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  1. In this thread, please feel free to post any TV, YouTube clips of Rovers in days gone by...if anyone has any old VHS tapes but doesn't know how to convert them to digital...DM me, I might be able to assist...
  2. I'm looking forward to seeing new Championship season now. Only 6 weeks away now before the season starts and fixtures are our on 23rd June. Rovers, Dingles Blackpool, QPR and Watford have new head coaches in charge. I think it will be wide open division and I don't see any clear favourite at this stage. Could change but its will down to recruitment and who clubs sign.
  3. Very scrappy game tonight. Rice and Phillips in the same midfield = dull football. Mount not in the game, Sterling trying hard but no end product. No shots on target so far.
  4. Blackburn out to poach non-league strike sensation Josh Stones from Guiseley. Wigan also interested https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/17856616/josh-stones-guiseley-transfer-blackburn-wigan/
  5. Seen this thread on another Football forum and decided to start it on here, just for fun. What are some weird feelings of football that you have, that aren't necessarily 100 percent true, but they seem that way? They can be Rovers related if you want, but can also extend to world football in general and apply to any era. The only rule is they can't be 100 percent true. Disclaimer: None of these statements are to be taken as facts. They are not factually true. Humour is the underlying theme of this thread. I'll start us off with some examples: 1) Brad Friedel never conceded a goal against Man United when playing for Rovers. 2) Matches at the Nou Camp can only be played at night. 3) Villarreal have had the same home kit for the past 18 years and have never had an away kit. 4) The Nigerian Men's football team ceased to exist after World Cup '98. Nobody knows what happened, but their last ever game on the International stage was the 4-1 defeat against Denmark in the last 16, in June 1998. 5) Edinson Cavani has never scored a goal, yet is viewed as being a lethal striker. I'm sure you'll be able to add a few more.
  6. in league 1, Good wins for Sunderland against Wigan and Wycombe against Stanley. Morecambe got a good point at Ipswich. Look like it will be good competitive league. I think Sunderland, Wigan, Wycombe and Ipswich will be changing for the top 2 spots in the league. In League 2, Gary Bowyer's Salford got a point with Orient yesterday. I think they should win the league this season.
  7. I thought I would start a thread for the coming season for the PL. City and Liverpool have both signed 1 player. Both looks like they are strengthen and I would expect those 2 challenging for the title and I think Spurs will be there challenging. Chelsea need to strength and it will interest to see where and how much money they spend under their new owners. Think Arsenal and Manchester United need signings. I think Ten Hag will need time and to rebuild them if he can. Everton are in takeover talks and might be under new ownership shortly. Everton takeover: Peter Kenyon, real estate boss and billionaire behind bid to buy out Farhad Moshiri (msn.com) Fixtures are out tomorrow aswell.
  8. Roll up roll up https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2022/april/22/2022-23-season-tickets-out-now-/ Think I'll be waiting and seeing what happens.
  9. I'm late with my annual Champions League thread. We all know that the usual suspects will be there at the end but I do enjoy watching it. Here are the groups; Group A Man City, PSG, RB Leipzig, Bruges Group B Atletico Madrid, Liverpool, Porto, AC Milan Group C Sporting Lisbon, Borussia Dortmund, Ajax, Besiktas Group D Inter, Real Madrid, Shakhtar Donetsk, FC Sheriff Group E Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Benfica, Dynamo Kyiv Group F Villarreal, Man United, Atalanta, Young Boys Group G Lille, Seville, Salzburg, Wolfsburg Group H Chelsea, Juventus, Zenit, Malmo
  10. Hello there fellow championship fans I am gathering data for Loughborough University in partnership with UMass (a world leading sport management university). We need your help collecting data regarding football fan rivalry which doesn’t just focus on the “bigger clubs”. We appreciate any responses given. Please follow the link to give your needed opinion. Our current focus is on Blackburn however feel free to share this link with championship fans across the globe. https://umassamherst.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_3FdJ8eN2EgFCfCB?collID=10&grpID=1422 Thanks in advance Melissa
  11. Do you guys get to see any Rovers games on TV or is it just Rovers player (or whatever it’s called now). I’m in Washington DC for a week and Rovers are playing at Reading midweek when I’m there. Wondering what the chances of watching it in a pub over there are? I’m guessing slim to f all!
