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  1. It’s that time of year again. But this time with the added twist of (for a second time in our history) feeling as though the manager is not held to the same account as the rest of football and that results, performance and even fans do not matter. The online opinions of fans (without any real visible protests), and subsequent media back lash can stop a multi-billion pound soccer league from forming. But fans are an irrelevance - and inconvenience even - at Rovers. BCD football is very welcome at Ewood. But I digress. Back to the poll, anonymous so as to avoid peer pressure...
  2. We have being linked with Blackpool striker Yates. Replacement for Armstrong? Anyone know alot about Yates? It's from a good source
  3. Wisdom of the crowds type thing…what do we predict for the following…? 1. Will Steve Waggott still be at Rovers on 1/7/22 ? If no, date of departure. 2. Will Tony Mowbray still be manager on 1/2/22 ? If no, date of departure. 3. Rovers Player of the Season 21/22 ? 4. Where will Rovers finish the season ? 5. Who will be championship winners ? Reply to this with your predictions & we’ll assess the consensus…👍🏻
  4. Couldn't find a thread where we could speculate / discuss who would / could take over from Tony. Goes without saying we have to upgrade and thats dependant on who we could get.. The obvious candidate is Bilic but I would also seriously consider Pearson. Actually Pearson would probably be my preferred candidate.
  5. I was talking to a Sheff Wednesday season ticket holder yesterday who had been trying to buy Weds v Udders tickets online for almost a week without success, apparently the system has been offline due to them not paying the bill and when someone did pay the bill the system crashed, thousands queueing outside the club shop yesterday as a result. He was also telling me how many of the players hadn't been paid for 4 months, the club came very close to not playing this season as the majority of players were out of contract, the club was in breach of contract due to not having paid wages, it was an absolute shambles. Last season Wednesday were originally deducted 12 points after breaching rules surrounding the sale of Hillsborough to the owner, it was reduced to 6, but they still went down to division 2. The date of the sale was the problem here, they were found to have breached the EFL’s profitability and sustainability regulations for the three year accounting period up to 2017-18 as a result, the owner couldn't even get that right, the fans suffer. Last season they had three different permanent bosses (Monk, Pulis and Moore), one long-term caretaker (Neil Thompson) and two emergency stand-ins (Andy Holdsworth and Jamie Smith) due to Covid issues. Sheffield Wednesday made an operating loss of £24 million and paid £2.5 million to rent Hillsborough, the latest set of accounts for the 2019-20 season reveal. The club still hasn't refunded season ticket money promised to fans from last season either, but they have sold 13,000 tickets for the new season which is a good effort considering the above. The common denominator, useless foreign ownership, its a blight on football across the globe and it needs putting a stop to or great clubs like Sheffield Wednesday and Blackburn Rovers will cease to exist. Ps - Some good news, they got Wednesday home shirts delivered a month or so before we did, the bad news, many have been taken back due to stitching coming away. When it rains it pours.....
  6. I’m no planning expert, so if anyone that is wants to put my mind at rest to what’s currently lodged with Ribble Valley Council. https://www.ribblevalley.gov.uk/site/scripts/planx_details.php?appNumber=3%2F2021%2F0175
  7. No lessons learned. No possession football. No plan B. No Joe Rothwell. No defence. No defenders signed. No method. No Ryan Nyambe. No positivity. No progress. No idea. You're a nice bloke, you've done a good job but this is as far you will take us. Don't ruin your legacy, do the right thing and step aside. Charlton are relegation fodder so what does that make us? Go.
  8. Does anyone know when the next Zoom chat or whatever will occur for the Fans Forum? I'd love to know when the current commercial deal ends and if there are plans to change it. Are they aware how generic their offering is and how much more money they could take in if anything looked different to the stuff they sell in Matalan (unfair on Matalan; they do decent shirts)? The last time I had to spend my club cash it took me half an hour to find anything on their site even slightly appealing (in the end, I went for several bags of jelly babies, some cola bottles and a scarf which I got rid of without ever wearing). Every single t shirt was beige or navy dreariness with a crest attached. Why are blue and white halves such a rarity on our merchandise?! The pictures below illustrate the point. I'm partial so obviously picked out stuff to back my view but it is hard to find something genuinely attractive. I know that I could e-mail them myself but I also know that I would get a generic response: "We at Blackburn Rovers remain committed to providing our supporters with an attractive range of items" You can hear the person yawning as they type it...
