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  1. No lessons learned. No possession football. No plan B. No Joe Rothwell. No defence. No defenders signed. No method. No Ryan Nyambe. No positivity. No progress. No idea. You're a nice bloke, you've done a good job but this is as far you will take us. Don't ruin your legacy, do the right thing and step aside. Charlton are relegation fodder so what does that make us? Go.
  2. Couldn't find a thread where we could speculate / discuss who would / could take over from Tony. Goes without saying we have to upgrade and thats dependant on who we could get.. The obvious candidate is Bilic but I would also seriously consider Pearson. Actually Pearson would probably be my preferred candidate.
  3. Just wondering what people think to the overall state of our current squad. I see regularly that it is a top 6 squad grossly underperforming, I am not convinced. To clarify, this is not a defence of Mowbray, I acknowledge that his tactical inconsistencies further hinder the current group of players, and this is very much his squad of players in the first place. Kaminski is a competent keeper with incompetent cover. Defensively, still a mess, the only 2 of any credibility are Lenihan and Nyambe, both of whom have a year left and Mowbray inherited. Beside that, we have the incompetent Bell,
  4. I’m no planning expert, so if anyone that is wants to put my mind at rest to what’s currently lodged with Ribble Valley Council. https://www.ribblevalley.gov.uk/site/scripts/planx_details.php?appNumber=3%2F2021%2F0175
  5. Two rounds of the league format already completed. I had expected the English contingent to struggle but the quartet top their groups and would have had a 100% record but for Chelsea's draw with Sevilla. Mancs' win in Paris and demolition of RB Leipzig the most unexpected- I had them as sure to be knocked out. They are 16th currently in the EPL. Real Madrid rock bottom of their group currently will surely stir themselves while troubled Barca are going very well with that win away at Juve.
  6. Someone on from Australia is selling some top notch Rovers pics of the 60s..Search for em on ebay under B;lackburn collectibles,they are the best pics Ive seen...
  7. Having been somewhat surprised by the recent (yet apparently futile) return to management of the Big Fat Gum Chewer with West Brom, and considering the age of some of the current crop in the top two divisions in English football (e.g. Hodgson, Warnock) I got to thinking about what incentivises managers and how much are they actually paid for their work? I know there appears to be 'an elite' in some parts of the system, but in the same way that many players seem to attract disgustingly high pay compared to ordinary folk in real jobs (teachers, medics, care workers, civil servants, retail w
  8. Chorley match yesterday was the only one in national league north to be played others postponed due to weather and clubs refusing to play. The season resumed whilst the vote on whether to continue or finish remains outstanding with clubs having a 28 day period to vote. Why restart when you may stop again in two weeks. National league threaten clubs who refuse to play with fines and point awarded to opponent. Bradford pa have voted to stop on the grounds they didn't agree for the second tranche of money to be a loan earlier in the season. Their opponents Farsley Celtic have also vote
  9. Selling these shirts on eBay, links below. Will answer any questions here if you like thanks https://www.ebay.com/itm/Blackburn-Rovers-Champions-1995-96-Home-Shirt/124577480441 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Blackburn-Rovers-Shearer-signed-Champions-95-96-Shirt/124577495870
  10. Haha, utter drivel. You have no idea who's asked for him on loan.
  11. We have had some good passers of the ball over the years - Tugay, Cairney even Holtby now to name just a few, but who is in your opinion the worst one? I am struggling to pick one between Lenihan and Gallagher but Id probably go with Lenihan just because of all them miss kicked passes that he has made when chasing a goal in the stoppage time of our games this season. Either way, how can both be so bad at passing the ball is beyond me. Can someone provide some statistics or something?
