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Here We Go Again


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Here we go again, the start of another season when supporters are convinced that the coming season will see an upturn in fortune for their clubs. It’s the eternal triangle of optimism that this year will be better than last and that your team will pick up a trophy, qualify for Europe, finish in the top half or for many avoid being caught up in the relegation dog fight.

I’m no different to any other supporter, in believing that my team will improve on last season and finishing above last years tenth position shouldn’t be to difficult if we can avoid the injuries we sustained last time out. Bearing in mind that we had key players, Nelsen, Savage, Roberts, Ooijer, and Reid missing for 50 per cent of last season, finishing tenth, a FA Cup semi final and a long run in Europe was exceptional. Therefore with a fully fit squad, together with new signings Santa Cruz and Rigters should in theory improve our standing.

As I look at the opposition at the start of the season, with the exception of Manchester United, I don’t see anyone that should cause Rovers any worries. There are of course a number of clubs that will be carrying the relegation rucksack already, but the majority of clubs are very much like for like, which should provide an eventful and more than usual entertaining season.

So if we rule out Man Utd who were awesome with their fast attacking play last season, who are Rovers opposition.

Derby, Wigan, Bolton, Middlesbrough and Birmingham look as if they will be involved in a foot of the table tussle, whilst Reading will find it harder in their second season, now that clubs have sussed them out and Sunderland will be more concerned with adjustment to life in the Premiership. They may have spent in the region of £25 million but very few of those players have Premiership experience. Fulham on the other hand appear to have bought a good selection of experienced battlers, whilst Man City have gone for the continental touch of experienced players with no Premiership pedigree. If Sven cant get them to gel early it could be another long winter for the long suffering City supporters.

Portsmouth have a good blend of experienced pros and could once again be an early season surprise package, although I cant see them staying the course, whereby Villa are the complete opposite, made up mainly of youngsters whose energy and enthusiasm may carry them through.

Big Sam after being the big fish at Bolton will find life a lot harder at success starved Newcastle and there could be early season pressure on him if they start off on the wrong foot, resulting in an early exit and another managerial change for the Barcodes. Another manager under pressure will be Alan Curbishley, having to manage the seasons most hated club, with a team made up of hot headed mercenary players and without last seasons saviour Trevez.

With a very strong squad, if Spurs can gain some consistency this could be their season to challenge their North London rivals Arsenal whose youthful team may need another season to develop into a force, whilst Everton have gone about their business quietly in the summer with very little disruption to a solid squad that although not entertaining to watch get sufficient results to gain UEFA qualification.

If Raffa, can loose the tinker man image then maybe they can get some consistency in the Premiership, however, somehow I think once again his main priority will be the Champions League. Meanwhile I have a feeling that the bubble is about to burst at Chelsea, the pressure started to tell on Mourinho last season and where lucky to get past Rovers in the FA Cup semi final. A number of their players have started to believe their own press cuttings, to a degree that they are demanding obscene salaries that doesn’t bode well for team spirit.

So that leaves Rovers, who finished tenth last season and subject to avoiding long term injuries are good enough to get into the top four, however to be realistic should finish in the top six and hopefully go one step further than a semi final to pick up a trophy this season.


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