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Wisla Krakow 1 Rovers 2 Uefa Cup


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Despite conceeding a first half deflected goal, against the run of play, Rovers bounced back to win their away UEFA Cup match against Wisla. 2-1, with second half goals from Savage in the 56th min and Bentley in the 89th min.

Match Report by Jan

It really was a game of two halves. We at the goal-scoring end saw very little of the game in either half. In the first half we dominated and they scored, and in the second, they dominated and we scored twice. The difference was, their domination ended at the midpoint of our half while ours was in and around the box.

For Savage's goal it seemed like slow motion as it came towards us. (we were diagonally behind the goal). Bentley's goal was a "for # sake SOMEONE score" effort with at least Roberts and Nonda having a go before Bentley got the ball in the net.

Fully agree about Gamst. It seems to be only people on here who mention Gamst and Duff in anything like the same breath. Everyone I spoke to out there when asked the question "duff or Gamst" said "Duff's different class". Gamst is having a horrible patch and it would be kindness to Lucas who, to be fair is having to do the same type of covering for him that he used to do for Emerton on the other side, to let Peter have a go.

And as for Tugs........... His first 90 minutes of the season and afterwards he came out with headphones on and DANCED around the ground while warming down.

As for Wisla- niggly, and diving spring to mind.

Mark Hughes post match comments.

"We're delighted to have won - everyone understands that if you get something from away games you have a good chance of going through.

"They made it difficult but we felt we had the quality to create the chances.

"It's too early to say that we're already through but it's a good start, nothing more."

Wisla Krakow: Dolha, Baszczynski, Dudka, Cleber, Mijailovic, Blaszczykowski, Sobolewski, Cantoro, Zienczuk (Piotr Brozek 66), Jean Paulista, Radovanovic (Kryszalowicz 83).

Subs Not Used: Pawelek, Thwaite, Stolarczyk, Varga, Penksa.

Booked: Radovanovic, Zienczuk, Cantoro.

Goals: Cantoro 28.

Rovers: Friedel, Neill, Khizanishvili, Ooijer, Emerton, Pedersen (Roberts 74), Savage (Mokoena 87), Tugay, Bentley, Nonda, McCarthy.

Subs Not Used: Brown, Todd, Jeffers, McEveley, Gray.

Booked: Nonda, Tugay, Ooijer.

Goals: Savage 56, Bentley 90.

Att: 14,000.

Ref: Stefan Johannesson (Sweden).

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