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[Archived] Blitz The League Ii

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Just bought Blitz The League II off Ebay for the PS3.

Don't even particularly like American Football at all but though it looked a good laugh, anyone else played it? Only had a quick game but it seems fun so far. More arcade style than the Madden series, you get to purposely break peoples legs and stuff which I'm well up for. Rather enjoyed fracturing someones skull earlier to be honest. You also have the option to keep injecting your players with steroids so at least it's fairly realistic ;)

Only major drawback is it seems to do the really big illegal hits you need to be pretty quick on the old controls, probably get easier with practice but for example it's a case of Hold L2 when in range of the player, press X to tackle him then quickly move the right analogue stick to aim for a body part and then repeatedly tap X to inflict the pain!

Not for kids this one ;)

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