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Ss Rovers Hits Inceberg


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As the band played, the Titanic went down in the North Atlantic from hitting an iceberg; and a similar fate is on the cards for the SS Rovers if the man at the helm of the Ewood ship doesn’t quickly steer into clear water.

Without a league win since September, last nights Carling Cup defeat by United will have been the last straw for many supporters. Not so much due to the defeat itself but the lack of tactical awareness and team selection and performance.

Team selection, and substitutions whilst restricted by injury was totally baffling, a midfielder at right back, two left sided midfielders in central midfield, and a centre forward on the right wing.

The substitution of Emerton and Santa Cruz were most baffling, especially when the experienced Emerton would have been the prime candidate to fill the right back spot, whilst the replacement of Santa Cruz with Fowler beggars belief.

The man at the helm of the SS Rovers needs to check the history book this morning as seasons ending with 9 are not a good omen in recent times.

1978 – 79 JIM ILEY

1998 – 99 BRIAN KIDD

Don’t let 2008 – 2009 be the added to those statistics as the season that the Rovers went down like the Titanic after hitting the Inceberg.

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