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There's Only One David Bentley.


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Sky's Soccer Saturday expert Phil Thompson was left drooling at a masterclass from David Bentley, after yesterdays game against Newcastle, comparing him with David Beckham.

Whilst Bentley has the same initials as Beckham, it is unfair to compare the players. They are from a different generation and Bentley's arrival on the scene has to been in complete contrast to Beckham, who developed through the ranks of the United academy. Whilst Bentley has made it the hard way, battling his way from the Arsenal youth set up, via loans spells at Norwich and Rovers, before Hughes made the plunge to sign him permenantly.

It has even been reported that Bentley at one time concidered giving up the game, but all credit to him, he has battled back, whilst keeping his feet firmly on the ground. Lets not compare the two DBs, lets give both of them credit in their own rights.

There's only one David Beckham and only one David Bentley.

Click here for link to Sky Sport - The New Beckham.

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