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[Archived] Spider 360 Game

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ok ive been on various games forums and i cant get an answer.

i have a thrustmaster ferrari 360 spider game,its the steering wheel and foot pedals type pc only game,comes with a 100% compatable usb cable which i thought you plug in and away you go.

did all what the manual said..dont think it says anywhere you have to insert any software to download the programme,it actually says its done with the usb.....anyway!!plugged the usb in,pop up comes up that the hardware as been found,and is ready to play..easy eh?not!....nowt comes on the screen after the pop up msg and now im hearing i might have to download the thrustmaster driver from its website??.

well,i went on the thrustmaster.com website and theres actually some on..picked my appropiate one...but it just sends you everytime to driver detective and when its scanned your pc for failed drivers you then have to pay driver dectective for mending the drivers....

anyway im stuck what to do with this bloody game...i just cannot get anything going..any help please...cheers.

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