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SINCE 1996
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Rovers V City Preview


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Match Preview by rovers6

Research commissioned by the BRFCS Institute for the Further Understanding of Simple and Sub-simple Life-forms in Galaxies of Little or Sub-little Importance.

Abstract: Adopting Earthling form through the process of type-B molecular absuction, I, Rover6, travelled to Planet 8#8345566^42a [‘Earth’] to research and report back on the imminent recreational confrontation intended by two Earthling tribal groups, Blackburn Rovers and Man City.

Verdict: The operation was successful and the report submitted before the deadline set by High Operator of BRFCS, Den. Thus, banishment from Planet BRFCS and subsequent Eternal Universal Flotsam Treatment was avoided. Minor subterranean grey matter displacement was suffered as a result of the molecular absuction process but otherwise the operation was unerring.

Methodology: Earthling form was taken, specifically, quadri-limbed thorax, one head covered by lank, dark follicle growth. The description Grabbi Isgay was adopted as a sufficiently unobtrusive Earthling name.

continued.CLICK HERE

please note game kicks off at 3pm Sunday

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