  12. Lost in all the pain of losing a game we should have won, Harvey Elliott had an unremarked but impressive League game debut. This Kid is one class footballer. Midfield needs to adjust its eyelines to spot the runs he makes because apart from Holtby they were missing them last night. I know that Dack is a player you build a side around but I think Harvey will come into that category before too long. Certainly Watford were treating him with the greatest respect if you looked at the lack of space he was given to work in. Even so, look at this:
  13. Does anyone know when the next Zoom chat or whatever will occur for the Fans Forum? I'd love to know when the current commercial deal ends and if there are plans to change it. Are they aware how generic their offering is and how much more money they could take in if anything looked different to the stuff they sell in Matalan (unfair on Matalan; they do decent shirts)? The last time I had to spend my club cash it took me half an hour to find anything on their site even slightly appealing (in the end, I went for several bags of jelly babies, some cola bottles and a scarf which I got rid of witho
  14. As most of us realise ewood needs to be cleaned up and certain developments to be constructed I'm curious to see others thoughts ? The Riverside is becoming more and more tired by the year and I've spoken to waggot on a couple of occasions and he's mentioned the will to build a new stand, featuring facility's that can make money even on none matchday, woukd be ideal to build around a 4k seater brought to the pitch with disabled facility's, a club museum and cafe. Last time I looked round tbe back of the stand there was old advertising boards just dumped there which is something I expect
  15. With the transfer window shut again and a successful one at that I thought we could take a look into what we will have at our disposal for when pre season starts in late June, looking at what options miwbray will have and what sort of players could possibly be added and who could go out on loan Goalkeepers: kaminski, Pears, stergiakis, eastham Central defenders: lenihan, ayala, Wharton, Carter, magliore Right back: nyambe, pike, JRC Left back: pickering, Thompson Central midfielders: travis, Johnson, Davenport, dack, rothwell, lyons, Buckley Wingers: dolan, bre
  16. Hi, Just To Ask If Anyone Has The 125th Anniversary Shirt For Sale at all,I’ve been looking about the Internet for years but never been able to find one,hope someone can help.
  17. What has happened to the general maintenance of Ewood of Park..does anyone at the Club care anymore?. We were gifted the new Ewood Park from Jack Walker,a legacy dear to all Blackburn Rovers fans and the People of Blackburn in general. 'We will respect the Jack Walker legacy' fawned Madame Desai...yeah right! The current state of the Stadium is not acceptable,I urge fellow Board Members,Fans Forum and even visiting Telegraph Reporters to get involved on this thread and issue. Further photos will follow as hopefully it will shame someone at the Club into taking action,It's s
  18. A video package here of Dolan's best bits from the last game against Doncaster. He had another great half, as he did against Blackpool and Fleetwood Town. Scarily, Mowbray played down his performance and claimed that Sam Gallagher would've come on ahead of Dolan if he had have been fit, and Dolan would've been down in Leeds with the Under 23's! Hopefully now TM can see the talent that they've acquired in Dolan.
  19. There’s a lot of blustering back and forth about Buckley but as I’ve said on several occasions, he is seen as ‘the one’ and the LT article only adds strength to that. Show me one other young player he’s spoken about like that since Travis!!? Regardless of others opinions I haven’t seen enough to concur with theirs (and those PL scouts) about how good he is / potentially is. But I do trust the opinions of the people who work every single day with the players. I also know (and have said prior to yesterday’s article) that there have been many requests from clubs to loan him and they turn eve
  20. I’ve been giving this some thought and it isn’t really clear what the future of stadium viewing looks like for Rovers fans, and for football supporters in general. When the doors do eventually reopen - which, under this government, could be a very long time indeed - what will clubs be left with in terms of a, let’s call them a, Customer-base? Under the current administration, it’s almost certain that prices will increase - again. While other clubs may offer deals or incentives to get people back in the ground IMHO it is hugely unlikely that Rovers would do the same. Waggott has consi
  21. Not to take away from Tyrone’s thread. Discussion here...
  22. Has anyone played this yet? Looks pretty simple. I've had a go and gone pretty optimistic on predictions, over 4 shots, 3 goals and we'll score in both 1st and 2nd half😆 Win a signed Joe Rothwell shirt thanks to Rovers Select! - News - Blackburn Rovers
  23. After ten years or so of total mismanagement, from the owners down, with the odd exception, those nominally in charge, middling managers, and chancing agents, idiots and those that have completely made easy money (cough, Murphy etc), we have been dumped out of the FA Cup. As proud winners of six of these, we went out with a whimper. Irrespective of our current manager, we are in a critical and terrible time in our World, and as a result we are confined to home, and cannot watch what's on show, save via streams and ifollow!. At least we have football to watch. But not as we know it (some r
  24. Another great player gone. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55551720
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