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Beckham To Ewood


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Mark Hughes, is being quoted today in The Timesonline that he would consider an audacious move for David Beckham should the former England captain decides to leave Real Madrid.

Just over a decade ago, the media laughed and mocked when Rovers made a bid for an other England captain, Gary Lineker.

This time they arent so ready to laugh and are ready to accept the possibilities of Rovers bringing Beckham back into the Premiership.

Mark Hughes is being quoted as saying.

“I think everybody would be interested in David Beckham You have to cut your cloth accordingly and I am sure if he came on the open market — that there was an indication that Real Madrid were happy to let him go — there would be a few people in the queue for him.

“Everybody considers top-class players. We have thrown our hat into the ring for big-name players in the past — there were a few clubs in for Bellamy and we were able to get him — but whether we do so I will keep to myself."

Hughes however is also quoted as saying.

"Possibly I have different priorities in different places. I have got to look at the strength of the squad as a whole, but obviously quality players like David coming on to the market would interest anybody, although it may be the right player at the wrong time.”

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