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On the eve of tomorrow’s FA Cup clash with Coventry City, I make no excuse for resurrecting an interview I did with Coventry’s assistant manager Tim Flowers back in April 2004, when he was then goalkeeping coach at Leicester City.

Whilst Tim was already one of my all time Rovers heroes, after the way that he agreed and conducted the interview with myself, he also restored a lot of my faith in the fact that some footballers really do care about the game, the team that they play for and the supporters.

When I first approached Tim, about the question and answer forum his response was really enthusiastic and even went to the trouble of sending me a hand written note, something I will always treasure, as it was a personal note, not a stereo type letter that had been printed numerous times over.

When the interview was agreed, Tim phoned me with his first words to me being, “Hi Al, have you got time to do that interview before Saturdays game”

He could quite easily have forgotten the interview, but he went to the trouble to phone me, that to me says a lot about the man inside the image that we see on the pitch and television.

The interview is interesting reading, but what it doesn’t portray is the genuine warmness of the conversation, how much passion that he has for the game and how much he appreciates the supporters, not just at Rovers, but at all the clubs that he has played for, although reading between the lines he appears to have a strong affinity with the Rovers supporters and the club itself.

Tim Flowers, a player with Bottle and a man with integrity.

The Tim Flowers Interview - Click Here

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