCS_Fighting_Talk_2022.mp3
  3. https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/podcasts/ep-151-the-only-show-in-town/9 New episode out just in time for Sunday's clash with the old enemy at t'Turf... Also contains a look back at the impact of Gordon Lee & we have a snip from another Rovers podcast the "Rovers Returned" pod...
  4. Just watched ex Football League Referee Kevin Lynch on the " Under the Cosh " series, with John Parkin, comedy writer Chris Brown and his namesake and ex-Rover Chris Brown ... Free on " Youtube " and very funny, but does include some " industrial " language ! Some chit-chat to start with, but starts in earnest after about 10 minutes ...
  5. https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/podcasts/ep-150-all-for-rio-with-tommy-spurr/8 If you're free late Saturday afternoon - why not cheer on Tommy & his 70 year-old father as they arrive at Ewood Park.
  6. https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/podcasts/ep-149-how-are-we-gonna-do/7
  7. https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/podcasts/ep-148-a-club-with-tradition/6
  8. https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/articles/sound-of-the-season-19945-with-ian-moore/208 This is a terrific listen. A wry look back at 1994/95 through the lens of France-based Rovers fan, the comedian & author Ian Moore. Stream or download right here:- https://sound-of-the-season.zencast.website/episodes/ian-moore-1994-95
  9. https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/podcasts/ep-147-biryani-and-worthy's/5 In a packed episode, we consider the emotions stirred when meeting footballers in real life, chat Ewood Express & biryani (& much more !) with Yasir Sufi & quiz our panel on their collective Rovers knowledge - including the 2002 Worthington Cup final.
  10. Great interview with the Duffer and for once with an ex-Rover, they actually speak about the club a lot! This is the youtube version, but it is on podcast also. Great lad the Duffer. His interview reminded me of wingers who actually took players on.
  11. The July edition of Sound Of The Season features the 1974/5 season through the memory of Andy Currie & is available in Rovers Radio at 11am on Sunday morning. Expect Beamo, Gordon Lee & Plymouth Argyle… https://roversradio.co.uk FullSizeRender.mov
  12. Three presenters each choose three festive Rovers fixtures to reminisce with the aid of music of the time. From the 1970’s up to 2019… https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/articles/sound-of-the-season-christmas-special-out-now/129 Stream/Download here https://roversradio.airtime.pro/rest/media/345/download/ImYHSOA1Nse0.mp3
  13. New Podcast out now... https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/podcasts/ep-145-people-talking-about-stuff/3
  14. We've been away re-charging our pod batteries but we are back & back with a packed episode. Our star guest interviewee is Tez Ilyas who shares his Rovers supporting history & what it's like to be back on the road, audiences becoming more daring & being mistaken for a Man Utd fan. We hear about fanzine culture with Scott from 4000 Holes & Chris from Turnstiles magazine, Mr & Mrs Arthur explain False Nines in their own inimitable style, we eavesdrop on Steve & Tony's phone calls about fund-raising ideas & find out who shops in Waitrose in West Byfleet. Listen right to the end for a chance to win a special prize ! Apple : https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-brfcs-podcast/id1282664472?i=1000539376400 Overcast (for iOS) : https://overcast.fm/+J_KXB-JOY Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/episode/4sRgSRNwB0tKWICtGRj1jm?si=522e17f0d16d458e Browser : https://brfcs-podcast.brfcs.com/media/2021-10-22-BRFCS_Episode_144_-_We_Need_To_Tour_Chile_Next_Summer.mp3
  15. Hi all. I had the tremendous honour of recording with James Beattie recently. It was actually the day after news broke of the European Super League, which actually seems a lifetime ago. Obviously you all know James so I don't need to say much but it's a cracking listen, he's a really top bloke. For those of you who went to QEGS it'll be particularly interesting.