  9. Hiya Guys I hope you are all doing well, and keeping safe during this crazy time we are in. I haven't posted on here in years, but posted one in the transfer thread. As most know I'm from South Africa, and its a bit expensive to get a shirt plus postage plus custom taxes. Are there any places that sell maybe older Rovers shirts at good prices, or fans on here that might have ones they willing to let go? 1 shirt could set me back close to 80 to 85 pounds, which is pretty expensive. I keep checking end of season on the club store, but its either small sizes or really big sizes Any help would be appreciated Thanks Iceman
  10. Couldnt see a topic specifically on this, but surely the time has come now to move on Bennett. I think Mowbrays reasoning for selecting Bennett over Nyambe, that the latter has lacked confidence is a joke. That isnt going to help! Mowbray also said that "Bennett brings some character and personality to our team and takes the game-plan on to the pitch." Absolute rubbish. The game plan wasnt evident and certainly didnt work. Its such a feeble reason to select his favourite player. I have a stat which I saw on Lancs Live which sums up how much of a liability Bennett is and why he needs not only to be dropped but moved on as soon as is possible: Bennett has captained 26 games this season, we have lost 13. Lenihan has captained us 14 times, we have lost once. I dont think its because Lenihan was wearing the armband. It is because how much of a weakness Bennett becomes when he plays. Does anyone think he should stay even as a squad player anymore? He is as much of a liability as Mulgrew is. Further reason why its time for a change of manager too.
  11. Just saw this topic on Twitter. Thought it would be lockdown fun. Apparently City fans think Santa Cruz. Funny old World.
  12. Not sure if anyone saw Stan Collymores tweet the other day. Firstly, what do people think of the sudden clutch of random new terminology that seems to have made its way into football, unnecessary hipster nonsense, or is Stan Collymore the one stuck in the past? Also, is there any other football termonology that raises eyebrows everytime you hear it?
  13. 2 home games left, 2 more opportunities to let our voices be heard. Is it worth it? Does anyone care anymore? Will people turn up? Will Mowbray/Waggot listen and do the right thing? Personally, I can't justify buying a season ticket with Mowbray in charge next season. A change is needed, every man and his dog can see a change is needed so why the feck isn't it happening? 2 days before the next home game might be a bit tight to get the word out but Birmingham at home on the 8th May is achievable. I fear that may be too late though as Mowbray can go and enjoy a long summer break after he deals with the 2 hours of fan anger.
