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Jack's Dream


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The spirit of Blackburn’s Greatest Supporter will be watching with interest from his vantage point at the rear of the Blackburn End Stand at the comings and goings from the ticket office during the next few weeks.

Seldom has one supporter influenced a Football Club’s history to the point that he was and is adored by his fellow supporters, not because of the money that he pumped into the club but because he was one of them, a working class supporter that brought their dreams alive. Jack Walker who had watched the Rovers from the terraces as a schoolboy, shared his dream of putting Rovers back on the football map with his fellow supporters, shedding tears of joy when his and their team lifted the Premier league championship in 1995. However sadly he never realised his greatest dream of seeing the Rovers lift the FA Cup.

Now Rovers are just one step away from Jack Walkers dream, having reached the semi finals for the first time in over 40 years, when they take on Arsenal at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff on Saturday 16th April.

This event may never happen again for another 40 years, so it’s time for all Rovers supporters and the people of Blackburn to help fulfil Jack Walkers dream, by cheering his team on to victory at Cardiff on the 16th in their attempt to qualify for the final.

As Jack Walker once said what every other supporter feels.

"If they don't win then I am bloody miserable on a Sunday."

It is now time to forget the problems of travel, kick-off times etc, imposed by the FA, and to get behind the team as the approach the final hurdle before the final. In the memory of Rovers greatest supporters Live the dream that Jack Walker regretably missed.

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