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[Archived] Microsoft - Lost Odyssey

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Microsoft has created an added incentive to pre-order Lost Odyssey: if you don’t pre-order, you don’t get the full game.

Customers who pre-order the game from participating retailers will get a special redemption card that will permit the download of two slivers of in-game content. Both are described as being “unavailable anywhere else.”

The first is “‘The Forgotten Song’ (found in-game at Virno's Tavern in Uhra)” which apparently ‘recalls a fresh reflection of a dream.’ Considering the main character, Kaim, is an amnesiac, and a good deal of the game is about piecing together his past, this would suggest that a significant part of the story is being withheld from the non pre-ordering public.

The other bit of content is a “‘Master’s Secret Script’ that grants the skill ‘Weapon Guard 2.’” This defensive bonus is effectively a cheat code, making the game slightly easier, and thus more accessible to newcomers. Since it is the hard-core RPG fans that will be pre-ordering Lost Odyssey, this set of training wheels doesn’t make a great deal of sense, either.

So....What is the deal there then? Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

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