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Refreshing Aproach By Hughes.


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Editorial Comment.

How refreshing after the pre-season objectives of Rovers previous manager, Graeme Souness, to hear Mark Hughes state that this coming seasons objectives is European qualification.

Hughes could have quite easily read from the same script as Souness, so that anything more than survival would be an achievement, but Hughes has been bold and stated his ambition to take the club forward, a factor that every supporter wants to hear. Unlike our previous manager, Hughes is relatively quiet and doesn't court publicity, however, when he does speak to the media he makes the right noises that the fans want to hear.

Most football supporters live in a fantasy world, they live in their childhood dreams of winning the league or scoring that winning penalty at Wembley, they never dream of relegation; that's why supporters such as Jack Walker bank rolled the club, because he wanted to full fill his dreams of seeing a successful team.

Mark Hughes is saying the right things that the supporters have been wanting to hear for a few seasons. After a number of seasons where the manager’s objective was to avoid relegation resulting in negative play, there is optimistic hope of a more positive attitude from the team and who would argue with Hughes's refreshing statement that the club should be aiming to achieve European qualification.

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