  16. Not strictly Rovers related, but we recently had Brett Johnson on our podcast to talk about the business of football, his groups takeover of Ipswich Town, and the other football clubs that he has investments in. Really interesting conversation, he came across very well, and I have to admit that it made me a bit jealous of a club having an ownership group that is so open and approachable - stark contrast to what we experience. We will definitely be having him back on in the future (as well as some other owners), so it would be great to get some feedback and any questions that you might like to be asked in future interviews (we also always appreciate some more subscribers to the show).
  17. Our joint venture with Rovers Radio continues... Relive the excitement of being a small town in Europe through the memories of Katharine McNamara & the music of that memorable season. Features Benni, MGP & Bentley plus music from Amy Winehouse, The Killers & Kings of Leon amongst others. Streams on Rovers Radio at 11am on Sunday morning & will be available as a podcast to download shortly thereafter.
  18. This might provide a little (or no) distraction, but last week we had John Buckley on our podcast to talk about this season, his career so far, and some other, more random, topics. We obviously didn't address any of the controversial topics that are floating around at the moment, but there are some interesting little bits of information in there. I'll post the video of it later on once it is up, but here's the link for Spotify (extra subscribers, ratings, and reviews are always appreciated). We will likely have him back on, as well as other Rovers players and other footballers, so let me know any questions or topics you'd like to have asked in the future.
  19. Episode 2 of Sound of the Season, our podcast joint venture with Rovers Radio is out on at 11am on Sunday morning & yours truly looks back on the memorable promotion campaign of 1979/80 under the leadership of Howard Kendall. A poor start, a great cup run and ultimately, glory in the league. Revisit the memories and the music - including tracks from The Police, Ian Dury, XTC & Peter Gabriel amongst others...
  20. Thoughts anyone? Now almost July with an end to the season in sight and likelihood of championship football for another season (at least). Granted we do have a distant chance of a play off spot but it is a long shot. I would have thought there would be rumblings about next seasons shirts as well as season tickets costs as well as perhaps what the start of next season may look like or even start for that matter. Any snippets out there ?
  21. Here’s the link: Podcast link: https://urlgeni.us/spotify/UNCOVERED_ROVERS it reinforces what many of us thought...introduces some new aspects of the sh!tshow & demonstrates how far Venky’s have come in understanding what is required to run a football club. Pity they didn’t do due diligence before using us as a live laboratory experiment. https://www.sporf.com/blackburn-and-venkys-a-bizarre-tale-of-football-ownership/ Nick Harris of @sportingintel tells the tale...
  22. The pod squad gazes into their crystal ball to predict what is in store for our favourite team in 2020/21...*WARNING* contains serious amounts of optimism ! We have two "Name That Rover" quizzes, an interview with Joe Harvey from Rovers Analytics and some more of the usual nonsense. Thanks to Hollie Thurstan, Josh Boswell, Linz Lewis, Louis Gee, Michael Taylor (Marple Leaf blog), Scott Sumner (4000 Holes), & Tom Schofield (1875 Podcast) for their live panel contributions & to Bill Arthur, Lucy Dewhurst & Stuart Grimshaw for their pre-recorded segments. Produced & hosted by Ian Herbert. View full record
  23. In this three-part episode, we look back at the careers of Tim Sherwood & Tugay through the lens of the lovely people at thesefootballtimes.co (thanks to TFT plus Jamie Bell & Matt Gault) & in part two, we meet our special guest Matt Hall & play "What's My Line". Narration from Bill Arthur & Michael Taylor, interview conducted by Ian Herbert. View full record
  24. This sounds like it will be fascinating https://www.balls.ie/football/aiden-mcgeady-critical-chris-coleman-sunderland-netflix-documentary-402136 What were they thinking letting the cameras in? I watched the city one on Amazon, was pretty good, but it was clear that the access to the good stuff was restricted. Personally I don't see any benefits to a team letting cameras in. Amazon offered Ireland rugby big money (8 figures apparently) to allow them in for a season, which they declined. If we were offered 10 million to let the cameras in next season, what would ye reckon?
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