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Time To Praise The Board.


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Whilst it’s easy to condemn the greed throughout the game, from players through to the authorities that run the game, Rovers should be commended in their initiative of being one of the first clubs in reducing ticket prices.

With the continued success under Mark Hughes, Rovers are virtually playing two games a week, and whilst many clubs would have cashed in on this success, the Rovers Board are giving something back to football supporters. Where else in England would the fans get to see European Cup football for £7.50* a game.

However it doesn’t stop there, the club have also reduced prices for next Sundays local derby against Bolton and the Carling Cup game against Premiership Champions, Chelsea.

If you’re a Rovers fan or a neutral football fan, how can you miss live European or premiership football at a price on par with or even below League 2 match day prices.

*SPECIAL OFFER to season ticket holders.

Purchase a ticket for both home UEFA Cup games at £15(£7.50 per game)

Next Sunday Rovers entertain Bolton in the Premiership, when ticket prices will be.

Adults £15

Seniors £5

Juniors £5

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