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Preview by Hypo-Luxa

Ok, boys and girls, get your inflatables out (leave the ones from Amsterdam in the closet) and get your programmes while you can because it is the last match of the 2006-2007 season. At the time of writing, a win against Reading would bolster our Euro chances, given that Totts, Bolton and Portsmouth cooperate and end their seasons on losing notes, but whatever the case may be, a win against Reading would cement top half status. Not really the place we were looking for at the start of the year, but given the difficulties we endured as well as the shed load of games on our plate, I think top half is damned fine. But, this isn’t a season in review, it’s a preview of the Reading Royals…

Reading have garnered 10 points out of their last 5 games leading to our match, just like us, coincidentally. Their last win was against the Newcastle LoonyToons as well, how eerily similar, eh? Their average attendance is in the low 24k’s while ours…ehh..well we weren’t just promoted now were we? I am not sure of the timeline but I also think their win against Bolton hastened or culminated in Big Fat Sam’s dismiss..erm..early retirement which can only be seen as a good thing. Now Bolton can go down next year and Big Fat Sam can turn Newcastle into hoofball merchants. Note to Shola and Obafemi; you lads will need to learn how to settle a ball, sharpish.

Who knows what mindframe the Royals will be in when they come to town, happy to get the season over with, fighting for their lives to get into Europe or just disinterested looking at their travel brochures for sunny-ish Blackpool or the swampy regions of Florida where the mosquito’s are as big as Vespa’s and the snowbirds outnumber the fit birds…

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