  12. Last year my dad was diagnosed with Leukemia, he's as big a Rovers fan as you can meet. Long season ticket holder, been everywhere across the country, across Europe, was at Wembley for our promotion, at Anfield when we won the title, at Deepdale for promotion, at Cardiff for the league cup, at Doncaster aswell. Of course he's missed going to Ewood, especially with my 5 year old son who's started going regularly. Today he'll come back as the club have kindly put us in a box to watch today's game together at no added expense. This obviously keeps the risk down as we will be isolated from the crowds. I could have put this in the match thread but I wanted the club and those involved to get the credit it/they deserve for going out of their way to accommodate my dad and get him back to Ewood where he belongs. The main person to organise this was a lady called Christine, so special thanks to her. This is what football clubs are about, this what being a supporter is about. Hopefully they can pull out a good performance and result as the icing on the cake. Been a tough year but unimaginably tougher for him, things are looking promising and days like today are ones to savour and enjoy to the utmost. So... THANK YOU Rovers.
  13. The answers are all either the name of a British Club or Ground ..... good luck ! 1) Which Club's move to a new ground was prompted by a Suffragette fire bomb, that burnt down the main stand in 1913 ? 2) Which Club bought a Grandstand from a race-course that shut in 1962, and moved the whole structure, taking nearly 6 years to rebuild it ? 3) What Club's redevelopment during the 1990's led to the discovery of a body, and a subsequent conviction for murder ? 4) Which Club spent nearly 25 years trying to sue the German Government for fire damage following fire-bombing by a Zeppelin in November 1916, before realising that they were wasting their time, when the " dastardly Hun " bombed them again in December 1940 ? 5) Which Club bought a stand from their local rivals in 1910, and floated it across the river to its new home ? 6) Which ground, built in the post-war years, was designed to hold 80,000 and optimistically nicknamed, " The Wembley of the North ", before being drastically scaled back when the money ran out ? 7) Which ground holds the UK and European record for an official Football attendance ? 😎 Dumfries and Palmerston Park are the home of which Club ? 9) For many years, Fred Davies & his family used to retrieve balls from the river, that ran alongside which Club's ground ? 10) The White City Stadium, originally built for the 1908 Olympics, hosted just one game in the 1966 World Cup Group stages, because Wembley's owners refused to reschedule a Greyhound meeting ! Which London Club had two spells at White City, the last being 1962-63, before deciding to stay at their original ground, where they still play today ? 11) Which British Professional Club's ground is nearest the sea ?
  14. Am I right in thinking Umbro's deal ends this season? If so would explain the buy one get one half price deal expertly sold by Dacky and Breo in the latest video. With Recoverite also being an initial one year deal the Commercial dept best get a move on
  15. There's been a flurry of new stuff on the home page recently, if you missed any, or usually just come for the forum, why not take a couple of minutes and have a read? Flowers Uprooted - A few of Tim's more memorable moments (for the wrong reason) number 2 will baffle you. (Sorry, no more click bait, I promise) One Year of the "new" BRFCS - Highlight's of the last 12 months, number 6 will ... 🙂 New Season Prediction Podcast - You won't believe what our pundits have to say! Top 10 Opening Day Matches - Some memorable opening day victories (Oh come on! The title's begging for a clickbait summary!) Blackburn Rovers vs QPR Match Preview - @roverseas joins us again with his unique take on the match preview. Hope you enjoy them!
  16. No, it's not coming back, sadly. Just thought I'd create a nostalgic thread on Radio Rovers to find out what fellow posters thought about a piece of Rovers history. For those who may not know, Radio Rovers was the UK's first Football Club Radio Station and was pioneered by Rovers in October 1993. Radio Rovers would broadcast commentary of every Rovers home game, locally, via radio on 1413/1404 AM and around the world, online, on the Rovers website. "touchline@radiorovers.co.uk" and "call us on Blackburn 26 14 13" are etched into my mind. I heard those adverts that much! 😃. The Station went on air in October 1993 and would last for 23 years before being closed down in August 2017. Another one of the good things of old dispensed with under this regime. Gerald Jackson was the host presenter of Radio Rovers for 20 years and did an excellent job, before he was replaced by a new host in August 2014. It was never the same after he left, to be honest. A broadcast would start four hours prior to kick off and would end one hour after the game. A Saturday afternoon game broadcast would start at 11am (UK time) and end at 6pm. A midweek game broadcast would start at 4pm and end at 11pm. I'll admit to being a right saddo, as I often listened to entire midweek game broadcasts from 4pm onwards during the Souness/Hughes days and I loved it (Was young, so had plenty of spare time and it was perfect for me in the winter months). I can't have been alone in doing that? Ha. If I was going to the game that evening, I'd make sure to catch the last 40 minutes or so of the post match reaction. Did anybody else do similar? The first four hours of the broadcast would be filled with music, player interviews, analysis of previous games, quizzes and pre match buildup. The hour after the game was for post match reaction, with fans calling in and texting in their thoughts. I had a few texts read out by Gerald, which always made by day/evening as a teenager 😁. Anyway, a few questions for you all. When did you first hear about Radio Rovers? How often would you tune into the Station? Were you avid listeners or was it a 'car thing' on the way to and from games? What did you like/dislike about it? Do you miss it at all? I know there were some regular contributors to the Station from overseas back then, are any regulars from those days here on the forum? The first time I found the channel was in 1998 when, upon pestering my dad for match tickets, I was told we couldn't go for some reason but "it will be on the radio somewhere". Flicking through the radio channels, I was drawn to a commentator with a very monotone voice. You guys will know who I mean😁. Stuart Metcalfe was on Co commentary duty alongside him, I always enjoyed listening to Stuart. It was a few years later, I think (maybe 03/04) that the commentary team changed to Neil Yardley and Wendy Howard. I did prefer that commentary team, personally. Radio Rovers became a tough listen for me in the Kean days and by that time I had stopped listening to it as much as I did before. Mainly due to the state the club was in and the fact that Gerald and Neil tried to put a positive slant on things. I suppose they couldn't come out and say what a lot of the fans were saying at the time. As soon as Gerald left in 2014 that was me done with it really. The new guys tried their best but it wasn't what it once was and the club had become a shell of itself too. I realise this post has gone on too long and could have been summed up in one line really. Gerald, you are missed, both as our tannoy announcer and as a host on Radio Rovers. Those were the days indeed.
