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One More Time


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Well it’s the last game of what has been an incredible season. Who in August would have contemplated that Rovers would have got to a cup semi final or finished sixth in the league.

Mark Hughes, his back room staff and the players have pulled Rovers out of the wilderness and back to the world stage, to play in Europe next season.

Win, loose or draw against Manchester City, the team deserve a full house lap of honour this afternoon.

The Ewood faithful should also stand up this afternoon and applaud themselves. They are the fans that are keeping “The Rovers” alive.

With the ever increasing televising of live games in pubs from foreign channels, regular attendees to Ewood Park, should this afternoon stand up and take a bow.

Pub based television viewers will complain that “The Rovers” are failing to buy or retain star players, such as Craig Bellamy. All I would say to those so called supporters and the landlords who broadcast foreign channel 3pm games “make the most of it, there is very limited televised coverage from the Championship.”

Speaking to the Lancashire Evening Telegraph after winning the Supporters Player of the Year award, Craig Bellamy praised the Ewood faithful stating.

"I've played in front of 50,000 and although we don't get the biggest crowds at Blackburn, the people we do get make more noise than when I've played in front of fifty or sixty thousand week in, week out."

So “one more time” lets thank Mark Hughes, his back room staff and the players in the best way we can by lifting the atmosphere for the final game of the season at Ewood this afternoon.

The Final Curtain - Man City Preview - Click here

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