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Where Was The Security.


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Mark Hughes has expressed his concern regarding security arrangements at yesterdays derby with Burnley, especially the pitch invation by a supporter who squared up to Robbie Savage.

Hughes is being quoted invarious media sources as saying:

“What if he’d had a weapon with him.

“God forbid, he could have been carrying a knife. That sort of thing should not happen in this day and age.

“With all the increased policing and stewarding in place, that was disappointing.

“For three people to encroach on the pitch was poor.”

Editorial Comment.

From what I did see of the organisation outside the ground, the Lancashire Police, who had cancelled all leave in order to marshal this game, which including the escorting of over 80 coaches of Rovers supporters the 10 miles to and from Ewood Park to Turf Moor. should be commended, however within the ground the security arrangements left a lot to be desired with more than one pitch invasion by some mindless individuals, firstly at half time someone who thought it was amusing to run around the pitch with a flag, secondly during the second half, a male streaking break dancer, whose manhood was questionable bearing in mind the severe cold weather and thirdly which was more worryingly, a fan who encroached on to the field of play to challenge Savage.

After the first incident one would have thought that ground security would have woken up to the problem, yet twice more fans where unchallenged as they freely gained access on to the field of play.

Maybe I'm being unkind and this is the normal behaviour for Turf Moor, which is a throw back to times gone by, with wooden seats, urine flooded toilets and dark tunnel concourses where shuffling of feet is the order of the day as you attempt to manoeuvre 10 to 12 abreast between gangways and exits.

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