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Newcastle V Rovers Preview


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Newcastle Preview

By Speeeeeedie

This game sees the mighty Rovers travel to the hallowed North East to face a Newcastle team embroiled in more turmoil than Britney Spears*.

This game should be a breath of fresh air to Rovers fans as we can witness how well our club is actually run, rather than how it could be. I’m not one for stats or previous results so I’m giving you my take on our opponents. Hopefully you agree with most of it.

Summarising the whole history of this storied North East “success” story would be pointless, boring, and a waste of decent time that could be spent giggling at their misfortune. By giving a brief overview of how they arrived/started out as a laughing stock from different angles; the club itself, fans, managers, and players I hope you gain some insight into why they are a club in perpetual misery.

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