  14. One way or another, will he be gone by the beginning of the new season?
  15. An Open Letter to the Desai Family, Owners of Blackburn Rovers Football Club To: The Owners of Blackburn Rovers - 10th May 2021 This is an Open Letter from the Rovers Trust. The Trust is a transparent membership body with the sole aim of protecting the assets, heritage, and future of our Football Club. Firstly, can we express our concern, sympathy, and support for the ongoing COVID emergency in Maharashtra Province and the whole of India. Amidst the global pandemic, another less important, but serious sequence of events has taken place: The disruption to English football caused by the pandemic Poorly laid out plans to develop the Brockhall Training Centre, and then the arrogant intentions of PL Clubs to form a European Super League behind our backs and excluding BRFC for ever The last 10 years has seen a gradual but confusing decline in the fortunes of BRFC, despite large infusions of money from Venkys London Limited, mainly from the Desai family and VH Group. To get promoted back to the Premier League, successful Clubs are always well-run, professionally managed, and co-ordinated from top to bottom. Once again, this season has ended in disappointment with the team severely underachieving on the field. Since our relegation, we have never made the top 6, and on one embarrassing occasion were relegated to the third tier – a scenario that was unthinkable prior to your takeover. The confusing structure and convoluted decision-making process that appears to be in place continues to be a cause for concern and frustration. In the last decade, we have seen: A lack of transparency and an apparent lack of Lancashire-based board meetings No clear strategy with a number of bewildering decisions No attendance at Ewood Park by the owners in 6 years Slowness of decision-making, indicative of weak communication, and unclear financial management responsibilities. The Football Industry is unlike any other sector in the British economy, or the Hospitality/Entertainment Sector. The Rovers Trust is a body of largely professional supporters, and while we do not claim expertise in this industry, we are totally and emotionally attached to OUR Club. We could never support another, and the last 10 years has turned many of our members away from football, rather than transferring to a more telegenic team. This is now a trend that is evident across the wider fanbase. With the Trust identifying a period of significant change, we will maintain our support and pursuit of the following commitments in relation to the wider national picture: Protection of the English football pyramid and the ethos of competition Fairer financial distribution throughout the pyramid A cap to prevent increasingly untenable player wage levels Independent Regulation of Football Club ownership and management National adoption of the “50+1” ownership model for Football Clubs, with 2 Independent Directors on Club Boards. We remain active members of the Football Supporters Association (FSA). Additionally, we will be fully co-operating with the British Government’s “Fan Led Review of Football”, headed by Tracy Crouch, MP, who we have already consulted with in her previous role as Minister Of Sport. The aim of raising all this in an open letter is not to ‘protest’ but to promote moves to ensure that Rovers fans are not turned off their Club, and instead feel not only engaged at a local level, but also have their fears alleviated after the sudden crisis caused by VH Group decisions. We would be grateful for your observations raised in this letter and welcome an opportunity to meet in a suitably safe location at your earliest convenience. As it is an Open Letter, the Rovers Trust reserves the right to circulate the contents more widely. Yours Sincerely John Murray Chair of Rovers Trust, on behalf of the Trust Board and its Members. chair@roverstrust.co.uk https://us5.campaign-archive.com/?e=__test_email__&u=f646174da39488e19ed1200d3&id=3a7daebcc3
  16. Two rounds of the league format already completed. I had expected the English contingent to struggle but the quartet top their groups and would have had a 100% record but for Chelsea's draw with Sevilla. Mancs' win in Paris and demolition of RB Leipzig the most unexpected- I had them as sure to be knocked out. They are 16th currently in the EPL. Real Madrid rock bottom of their group currently will surely stir themselves while troubled Barca are going very well with that win away at Juve.
  17. I’m not a bad person, I’m not a bad supporter. I care whole-heartedly about this town and about this club but enough’s enough. We are being taken advantage of and being taken for fools by the current incumbents. After two desperately disappointing seasons, following the previous 8 years of humiliation, the circus rumbles on with an even lower standard and with even lower targets. If we choose to, there is the potential for a silent, non-confrontational, low time-investment, low cost protest that carries a symbolic financial impact, the length of which is determined by Waggott or whoever makes the decisions. The premise is as follows: Next season’s shirt is not a fashion statement or a collector’s item, it will be a symbol of support for the existing management team. Buy a ST if you want to but wear an old Rovers shirts until there is a change of manager. Who’s on board? Does anybody actually care enough to NOT fork out £50+ for a cheaply made replica shirt? I urge fans who are about to walk away to instead reconsider, be here to support the team but join in with a simple protest. If we cannot unite behind such a simple idea then we are a fanbase lost, and have become mere spectators. It only hurts the club for as long as Waggott stands by and does nothing. It’s on him/them, not us. It’s even arguable that it only hurts the sponsor depending on what commercial arrangement you believe. #oldshirtsontilmowbraysgone
  18. Heavy on what's going wrong, light on what to do to fix it but it's hard to argue that everything is OK in the English game at the moment.
