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No Excuses On Wednesday.


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After their exhilarating display to beat United 4-3, it was half expected that Rovers would be exhausting when they met West Brom 3 days later. Their lack lustre performance therefore when they lost 2-0 away at the Hawthorns was tolerated to some extent by Rovers supporters; however there can be no excuse for not turning up at Goodison Park yesterday.

Out of 2 cup competitions and within 3 points of the magical 40 points, to make premiership survival virtually assured, there appears to be a comfort zone mentality running right through the team.

With the thought of an up and coming jolly, I wonder how many players are shirking tackles to avoid being on the injury table when the squad fly out to Dubai at the end of the month, for a team bonding exercise. Maybe it would be better to take them on a tour of shops, hospitals, offices and factories, to see how the supporters team bond and earn their money.

Yes you may think it’s just a gut reaction after 2 dismal performances, however coincidental as it may appear, but after watching Rovers for over 30 many years, there’s a touch of read the book, seen the video, bought the T shirt, about the last couple of weeks. With no incentive and nothing to play for, with the odd exception, performances have fallen away towards the end of each season, as if someone has come in and switched off the electric, in order to save energy.

The players have the opportunity to show the fans that they really care on Wednesday night when they take on Sunderland, at Ewood. Another lack lustre performance will surely effect the already declining attendances. Failure to produce on Wednesday will not be tolerated by the fans and neither should it be by Mark Hughes.

With premiership survival virtually assured, failure on Wednesday night, should be the trigger to blood some of the fringe players that have a hunger and something to prove. The fans will tolerate defeat and will support less gifted players who try, Dickov and Kuqi are prime examples, however anything less than honest endevour and a failure to show any pride in their performance will not be tolerated.

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