  17. Now our captain has left I must say as a proud Irish rover I feel quite flat. Rovers have always had a link with the national team. I remember being very excited the title season when kenna signed. Of course there was duffer and Moran. Plus many from the north. Growing up there were always plenty of rovers fans over here. Not at utd or Liverpool levels but respectable. Now we are nearly extinct. Calling all Irish rovers what are your memories? And to our uk neighbours your memories of Irish guys wearing that famous jersey.
  18. I just wanted to send a huge shoutout to DeeCee. I have a rather nice collection of Blackburn stuff, but was missing the 100 Greatest Goals DVD (lost it during a move years ago). They offered it up for free, including shipping to the US, and all they asked was I donate to a charity instead. Classy stuff, and it has a good forever home. (If anyone cares, the white things with no spines are 4,000 Holes issues I’ve found. The other one is Turnstiles, a fantastic fanzine. And All the Rage is about my hometown club in NY)
  19. Would anyone like this. F.O.C.? New and unopened. Drop me a pm and I will post.
  20. With the loanees going and several first-teamers out of contract in the summer, just how big of a gap will we have to fill in the squad for next season? Loanees: van Hecke, Poveda, Giles, Khadra, Zeefuik (although we have an option on him I don't see us paying 3.5m) Out of contract: Lenihan, Nyambe, Rothwell, Davenport, Johnson, Chapman Contact extended: Magloire, Butterworth, Eastham Sold (anything else would be a big surprise): Brereton Diaz ------- This leaves us with: Goalkeepers: Kaminski, Pears, Eastham Defenders: Brown, JRC*, Ayala, Carter, Wharton, Magloire, Edun*, Pickering *JRC and Edun both prefer playing further forward Midfielders: Travis, Buckley, Dack Wingers/Forwards: Dolan, Gallagher, Hedges, Markanday, Butterworth Plus any promotions from the U23s/academy. I've already counted Brown as he will be too old for the U23s I believe. As it looks now we'll be as strong in the goalkeeping department as this season but that's about it, major strengthening needed in all other areas. Thoughts?
  21. A little bit of Friday night polling…
  22. On this day, 27 years ago, rovers won the premiership. What are ur memories of that day? My biggest memory was the celebrations at Ewood with my family. Can't remember if it was on that day or a couple of days later but everyone in the ground singing we are the champions. Remember watching the Liverpool game at my next door neighbours house
  23. Some hopefully interesting stats in the article below about sub appearances for Rovers now that the season is complete, including which player holds the record for the most in club history. Grateful for any comments, queries or corrections ready for the next iteration... https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/articles/i'm-a-substitute-for-another-guy/235
  24. Time to start planning for next season. Obviously we will need a new manager (barring a very unexpected Mowbray turn around) but whoever come in will start with the same squad. And it is - without a shadow of doubt in my mind - the most significant squad turnover and rebuilding job I have ever seen at Rovers. Absolutely huge. 11 players leaving, over half of them critical to our team. On the leaving list the only one we might be able to keep if we offered a contract is Davenport. I've been a bit generous with the ratings as well. I am sure a lot might not have Gallagher or Dolan as key players. But they've played a lot for us so put them in that category. So to tread water we need to sign 6 key players and 5 squad players equivalent to the quality we lose. Seems an impossibly huge ask to me no matter who the manager is. What's everyones views? What are the areas to focus on?
  25. There are 10 last day league matches listed in this article. Mostly good memories... some bad. Are there any others which deserve a mention? https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/articles/top-10-final-day-matches/230
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