  19. What has happened to the general maintenance of Ewood of Park..does anyone at the Club care anymore?. We were gifted the new Ewood Park from Jack Walker,a legacy dear to all Blackburn Rovers fans and the People of Blackburn in general. 'We will respect the Jack Walker legacy' fawned Madame Desai...yeah right! The current state of the Stadium is not acceptable,I urge fellow Board Members,Fans Forum and even visiting Telegraph Reporters to get involved on this thread and issue. Further photos will follow as hopefully it will shame someone at the Club into taking action,It's shameful and embarrassing for a Club of our Stature...PLEASE VOICE YOUR CONCERN.
  20. Who do we think we will get on loan for next season
  21. 15: P 46 W 15 D 12 L1 9 F 65 A 54 GD 11 PTS 57 20pts from Bournemouth in sixth. 34pts from automatic promotion (Watford). 14pts above relegation. D- from me. Expectation from the man himself after four years of building, was pushing top six. Nowhere near. Second highest goal scorer in the league doesn't paper over defensive cracks, and tactical nonsense we have seen and had to put up with. Bright start, and BD back, before BD out and the disaster that was 2021. We all know he should have gone with 10 games to go, bring in new blood, let the new manager get a feel for the place. But with owners who aren't interested, Mowbray is almost untouchable. I write this without listening to his post match presser, as I can't bear to listen to his platitudes and bullshit. With a fire sale imminent, and who knows what, if any, funds are going to be made available, what will next season even look like. Seems TM will be in Maggot's counting house. counting out their money, and will still be in situ. With fans likely to be back, we have no idea about ST prices, but it won't be cheap. I fear there will be a thin take up if TM is still with us. I, for one, will not contemplate going back with him in charge. It's been a strange 12-months, no fans to put pressure on the manager, he's been able to get away with murder. Sadly Rovers is the corpse. With silence form Pune, no flying into or out of India, I fear it will be business as usual for the Coventry cabal next season. It's all very sad.
  22. Please welcome your new Fans Forum representative, @K-Hod, who will be representing BRFCS.com, the BRFCS podcast and its members at the upcoming fans forum meetings. K-Hod will be canvassing opinion on this thread, reporting back to the Club and then updating this thread too. The next meeting is Monday 8th.
  23. Well the time has finally come to sell my collection of Blackburn Rovers and England programmes I've put a link to my Flickr album below which has most of what I've got for sale I'll also be posting this elsewhere however nothing will be going on eBay. https://www.flickr.com/photos/ajn74/albums
  24. A few years ago we had a manager called Gary Bowyer. He had a few decent players and a goal machine in Jordan Rhodes. In his last full season he had peaked, finishing 9th, and the side was regressing after Venkys turned off the taps. Rhodes’ goals kept us up but things didn’t look good and a rebuild was required. We now have Mowbray having gone through the same phase and has totally relied on feeding Armstrong to paper over the massive cracks that have been showing; cracks in some cases created by him trying to hammer square pegs into round holes. When Rhodes left in January 2016 the squad wasn’t invested in and it struggled to adapt to the vacuum that his departure left. We got lucky with a loaned PL experienced striker and the introduction of a more professional regime under a PL standard management team, we survived, finishing 15th. This Summer we will sell Armstrong. We simply have to. Players come and go and when their stock is at a certain point you must cash in. You are only an injury away from no cash and no player, and then every chance that the player you had is gone even if he stays (see Dack 2020/21). If Mowbray stays then we will likely need another player to step into that role of striker. They will be given 10 chances per game, every game, and will need to take 2 of them. If Gallagher became that focal point and was given 90 minutes every single week - regardless of form - would he get 20+ goals? Maybe, maybe not. But is that even the most effective approach? Teams trying to get promoted tend to have two players scoring goals: one 25+ and one 15+. (Although Watford are an exception due to having a very miserly defence - something Mowbray cannot or will not fix). IMHO Rovers under Mowbray (and Bowyer) is (was) a one-man team. If we don’t replace the striker or the manager then we are in real trouble. Especially given the huge gaps in the current squad and Mowbray’s tendency to bring in squad players ‘to help the lads’.
