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[Archived] Why Closed

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Flopsy, surely that sort of response causes more harm than good? It seems to be the default response of the ‘powers that be’ to the mildest of criticism. Yes if people break the rules ban them- it your prerogative to do so. I realise you guys do a good job with the limited time & resources– yet surely the board should be open to constructive criticism? If not then I apologise for stepping out of lime

People enjoy the diversity that these boards offer; and IMHO the diversity is the unique selling point of the boards. There are other ‘solely football’ boards that do not have the throughput of traffic of BRFCS.

I believe that you would have less ‘moaning’ if a more consistent approach was taken, when handing out warning & bans. Take TGM- he has upset numerous posters recently with his self-grandiose arrogance ( this is without the constant trolling & deliberate sabotage of perfectly good topics) yet he along with other posters seem to get away with comments and actions that others wouldn’t

Why are a lot of topics being closed for no apparant reason and no explanation from the pearson resposible?

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This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

This topic is now closed to further replies.
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