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Found 7 results

  1. As Glasgow Rangers fan I began take interest in Blackburn Rovers when one my fav players TUGAY became Rovers player Followed his progress A number players have worn both Blue Jerseys Ferguson,Amoruso,Hendry,May to name a few All have same leadership quality but Tugay was exceptional player could spray ball about & also defend Both clubs had similar chairmen both involved steel Wanted dream team & success sadly was downfall of my club BUT I got see some real quality players & Rangers getting back to top I hope Blackburn can as well Both Clubs continue rebuild & have mutual respect
  2. Must be time for this thread, ideas, wants/ do not wants. For me a return to the correct sides for the halves, a return to Rovers Royal Blue, white shorts, Blue socks. Away - Same as above but Red and black halves! Then keep this years yellow if required e.g. vs Brentford.
  3. Ok, so the defence needs work , I think we can all agree on that. Below is what we have, if I left anyone out, please let me know, others on here would know more about the under 23s than I. GK- Raya Leutwiler Raya will start next season, I don't think there is any doubt about that. So, I think we need a more experienced back up. When Raya bust his face open, I personally feel he was rushed back. That must be because Mowbray doesn't trust Leutwiler. We need competition. I do like Raya a lot. He could be a top championship keeper. He is a bit small though. RB-Nyambe I am not even including Bennett here and I think there may be a few good lads in the under 23s. I have no issue with Nyambe starting. Although it seems he may have fallen out of favour a bit. If we received an offer of circa £3-5 million, would you be tempted to cash in? Personally I wouldn't sell him. Again though, we need competition here. LB- Bell, Williams Willaims can go. There are many issues with him, but I have never seen a player misplace as many passes as Williams does. One game against Portsmouth last season sticks in my mind, I think her got the assist 2nd half, but first half he must have given it away 7 times. We need serious competition for Bell. He looks good on the ball at times, he just really ,really worries me under the high ball. CB-Mulgrew, Lenihan, Rodwell, Wharton, Magloire, Platt So this is where things get very interesting. Realistically one of Mulgrew and Lenihan need to go, would everyone agree on that? So, which one? Would people be tempted by a £5 million bid for Lenihan? Can what we have be coached to be better? I can't see Lenihan , Mulgrew or even Rodwell being happy sitting on the bench for the majority of the time, but something has got to give. Discuss
  4. With the world cup coming up i was just thinking of all the players who never quite made it with england (or any national team)..those that never fullfilled their potential Stan collymoore had imense talent..great physique..pace, technical ability..he won 2 caps Matt le tissier..what a waste, hoddle was too pigheaded to take him and gazza..never see an english player with his ability again..2 caps Robbie fowler won alot more caps but criminally underused..born finisher Matt jansen..total waste of a genuine talent..he should have gone to the world cup. Andy cole..another who should have been a regular Ravel morrison..what a criminal waste of ability Are there any more?
  5. I couldn't find a stand alone pre season thread (apologies if there is). Ticket prices for the Hibernian game have been announced. I think £20 is too much for a friendly (albeit under the guise of a testimonial) and had I not booked the train would probably give it a miss. https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2018/june/ticket-news-hibernian-a/
  6. Hi I’m launching a new blog focussed on The Championship for this season. For my season preview, I’m keen to profile a kind of ‘insider’s view’ on the prospects of each 24 clubs for the next season. So, with that being said, I’d really appreciate a bit of an overview of how you think your season is likely to go? How’s it shaping up/where do you need to strengthen/who do you need to keep hold of/where do you think you’ll finish, etc. Any and all feedback would be much appreciated. I’ll let you know once the blog is live, and hopefully you’ll have a spare few minutes to have a read and let me know your thoughts. Thanks in advance, any help you can give me will be massively appreciated.
  7. Hi Guys Just a quick message about the traditional 'Coffin Parade' that will be held this Sunday to celebrate Rovers promotion. The day is set to be a scorcher so we're hoping for a good turnout. Parade starts at 12 at the Hob Inn on Station Road in Bamber Bridge and will head down to the Trades Hall where the vicar will preside over the resurrection ! The parade will then continue up school lane, turn around and head back to The Witty Arms where the coffin will be on display. Be great if you can help get the word out about this great and unique tradition. Many Thanks BrigCoffin
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