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  1. No mudslinging and no ridiculous picture-cropping, children.
  2. Thought this deserved its own thread. In 23 days Rovers have twelve players out of contract who will be free to make an agreement with foreign clubs to join them on a free in September 2021. These include - Lewis Holtby Ryan Nyambe Bradley Dack (club have a 12 month option to activate) Joe Rothwell Joe Rankin Costello See LancsLive article here with, IMO, some very concerning quotes from Mowbray: https://www.lancs.live/sport/football/football-news/blackburn-rovers-contracts-update-mowbray-19419343 How on earth have we got in a situation where we ca
  3. It's obviously a bit early for Rovers but I thought it worth mentioning Chorley's "plum" tie in Round 1 away at Wigan. They must stand a chance there and maybe even TV coverage. Although I suspect that FC United v Doncaster is probably a banker there.
  4. Match worn 19/20 Sam Gallagher home shirt, fully signed with COA. Comes from the home game against Fulham where the players wore one off sleeve patches for Mind. Shirt has been washed then signed. Open to offers or swaps for other Rovers match worn/issued items Any urgent enquiries, or to enquire about any other match worn/issued shirts etc I have, please message me on Twitter (it’s the same username as this one) - thanks!
  5. A player spec spare shirt (blood shirt) fully signed by the whole 95/96 squad. Incredibly hard to find these shirts even as replicas so a great chance to pick up an issued shirt that’s still a little dirty. Open to offers or swaps for other Rovers match worn/issued items Any urgent enquiries, or to enquire about any other match worn/issued shirts etc I have, please message me on Twitter (it’s the same username as this one) - thanks!
  6. Match worn 1995/96 home shirts worn pre-season after the championship winning season. Available shirts are Coleman, Sherwood, Hendry, Le Saux and Gallagher. A couple are still a little dirty and unwashed. Send me a message if you require any more details or photos of the individual shirts. Open to offers or swaps of other Rovers match worn/issued items.
  7. I have 2 pairs of match issued Jason Brown shorts from the Uefa Cup in 07/08. One black pair and one green, both sized XL. Practically brand new as JB’s time at Rovers was spent warming the bench. Open to offers or swaps for other match worn/issued items.
  8. So with the 2 rumours of an alleged Venky sale to an IPL owner being talked about thought I would start a thread.
  9. Anyone know when it starts? Also https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11688/12034283/championship-clubs-to-meet-over-salary-cap-proposal Potential £18m wage cap being discussed.
  10. Kaminski named player of the season by fans
  11. My thoughts and feelings are with Tony Parkes and his family at this time. A true Rovers legend
  12. Daniel Ayala! DANIEL AYALA! He hates the Saudi's He loves the Rovers DANI AYALAAAAA! He's signed... Discuss.
  13. Lewis Holtby situation has been referenced in the Summer Transfer Window thread, but as we're no longer in that window, and these is a bit of an 'odd one out' I feel as though it deserves its own thread. Yesterday Holtby was on the move, catching a flight to who knows where. How does everyone feel about his potential arrival?
  14. 7 years to the day since the imposter left, as we continue to endure his rotten legacy. Well done and thanks to the “1%” who never gave up fighting and maintained the conditions which ultimately forced him out. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/19736471 https://amp.theguardian.com/football/2012/sep/28/steve-kean-resign-blackburn-rovers We won’t be rid of his stench until we are back in the PL but having worried that he would never go, the relief on 29th September 2012 was palpable. Never forgive, never forget.
  15. Just a quick FYI - shortly all accounts, new and old will need to accept new T&Cs to continue using BRFCS. You’ll shortly get an on screen message which you must accept to continue posting from your account. Please email admin@brfcs.com if you have any questions.
  16. One of the Holy Trinity, with Dunny and Duffy http://www.polarispublishing.com/book/matt_jansen What do you do when the world is at your feet . . . and then suddenly it isn’t? Matt Jansen had it all. He was young, quick, audaciously skilful and, at the turn of the millennium, regarded as one of the most intelligent attacking talents in English football. His potential seemed boundless. After bursting onto the scene with Carlisle in 1997 and helping his hometown club win promotion, Sir Alex Ferguson had tried to lure him to Old Trafford – but foreseeing only a bench spot at
  17. Steve Waggott has released this statement to all Rovers fans
  18. I find it strange that our Head Groundsman, a Rovers supporter and employee for many years has left to take a job at Fleetwood FC. We can lose staff but can't get rid of Mowbray and Co
  19. What's happened to it please?
  20. Please read (or re-read) and “sign” this letter on behalf of Rovers fans. https://www.protectjackwalkerslegacy.com
  21. Duffy


    Not posted on here in years! Member for a very long time. Checking back in. Never stopped supporting the team though.
  22. I am the originator, 'ideas person', vision maker and leader of what has now become to be titled as The Old Blackburnians & Associated Partners, QEGS (1977-80), 'The Invincibles' Group of Friends. We have all been Rovers fans since school days, dating back to the early 1970s, friends and trust each other implicitly since the mid seventies, most of us played in QEGS Under 18 First X1 between 1977-80, where we we were undefeated for 2 seasons and generally acknowledged as the best team in the country, have divergent skillsets ranging from Presidents of Multi-national Corporations, docto
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