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    Recently browsing the old youtube (should have gone to bed, but too tired) and came across some FC United songs. While I'm by no means a Man U fan or a Manc, I couldn't help enjoying these two in particular. I find it quite disheartening that a club with a 10 minute history have been able to come up with unique and entertaining songs, these to name a few and take an atmosphere to a game with a couple of thousand of fans if that.. Am now also unable to get these out of my head, which is not good at bed-time. I know that this has been said many times, but surely we can search through our record collections / media player and come up with something. Have a look and enjoy. If not, then maybe it's just me. Au Revoir, Simon p.s. Let's kill Mark Hughes' Blue & White Army for good - it's boring and unimaginative!

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