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    i went out the asir house i used to frequent i saw stevie cotteril his money was spent he asked me to play i answered in nay cause we hate those burnley ba***rds till we die in day cause there's none in heaven(clap clap clap) none in heaven no more cause we hate those burnley Ba***rds till we die in day what do we fink of burnley s**t what do we fink of ###### burnley ba***rds, t**ts and c**ts and fa**ys
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    rovers should get smash mouth all star fot the club song
  4. brfc-panaz

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    i where on holiday
  5. brfc-panaz

    Super Rob Songs

    Sheril Crow is magig, she likes to play with nobs when she is shagging ashley cole she finks of super rob oooooooooo super, super rob, super ,super rob, super , super robbie savage

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