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[Archived] Anyone Enjoy Quizzes On Here?

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I'm looking for a Blackburn Rovers supporter to represent Blackburn Rovers in a little online quiz I have been running. I'm not a business, company or anything like that, just a chap who enjoys running quizzes for others to enjoy. It's a league format, so you will be going head to head against other teams. How it works basically, is that I put questions up online on a Thursday morning, like these from the last quiz (which was won by Leeds United):


....and the answers are to be submitted to me by 6pm the following Thursday. There are no prizes..just the prestige of winning the league.

If anyone is interested, they can read about the quiz just HERE.

One or more person can submit answers, but those wanting to submit answers need to register on this forum because it is a forum quiz.


Thanks for your time.

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