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Two Faced Pearce


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Whilst England U21 manager Stuart Pearce was prepared to criticise David Bentley, when the Rovers midfielder withdrew from the U21 European Championship squad, it was a very different approach by Pearce when it came to one of his own players whilst at Manchester City.

In an interview with the Manchester Evening News, less than 12 months ago, when the then City manager stated that his task was to ensure that City defender Micah Richards did not suffer from burn-out,

"When we talk about burn-out it is more psychological than physical,'' "Players have got to be able to handle a long, tough season psychologically. It will be the first tell-tale signs you see in any player, especially a young one.

"If they can handle it mentally then the body looks after itself.

"Over a season there are going to be highs and lows, but we will keep an eye on Micah like we do all the players - no matter what age they are.

Click here for full article in the Manchester Evening News

Pearce's comments regading Micah Richards can also be found in the Mirror.

Give Me A Break - The Mirror - Click Here

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