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The Fleming Report - November


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It’s got a bit parky now hasn’t it? Gone are the long barmy days of October, only to be replaced by the cruel harshness of winters favourite mistress, the slag that goes under the name ‘November’. So pour yourself a wee dram if you will and let’s fight off the tarts cold advances as we travel back in time to…

Thursday 2 November. Blackburn Rovers 3 Basle 0. 13,000 braved the Siberian conditions to get down to Ewood and pay the extortionate price of £15 to get in. Well actually £7.50 if you were a season ticket holder. The clocks had gone back the previous week so it meant it was darker than normal as well (I blame the Ticket Office). Plus the match was also being shown on Sky’s Super Stella EuroSport. Add that to the fact that we’re always in Europe, every single season without fail, and always will be.

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