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[Archived] Best Psp Games ?

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God of War and Lego Star Wars are my two favourites on the PSP. Daxter is Okay and of course Grand Theft Auto is also good.

I am waiting for some more games to come out, been really stale lately. Wanted to try football manager and fifa'08. How is footy manager?

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I have Pro Evo 08 for PSP... not as good as the PS2 version, but not far off... a MASSIVE improvement on Pro Evo 6 for PSP though.

GTA Vice City Stories is great on the PSP... also enjoyed Marvel nemesis & Miami Vice.

Just got a Tiger Woods game and NBA08 ...not really had chance to play them, but they seem alright.

been told Brian Lara is good for PSP, havn't played it myself though.

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