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SINCE 1996
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The Road To Cardiff With Nuclearsox


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Deep into stoppage time, the crowd were chanting his name, “Nuclearsox, Nuclearsox, Nuclearsox!” as he body-swerved between two defenders, flicked the ball over another and advanced on goal. As he reached the 18-yard line with the ball at his feet, he suddenly became aware of Kirsty Gallagher nuzzling into his neck and whispering seductively into his ear.

“Not now, Kirsty!”, he protested. “Later Kirsty, later”.

This was it! One accurate finish and he would put Blackburn Rovers through to the FA Cup final for the first time in 45 years. One more moment of composure would send 60,000 Blackburn fans into rapture. All that stood in his way was the goalkeeper, Osama Bin Laden, who was visibly shaking as Sox poised to shoot. All of a sudden, Osama let out the most annoying high-pitched bleeping noise ever heard in the Western world.

Nuclearsox Road to Cardiff continues


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