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Last nights 2-0 win against Saltzburg, has placed Rovers in the group stage of the UEFA Cup and guaranteed a few more European nights at Ewood this season.

From the half hour mark when Benni McCarthy beat goalkeeper Timo Ochs at the near post after some tricky turns to beat the defender there was no doubt that this was to be a historic night at Ewood. However the icing was put on the cake when David Bentley brought down Nonda’s header on his chest before lobbing a the keeper with a long range volley into the far corner of the net.

After the game Mark Hughes stated.

"We have made it a priority this year to get into the group stage and progress even further, and you could see that in our play. We controlled the game from start to finish,"

You can use all the adjectives and football clichés you like, what was certain last night, was that the people that turned up at Ewood Park were given 90 minutes of commitment and entertainment by a team in the mould of their manager.

Whether Mark Hughes has found a winning combination has yet to be proved, but he has gelled together a team prepared to work for each other; which is being appreciated by vocal support from the fans.

Mark Hughes quite rightly summed up last nights atmosphere after the game when he stated. “This place Rocked tonight”.

If this is what they call the Magic of European Nights, then give me more.

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