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The Fleming Report - January 2007


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Regular viewers will recall that Decembers review came with a free picture of a zebra. What at first appeared to be a harmless kind hearted New Year’s gesture on my part has turned around and bit me on the backside. The moderators were inundated with literally thousands, well four, complaints.

What has this web site come to when you can’t even post a picture of a zebra without people running off and reporting me to the moderators? Although I've never seen a zebra in real life I have seen them a couple of times on tinternet and seen them on the tele. I have plenty more pictures of zebras and will keep posting them on here from time to time.

It is all about zebra pictures and opinions after all. Isn’t it?

What the hell am I on about? Happy New Yea… Sod that, that was a month ago. Welcome back to the first review of 2007.

Continued - Click Here

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