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SINCE 1996
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Big Window


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Over the next month the Big Window is open again. During this period "the players" are confined to specially designated areas (the pitch, the dugout, the training ground and media room) where their every action is recorded by cameras and microphones, although the players themselves are not permitted any contact with the outside world, exceptions are made through the media via their publicity managers / agents.

During Big Window, The Gaffer, will nominate or discount players to be evicted, although at regular intervals, the supporters fuelled by the media, will vote to have one of the players evicted. This is usually done in the Diary Room (internet message boards ). In some cases, two players or more may be evicted or sometimes no player will be evicted and a new player will join the game.

Whilst new players and those evicted often receives prizes, including large amounts of money, cars and new houses; at the end of the month, the remaining players are issued with a challenge of improving their stature prior to the next eviction process in the summer.

DAY 1.

Current nominees for eviction are Jason Roberts and Robbie Savage.


Robbie Savage is in the Diary Room, stroking a Black Cat Click Here

And Here

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