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It has been suggested my certain members of this message-board that I and many others are never happy unless we have something to moan about, well I for one would be prepared to be as miserable as sin until the end of the season, starting this afternoon with a win against West Ham.

Upton Park or is it the Boleyn Ground, has not been a happy hunting ground for the Rovers, only one win in ten premiership games and it’s usually a turn of fortune for the Ammers, when their in a bad run of form. Therefore unless the Rovers buck the trend, on current form, with only one win in six, there is bound to be another reverse of fortune for the Ammers this afternoon

So come on Rovers, don’t give me something to be happy about, make me and so called other moaners, miserable for the rest of the week, make us cry in our beer tonight.

On second thoughts, West Ham have conceded 4 goals in their last three outings, if Rovers don’t score 5 this afternoon I will have something to moan about.

Click Here for Match Preview.

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