  25. As usual towards the end of the season (as well as at the half way point) I often start a thread evaluating how well, or badly, we have done in the transfer market. This is my thoughts on this year's incomings. Kaminski - 9 The chap has a huge advantage in following Walton, on whom a traffic cone would have been an upgrade. Even when dialling back the enthusiasm for having a keeper who doesn't drop a clanger per match as per the previous incumbent, he's been pretty good. There's been a few errors and erratic moments of late, which isn't great, but when you factor in his fee (£700K I think) then he is still hugely value for money, even with a few erratic moments. Another positive is that he suits our passing style, which is only marred by the fact very few of his team mates also suit this style... Pears - 3 Given we haven't paid a fee in three years for a defender (Pickering counts for next year) it is head scratching that we paid a fee for a reserve keeper, a player who doesn't play often. What makes it even worse, is from the games he has played he hasn't looked that good. The icing on the cake is that he's on a 4 year deal. And the cherry on top is he's keeping a Greek lad who on paper looks very promising out of the picture. Am not sure it could have got much worse unless he was our number 1 keeper. Why do we persist with buying Boro third choice keepers? It never ends well. Douglas - 3 Whenever there is even some debate as to whether Bell is better than you, then you know that a player has seriously underperformed. No pace, lots of defensive errors, and his main asset of whipping in crosses is as useful as a condom machine in the Vatican given we only play players who are comfortably under 6 foot as a number 9. What a waste of a wage, and a liability. Also seemed injured a lot, which is negative points as well. Only redeeming feature is that he was on loan. Ayala - 2 Because if you have Williams and Lenihen as two of your other centre backs you really can't afford to have someone injury prone. The most notable thing about him is he's been injured more than the aforementioned centre backs which is perversely impressive. A three year contract adds to the appalling nature of the signing. And, it may be my memory playing tricks on me, but he looked pretty ordinary on the rare occasions he played. Terrible signing. Braithwaite - 4 Bonus points for being a centre half and staying fit, as neither are a requirement to play centre back for us. As it is, we did Everton a huge favour in playing him. He looked very limited and awkward to me, and whilst we needed centre backs I really don't think he was the answer. His inexperience showed. If we are to gamble, there needs to be a bit of a chance it works in our favour. Harwood Bellis - 8 Aside from a stint in the "I'll play everyone I can there before Nayambe" position he looked fairly solid at centre back. Still part of a defence that leaked too many silly goals, but overall i think he looked ok and did fairly well as cover, especially for what (I think?) is his first loan stint at this level. Trybull - 6 Apparently we're paying peanuts towards his wages which is a big plus in the transfer column. Personally preferred him to Johnson and Evans and thought was an improvement on both of those, but not quite good enough to cut it in the first 11. Useful without being good, he improved on what we ad which is a positive. Sadly that wasn't too difficult and he both managed to achieve this distinction and not really make a huge impact. An inoffensive signing if ever there was one. Elliott - 9 Pace, trickery, class and a heck of a lot of assists. Started doing too well, so TM moved him about until he found a place he was ineffective as a false nine. Well done Tony, that takes a managerial genius to stifle such a talent. I think the lad did everything that was asked of him, and if not the finished article by a long way, what he contributed to the team should have made much more of a difference if the rest of the team had done as well as him. Dolan - 8 Rated so highly not on impact but upon his potential, talent and the fact he was a bargain basement find. Gives us much needed energy and excitement, and although raw has the attributes to become a very promising member of the squad. Given he cost peanuts, that's a very good piece of business. So there we have it. Didn't rate the Greek lad as he hasn't played. Nine players with an average of 5.8 which is far from stellar. What makes it more frustrating is that average aside the signings either seem to be boom or bust - very good like Elliott or Kaminsiki, or dire like Douglas or Ayala. What's even more worrying is that very few of the good signings are permanent ones, leaving us very little to build on in the next window. These are my thoughts, but do others agree?
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