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[Archived] Have We Learnt Our Lesson


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I'm glad Ince has gone, big Sam has given me some confidence in Blackburn again.

I've been on this board since 1996, three names have turned the board upside down:



and Ince

some other managers have had bad times but also good times e.g Souness, Hodgson.

BUT can we risk putting an British inexperience manager incharge of Blackburn ever again, its too much of a risk, did we get lucky with Hughes?

Harford took a team 1st in the premier league to 20th in 15 months, thats is unbelieveabe and we didn't recover to the same level ever again, who knows where a good manager could have taken Blackburn

Kidd again no experience of mangement signed players like Ward, took us down and then mid table in the then Div 1.

and then Ince, I believe we stopped the rot in time (touch wood) after 3 winless months but we have all been shaken

it just proves that no matter how much money you have or how great a team you take over, there is a high risk an inexperienced manager can almost destory a club and undo all the hard work.

I don't think we can risk it again

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I think we learnt that promoting number 2's, who therefore have no management experience e.g Kidd can be disastrous for a club like us.

I think we learnt that appointing a manager with no qualifications and no premiership management experience, e.g Ince, can be disastrous for us.

I think we learnt that appointing a manager with premier league/other big league/international experience, who has qualifications and a qualified back room staff, e.g Hughes, can be brilliant for us.

Finally, I don't think we got lucky with Hughes. I think looking at the above it was a good, well thought out decision. I think we have learnt not to get stuck on the idea of a certain type of manager, e.g young, British, ambitious ex-player etc, but to look at their qualifications/experience/back room staff.

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